Munzer Bpi Solutions

Bi-directional data exchange of master data and all transaction data fast, direct and secure between manufacturer and replace commercial fm munzer upholstery furniture GmbH manufactures upholstered furniture according to the individual specifications of its customers with the highest quality for over 50 years. The company founded in 1949 by Fritz Munzer works one of the most prestigious brands in furniture in the national and international field with partners such as, for example, the Lutz Gruppe, one of the world’s largest furniture retailer, as well as with pattern ring. The company from Weidenhausen in the future is further internationalize through more systematic, non-export activities and focus on local needs. The optimization of processes in the data communication is a constant challenge for fm munzer. Now, the decision for XcalibuR and IDM was made in the company pad. FM munzer opts for the solution as a link between the master data on manufacturer’s page and the transaction (order /) Order response) on the dealer page. XcalibuR connects the bi-directional Exchange to all leading ERP system of trade through interfaces and produces a 1:1 relationship between trading partners and industry. XcalibuR significantly shortened the processing time and reduces the occurrence of errors during the ordering process by avoiding additional acquisition work.

Munzer parallel pads FM the industry standard data format in IDM “introduces. The new format provides the commercial data to make a wide range of requirements in the furniture industry. The master data quality is considerably improved by deep integration of XcalibuR and providing the business data in the IDM format. In addition, the integration to the existing software solutions such as the ERP system and the cross media publishing solution bpi Publisher is. The maintenance of mass data drops to a few minutes. FM munzer with the new total solution capable of the trading partner individually on their needs coordinated catalogues and purchasing conditions easily is ready to FM make munzer data communication with trading partners for the mutual benefit is improved by the use of the new solution.