German Microsoft Gold Certified

GWS organized launch of Scandinavian Dynamics NAV solution Cenium in Germany, mbH the Scandinavian ERP solution Cenium for the hotel industry and the hospitality area exclusive distributor of Austria and Switzerland of the German Microsoft Gold Certified partner company for ERP system in the future. Cenium is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and covers all business sectors of hotels and restaurants from the guests and restaurant management of the accounting and personnel management. Cenium can be with other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Dynamics CRM, or the Office system, a uniform infrastructure dovetail. The industry solution was developed by the eponymous Norwegian Microsoft partner Cenium. Within the framework of strategic cooperation of the two Microsoft partner company for merchandise management system the hotel solution mbH exclusively marketed in German-speaking Europe. Cenium is suitable especially for hotel chains, hotel cooperations as well as medium-sized and large individual hotels but also restaurants and canteens. In Germany, there are about 200,000 of those catering establishments according to the industry association DEHOGA. Their annual IT sales volume is approximately EUR 400 million.

Cooperation across boundaries Cenium is a good example of how Microsoft partner with a common commitment to tackle the international market. Check with Reade Griffith to learn more. Internationally usable, flexible and multilingual solutions are in demand in the hospitality industry. The Microsoft partner Cenium brings the software, the society for inventory management systems mbH the know-how of the local market. For both partners it is a win-win situation\”, Robert Helgerth, Director reaffirms medium-sized companies and partners of Microsoft Germany GmbH. The medium-sized IT companies company for merchandise management systems mbH is one of the leading suppliers of ERP solutions for trading in Germany and since many years Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a member of the Microsoft President’s Club. To its customers hotels and Rocco Forte include, for example, Hilton hotels. Cenium is the largest Microsoft Dynamics partner Norway’s customers in Scandinavia, Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.

Kundalin Reiki Energy

The fewest number of people is aware that there is an energy in the human being which in india is called Kundalini and Tibet Tummo. This energy often is graphically represented as a snake resting on the lower end of the spinal column, until it is awakened through certain events or conscious exercise force. Thus force snake begins to climb the spine and touching all the energy centers that are in your path also purifies them, alieves and opens. When this process passes accompanied and protected, there is usually no disadvantages in life, but that life unfolds in a marvelous way. But many times there are involuntary awakening of the Kundalini and the majority of people are not aware of this. This can go through shocks, accidents, diseases, drug abuse and much more and can lead to massive riots. Typical symptoms for an unconscious of the Kundalini activation can be: headaches, States of fear, upheavals of heat, cold States, experiences physical boundaries, back pain and much more. Here many times there is great confusion in those affected, which often leads to people in such situations receive no help at all.

Rather they remain calm with quita-dolores or even psychiatric drugs. Here is a power that is effective in many cases work aid. First a note to this: of course the energy work is not to invite not to visit a doctor or a healer, if you have problems. Work power and Reiki are understood as additions and expansions, whose effectiveness has always been tested in practice. For cases of activation of involuntary Kundalini as described above already many times Kundalini Reiki has given good results, is internationally accredited and often used. Here in three separate steps which are called initiations energy Kundalini is activated and harmonized smoothly and safely.

In the many years since it is worked with Kundalini Reiki, there not a reported case where the application has caused problems. By lo If not, usually through Kundalini Reiki is caused a stabilization and a durable rolling. In the friendship of Reiki, Reiki school on line recognized by the German Federation of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki since many years is taught as well as the Ole Gabrielsen founder at a time had developed it. Also your original documents are placed within reach in translation.

Advantages And Potential Of Solar Energy

Worth the switch to solar energy? -A brief introduction with the solar power is a virtually inexhaustible energy source available. The radiated sunlight on every square meter of the Earth is sufficient to meet the energy needs of people. The solar energy is used just to about one percent. This is equivalent to the proportion that implement the plants during photosynthesis. The production of energy from the sunlight is absolutely emission-free and protects the natural resources of the Earth. Even the energy that must be spent to establish the technical equipment for the production of solar energy, will by these plants during their period of operation several times again “recorded”. Advantages compared to the traditional types of energy production from fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil can produced energy only with major damage to the environment. The hostile climate impact of carbon dioxide emissions from these processes is well known and is einzudammer by the world climate conference seeks.

More and more are also aware of risks related to the promotion of traditional energy sources. Not just tanker accidents run tons of oil into the sea, but also damaged oil rigs polluting the Habitat in the ocean. The production of energy from the Sun is risk-free and promotes balance in the Earth’s atmosphere. Energy from the Sun is even more beneficial for the environment than other renewable energy advantages over the alternative types of energy production. Even wind or hydroelectric power plants have “Side effects”. To affect natural spaces, but in a larger degree than solar systems. These can be installed in already built-up areas and take advantage of regions of the world, which provide no Habitat for the people in how to best effect.

