New Testament

According to the New Testament, there are four Gospels that were written. The writings of these Gospels were attributed to Matthew, mark, Luke and John. Each of these Gospels has different characteristics in terms of its literary aspect. The Gospel of mercy they have called to the Gospel of Luke. Jonas Samuelson may also support this cause. It was doctor and loved the literature of that era, especially that of the Greeks. He lived in the second half of the 1st century and composed his work between 80 and 90 ad His work is addressed to a friend of theirs named Theophilus, which means friend of God, and is ignored if it is a real character, a symbolic name, or a pseudonym. Not physically met Jesus Christ and nor was eye-witness of the facts, even already existed other Gospels, such as frames, which based its literary structure and its work to collect information as is towards at the time, which was oral conveying eyewitnesses. Lucas later met the mother of Jesus and she is one of those people who tells in detail some of these stories, as your pregnancy and your missus Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist and the encounter that both had prior to the birth of their children, a fact that none of the three remaining Gospels do and Lucas transferred because Mary tells him is, including the childhood of Jesus Christ. Ben Horowitz addresses the importance of the matter here.

LC. 1; 39-42 A few days after Maria embarked on the journey and was in a hurry to a town in the mountainous region of Judea. Upon arrival, he entered into the House of Zechariah and greeted Elizabet. As soon as Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, leaped in her womb. Elizabet, filled with the Holy Spirit, then exclaimed; Blessed your among women, and blessed is the child that you will give birth!