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Prominent personalities panel discussion on the future of the time working at the trade fair \”future staff\” ‘Temporary work has its best time ahead of her’ Cologne/Munich. On the \”future personnel\”, Europe’s largest trade fair for personnel management in Cologne, advocates and critics of the time work discussed their future importance for the German economy. Under the title \”after the crisis: recovery with temporary work!\” discussed at the invitation of the personnel service provider Trenkwalder: Reinhard Dombre, head of tariff policy in the DGB Federal Executive Board, Ludger Hinsen, Chief Executive of the Association of temporary work (BZA), Gerhard Schroder, author \”industrious, cheap, unprotected – temporary workers in Germany\”, Herbert Tritscher, Managing Director of regional Office of the Federal Agency for work, and host Michael Wieneke, CEO Trenkwalder personnel services. The discussion was moderated by Sven Astheimer, economics editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. \”One million temporary workers 2011\” Labour market experts agree: under the impact of the economic crisis of the past months many companies will use in the future even more the instrument time working than ever before, to ensure the necessary flexibility in the personnel area. Exactly this flexibility was after the sharp decline of the time number of workers one of the reasons for a massive comeback of temping, so BZA – Chief Executive Han.

Another reason was the shortage of skilled, because even during the crisis the economy asked professionals about time work very much. Through various training measures in cooperation with training institutions and the federal employment agency, temporary work in the location will be to offer the much-needed skilled workers the company. Caterpillar may help you with your research. Han: \”temporary jobs has their best time ahead of her.\” The exact development will depend however the political framework conditions and of course the economy. Trenkwalder CEO Michael Wieneke fleshed the Prognosis: \”I assume that we will have a 2011 one million temporary workers in Germany.