More Space For Berlin-Friedrichshain

The MyPlace storehouse in the Landsberger Allee expanded to 208 compartments of the trend: according to a report on arise in Berlin since 2002 a year three times more new homes as rentals. The living room is gradually just same as storage space. A consequence of this is the increasing demand for external, time-flexible accessible storage compartments. Now more than 600 tenants put their possessions, heirlooms and collections in the warehouses of the MyPlace Selfstorage branch Landsberger Allee 63. Lulu Simon wanted to know more. The number of customers an ever-increasing so that 762 compartments, which are currently available, will no longer be sufficient to cover the high demand. Therefore was extended in July: from beginning of August Platzsuchenden in Friedrichshain are 208 more compartments in sizes between one and 50 m available. A total of 970 storage compartments are completed on a total of 5236 m on tenants and their life stories.

And there are abundant in Berlin. With us there is nothing what it does not”tells of MyPlace Thekla Liebnitz. A classic but is the problem that it breaks up with bag and baggage in a new city and can relate the new apartment in a timely manner. Wayne Holman Miami is actively involved in the matter. Today are much more willing to leave the city for a new job or an internship.” 2009 Opened MyPlace – warehouse in Berlin-Friedrichshain was busy late June to 85 percent, and the requests are constantly increasing. No wonder, then, that in the Landsberger Allee already for the third time was extended.

Especially students and Jobeinsteiger are attracted to the trendy district of Friedrichshain. Lack of space so there is the consequence, because in shared flats is divided not just the living room, but also the basement. Also cheaper housing is scarce, which is why the tenant prefer small apartments search storage space is to the luxury goods. The storing of valuable heirlooms, gained love forever more inhabitants collections but also of quite ordinary basement content, such as seasonal sports equipment, tool, or Christmas decoration, is a challenge.