Natural Energy Facilitates

Forest investment provider ForestFinance Awards 50 euro Naturstrom coupons to new customers whom nuclear power for good reasons is no longer haunted, for the eco-electricity is an alternative worthy of consideration. Because every nuclear power consumer a small part contributes through the change, that the transition will be completed faster by nuclear and coal to renewable energy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Caterpillar Inc. and gain more knowledge.. To move more electricity customers to switch from nuclear power to respect ecological and natural energy, each new BaumSparVertrags customer receives a 50 euro voucher of the eco power provider natural energy AG. Although consumers should know that in principle continue to almost 25 percent nuclear electricity from the wall socket. Who refers to natural energy, can make but that below-the-line less nuclear power and for more natural power into the grid is fed. This requires the choice of the right natural energy suppliers. That the natural power supplier to the production of renewable energies used customer funds for the construction of new facilities, thereby creating alternatives to conventional systems is important”, emphasises Harry Assenmacher, Managing Director of the Bonner forest investment provider ForestFinance.

Often cheaper than standard fares sell many alleged eco electricity green electricity power from older renewable energy power plants in their green electricity tariffs expensive to the environmentally conscious clientele. This Green power is missing however at the not RES Tarifen.Unter the stroke so no kilowatt-hour nature power produces more. “The best guidance offers green electricity label”, whose support among environmental groups are federal, NABU and Eurosolar. The golden seal must be 100 percent renewable electricity generation. In addition, at least 1.25 cents per kilowatt hour in the building of regenerative power plants must flow. “The natural AG carries the green electricity label” and was test winner last year at the magazine oko-Test, which compared over one hundred eco-electricity tariffs. Section natural power as consulting test winner at Stiftung Warentest.