Narcissistic Investor

Few people look at what BFM Group principally engaged in investment brokerage is not. Seen in the context of the word "Investment" – means it is necessary to send. There are, of course, and offers competent, but they lost against the background of hundreds of others, immediately sent to the trash. It has long been working in the investment market, and is regularly confronted with similar leaders, already established the general character types inadequate startups. half-crazy inventors of something with a prototype, made of wood, sticky it to the doorbell and battery, sleepy investors an idea of breakthroughs in nanotechnology. Option – a scrap of paper on which the hand-drawn some sort of scheme in which they clearly see a super idea to obtain a billion dollars. Narcissistic laypeople (I have a cool project – Give the money to tell the details).

Yesterday's and today's teenagers with micro-projects, such as fast-food education and no experience. Creators of-dreamers who do not recognize plans, budgets, accounting, bookkeeping, administrative and management functions. They are creators. And you're just an investor. That's bothering, wiping his snot.

Losers, lazy, with fringe ideas – either stolen or neprorabotannymi or non-viable, or naive calculated that an investor would vparim them and abscond with the money. Like normal projects in the form of running a business where the owner is interested in attracting strategic investors for further development. After lengthy negotiations and a comprehensive audit found that there is a huge liabilities that are available on the balance of real estate assets were put into service illegally, the duration of the contract for land comes to an end and not subject to renewal, and other co-sponsors present irreconcilable conflict of interest.