By | December 14, 2014

But then, he will cry again – I am rich … Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks. I'm rich! The truth is we do not know if it was the secrecy that Juliana was lost that night because of the excitement caused by Luis and his sudden wealth. But she, of all these, and although he had long been accustomed to the fact generate any reasoning limited to the subjection of her husband at that time had noticed the lack of plurality in Luis referring to his new status each Once this brandished their cries. And she, in no time prior to this, or for any reason, would have aired a minimal expression in any of the events lived with her partner, precisely at the time, had the folly to comment on her husband's unease about it its unique expressions, so that argument as follows: – Well Luis, I imagine you do not hate me so much, since it was I who gave you the coins to buy that lottery ticket … – That was enough to blind the soul of Louis, what then suddenly, just like that, they ceased their emotions. And then pause and stop looking at Juliana straight in the eye, this, he turned his back to go to the place where he had left that lottery ticket, then made certain in his hands and took him to lock in your bathroom. Once there, he observed coldly for a few minutes improvised note that wealth, while Juliana from outside rather desperate call him and asked: – Luis, is everything okay? …

answers … Luis! but no answer, only the fluid drain from the toilet was the sound that was left straining through the cracks of the door of that bathroom become a hub of uncertainties. Then the door burst open Luis went to a side of his wife who had the answer blank face, and a few seconds later, it replied: – No woman, out of my room. I hate you! Juliana surprised and assuming that the lottery would have been an invention of Louis with the sole purpose of martyred or a joke in bad taste, it was decided to leave the room to return to their duties a little upset. Meanwhile, Luis who knew that this had been the winning lottery ticket, could not resist the fact of thinking that somehow, he had reconciled with his wife Juliana and assume that because the coins that she gave him, he was the big winner that night. So it was at that moment, while he was locked in his bathroom, where it was generated a Machiavellian impulse and decided to break this note to turn into a thousand pieces, and throw then into the toilet drain. Luis had won that night, another reason why the rest and regret your life. Olmeta Pedro. "