Online Shop Cellular

Online shopping has become commonplace for many of our fellow citizens. A fairly large proportion of Russians have felt the dignity of all this 'internet service' when sitting in your office or home, we can find all that our soul anywhere just by typing a few words in the search box shop. Freeing ourselves from the infinite, and how often it happens, inconclusive shopping, from a long search. All this is certainly convenient, especially for people with difetsytom free time. At this stage of our development with you, the market trading via the Internet – one of the fastest growing and most promising. Moreover, this sector is so attractive and popular that more and more manufacturers, evaluating new opportunities open up online stores of their products, constantly expanding its range. Today, through the Internet you can buy anything: from books to household appliances and furniture. But everything is so rosy? On complain that buyers and owners themselves online portals? The most common problem faced by customers of online stores – is the delay of delivery. And it is in the best case. Sometimes it is defective, and sometimes it can not bring all. And sometimes the only thing that can make the buyer in this situation – is to stop using the services of this particular store. Most of the delay of the goods is because that the goods in a warehouse over, though of course every company has several warehouses, and still have the goods transported. The main problem stems from the fact that the actual product is not enough for the number of customer orders. And his in this city more impossible to find and have to wait for supplies from other places. The issue of trust between buyer and seller too is important in this kind of trade. E-commerce is based on a certain level trust, risk and reliability, as the receipt of goods or services are separated in time from the receipt of money or payment document. Who needs to take risks – the customer or the store? Buyer best suits the scheme: in the morning chairs – in the evening the money. Shops would prefer to work in the opposite scheme, ie with full prepayment. And here arises a problem that, according to market participants, preventing further growth of this business. Payment systems. First, few of them and they are quite complex and inconvenient. A second, and most importantly – our mentality. Russian people have not yet learned to trust in electronic money and credit cards, they do not know how to use them and do not want study. Credit card – it's still something strange and unknown to most of the population. And this system is successfully operating in many countries. So an online store today – it's convenient, but not always quickly and easily.