OTT Finished Garages Car

Hummel informed House at the Nurtingen show garden solar energy Nurtingen, April 08, 2011, Sunday, April 10, presented the Ott baustoffe GmbH & co. KG in her garden in Nurtingen first one not only a wide range of prefabricated garages in the context of shopping Sunday, but together with the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH solar power Kit for prefabricated garages. Who would like to safely under his car and all kinds of accessories from wind, weather and thieves, who put it in a garage. And moves the needle in the tank in the red zone, then is the next trip to the gas station. The world looked yesterday”, explains Frank Hummel, Managing Director of the Bumblebee Systemhaus GmbH. now, but the garage also serves as a filling station and power plant for generating electricity.

Solar technology makes it possible.” The show garden of OTT GmbH in Nurtingen is the largest exhibition of garages in South Germany. The company manufactures garages, garages and carports for over 35 years and presented in his show garden also attractive roofs, numerous door variants and doors, Windows and even asymmetrical garages. To do this, the company shows unusual solutions for additional stowage space and creative colours. Our unique exhibition offers the opportunity to run on garages and carports with your own vehicle and test different door variants”, explains Jurgen Baumgartner, Managing Director of OTT garages. With the new solar power solution, which we show Sunday for the first time on the shopping, we complement our offer a contemporary and innovative element.” Next Sunday visitors at the Nurtingen show garden, the OTT GmbH and the Hummel House introduce a solar power kit designed specifically for garages of the firm Ott. The solution can be installed without mechanical fastening on the roof and is available for the garages of Ott in each size individually. The electricity generated can be directly fed into the power grid be or be used for own use.