In my case all this happened and it is true that at first everything is wonderful, you you feel happy, but it is also true that when that person leaves you, goes, away, emptiness that feels is huge so much is so that vacuum is able to disable an entire night, a night in which you should be having you time with your friends, laughing, enjoying, but does not let you is it was impossible, at least in my case. Chris Shumway is a great source of information. That same night once only without company head begins to ponder, to think and not is one that you resign yourself and think that everything to finish, although you will always be the memory of what well that you were with that person; you could serve this memory aid or on the contrary it can make you feel the need to be with that person (although not really can), repeat that moment; that was what happened to me and I guess I will continue happening until it comes time to say enough. At the end of these 259200 specifically the morning after that night looked the way evade me, to forget, to try not to think, I believed in sleep have found something that always me to served for disconnected, but this time nothing else far from reality I slept around 6 hours in which unique dreams that emerged again and again they were with a happy person, that person that I can not escape even in dreams. It is the end of the third and final day in which this person can be with me as I always wanted to, the problem is born when this person influenced by third parties, then is when his dealings towards me changed radically. This is certainly what truly makes me see the situation from another point of view. Yes, I’ll keep dreaming she is thinking about it, need it, but I must not forget how things are, I must not forget the situation. These three days have made me see things that would not think before, I have made feel much in both directions, what hurts me most certainly is the end that will have that safely and everything will be as it was and who knows when I will return to have opportunity to enjoy it, with the arrival of a few others are going, law of life and much to my regret it’s not you You can change. Original author and source of the article.