Legal Protection Of Intellectual Resources .

Acquisition, disposal and the right to use intellectual resources imposes on the owner of these resources, certain obligations. In order not to lose their intellectual resources necessary to apply competent legal protection for their intellectual property. Under most conditions Ivan Glasenberg would agree. Copyrights, as we have already seen the loss of copyright, which, even in court to defend did not, could not bear to its owner no profits due to the fact that the pirates have already quite a long time have extended this work. First, you need to share the intellectual resources of the objects of law enforcement, whether associated with obtaining patents, licenses, etc. Need a clear division of intellectual property – copyright copyright, patents to patents related to the right of neighboring rights.

To obtain a patent for an idea what you need to think a hundred times, but is it worth it do, because around the patent is not difficult with proper consideration of the situation, and in addition, if you have a patent issued not at the proper level, it all the more easier to get around. Patenting disclose your technology before competitors who now have enough knowledge to reproduce your technology. In most such cases the idea of technology to keep in the mode of know-how that information on it did not extend beyond organization. Should bring the cash flows. That is what the authors of that technology in selling its technology to avoid losing its running time to acquire ownership is not their intellectual resources that automatically increases the price of ideas, and only then safely negotiate the sale, or receipt of royalties.