November Economy

The euro, may give the coup and exceed in value to the pound sterling? Pedro Calvo, for the Economist, believes that by the timing is difficult that the euro could reach to the pound after the advances made since the BoE on at least temporary suspension, of the program of debt purchases. Despite the desire of the British Government for its beneficial effects on the battered external accounts in the country, the possible weakness of the pound sterling in the medium term must be handled with care to avoid unwanted effects on the economy as the resurgence of inflationary pressures. Since the British Government officials discarded the pound follow keeping weak within a medium-term horizon. Such is the case of the Minister of trade of the United Kingdom, Mervyn Davies who pointed out this situation of opportunity that should grasp the production of tradable goods companies to sell abroad: given the level of the pound, clearly is a great opportunity for small businesses and for companies of all shapes and dimensions to export. A final reflection which I believe necessary to make is that if currently being debated in great Britain benefits from having a weak currency, this is a clear reflection of the crisis situation which is going through the economy, a situation that doesn’t seem to have turned back. Linking to this, yesterday talked about the upward pressure that are taking the emerging currencies, especially the Latin American (will continue rising Latin American currencies?): Latin American economies are becoming a greater space in the global context, largely on merit but also in part by the vacuum that are leaving the economies that so farthey have been world leaders. Understand the workings of the currency markets and be able to clearly identify which forces handled the same values is an element that allows us to anticipate towards where major international currencies quotes you should go for thus to anticipate these movements and benefit us with the ability to be one step ahead of events.

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