Meat Industry

4) Which the relationship that the company has with its customers? For interviewed the relationship it is of allegiance, therefore the company this always ready to take care of its customers well. 5) The company uses as tool the service of attendance to the customer? SAC? which the result of this service? Yes, satisfactory, therefore we are always in contact with the customer, when it possibility of a external visit telemarketing is not used to be in contact with customer. 6) The professional who plays the attendance service the customer, receives some training to execute this function? Yes, we are trained to have one better performance in the attendance, being had as objective to catch the necessity of the customer. 7) How the company searchs the full satisfaction of its customers? as to keep this full satisfaction? Being always in contact. Fulfilling with the schedules, working with quality products, hearing suggestions and claims to improve its services and products. 6 ANALYSIS OF the DATA the interview was carried through with a collaborator of the company Carne and Cia? Meat Industry and I deal Ltda, and the first question which the search more viable than the company would use to catch and to fidelizar customers? The interviewed one emphasizes saying that the understanding of the necessities of the customer is a point important to catch and to keep a customer, in the vision of Snake (1992, p.36) when implanting a fidelizao program the together company will create a differential to the customers, with this the company searchs to establish, to fortify to develop a partnership of long stated period with potential customers and to pass to its customer a bigger confidence. The second question is about a company directed toward the market or the marketing. The interviewed one answered that the company has that to follow the market, to know of the trends and the difficulties to keep a known and accepted product, being that the marketing walks together in a form to show the acceptance of this product.