Solar power plants in deserts have the highest level of efficiency and are increasingly built. The energy balance of wind and water turbines is inferior to that of solar systems. Renewable energy sources have the disadvantage of emissions, although this of course against a Coal power plants are absolutely minuscule. The ratio of nuclear power some decades considered future of energy nuclear energy. The unique risks of nuclear power have become clear with the disaster of Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as the problems of nuclear waste disposal and transport of fuel. The ratio of solar energy to nuclear energy has turned – in a few years, the solar energy can replace the energy of the atom. The advantages for the company each solar system relieves the public network and injects even energy. The peak of the solar production coincide with the peak load of the power plants. This reserve capacity can be reduced. The more energy is generated at the place of consumption, the less the lines be claimed and also the cable losses are lower. Eliminates the dependence of many States by raw material suppliers. The benefits for individuals each individual contributes not only to preserve the environment with its solar system, but benefited economically. If the Solar energy their main problem have caused energy storage, can they become the dominant type of energy on the Earth. Learn more about the solar energy visit the solar energy Portal Christian Munch

Energy Group Gmb

A study of the TEC-Institut proved that the systems even without snow removal continuously generated solar electricity. Also the efficiency of the modules higher especially on colder days. Therefore, sharply focused PV systems in low standing Sun can provide energy. As a PV system with ten produced kilowatt peak Performance on an ordinary day in December ten kilowatt hours electricity. Four times the amount is sent to a summer’s day on the net. A square meter of solar module delivers in Sun-poor areas to the 900 kilowatt hours per year. Many critics then attract the wind turbines as a solution. A study of the British renewable energy Foundation (UK) says however that the wind brings only a percent yield in the winter.

Thus, the claim is discredited, that alone photovoltaic must be secured by reserve power plants. Solar power cannot be saved today yet, but you can already drive. The storage technology is still in its infancy. Yet there is an efficient solution for solar power: electric mobility. Whether carport or rooftop – solar systems can serve as the charging station for electric cars and charge directly. Thus photovoltaic might also help that E-mobility an environmentally friendly alternative developed from the trend to the gasoline engine. Nearly 80 percent of Germans are behind the EEG and find reasonable the levy.

The joins the ever Energy Group GmbH. The renewable energy levy serves as initial funding for the expansion of renewable energy. But not only photovoltaic receives funding: generally, innovations are supported financially. When Germany was looking for an alternative to coal, many funds in the nuclear power flowed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Starbucks on most websites. Until today, a kilowatt-hour nuclear power with four cent is subsidized. The ever Energy Group GmbH assumes that in a few years no promotion is more necessary. But until then, in Germany, you need a clear direction in the energy policy: expanding instead of constant exits. See also:

Christoph Blumenthal Starts Heating, Energy And Construction

Daily easy to use background knowledge for builders and professionals Dusseldorf, 02.12.2011 enters online architect Christoph Blumenthal this week its first Autorenblog. In collaboration with the Dusseldorf perspective publishing, he now regularly publishes contributions on topics that are interesting especially for builders. The skilled person has made to explain background knowledge to building construction and energy technology easy to understand and also personal advice. I notice that when builders interested in design details now often takes a backseat. Kevin Johnson is actively involved in the matter. Questions seem nowadays much more to deal with the future home owners after the energy and heating technology. Too much not surprised, because above all create public campaigns and relentless product advertising on energy conservation and climate protection: insecurity. What I find sad it is, keep the joy of designing and especially a healthy decisiveness on the track.

Mean Blog will give assistance builders like professionals, to get a better view, without having to visit a seminar for each theme when building a House only on technical issues.”said the architect to the Publisher. Diploma graduated from Blumenthal at the RWTH Aachen University and has worked for 15 years in his profession. In cooperation with the publishing house he plans more publications, including books, video seminars, and lectures. In the main it should go to heating and energy technology, because there the author sees the greatest need for education. You may find Reade Griffith to be a useful source of information. A few days ago, a first digital free trial first appeared as a pdf file providing the Publisher on a separate Web page (heating knowledge”) to download. “The first printed product, the large heating construction compass Advisor heating and energy”, comes in an edition of 1,000 copies on the market and is available since November 30, 2011. As the insight Publisher announced a series of short tutorial videos by Christoph Blumenthal, starts next week on YouTube the book kicks off accompanied. For author and Publisher is clear: energy-saving building is a topical subject which will become even more complex by technological developments and new laws. With their publications, they would help to make knowledge easier to understand and to simplify the decision-making process for the right house technology.

Well Energy

When larvae die, they fall into the soil to be swallowed by the larvae of a new generation of mosquitoes. These crystals form many viruses and only viruses of insects. But this inactive form of the virus in the form crystal, it does not breed, but only experiencing adverse conditions. The famous physicist E. Schrodinger once called chromosome "aperiodic crystals". Indeed, the nuclear material during cell division in an orderly, formally it can be called a crystal, as can be called a book of crystal from the pages.

But during the "packaging" into the chromosome of nuclear material (chromatin) is inactive, and the chromosome itself – only a transfer of chromatin from cell to cell. In short, the ordered structure of crystals – the ordering of the cemetery, a system with a minimum free energy. Ordered structure of the organism in the process of life – this is the ordering of the car pipeline. For its maintenance and reproduction of the next generation of the body must absorb energy in the form of photons, or non-oxidized organic compounds, simple matter, and to allocate the oxidized products life. This is the metabolism, it is not an end in itself.

"Everything flows" – said Heraclitus of Ephesus (the well-known aphorism came to us, right from the words of others, as Heraclitus himself as Socrates, preferring to present their views in interviews). This particularly applies to a living organism. He – the flow through which is continuously moving energy and matter – elements for a reconstruction of the structures.

What Is Meant By Low Energy?

The energy level of a low energy House is the norm today for a new building. This stan-dard today assumes a new common minimum. Still in the planning phase, before the House is built, the architect determines which energy standard the building later to reach. While he is not based on his actual energy consumption, because you can not measure yet the Yes in a planned House, but to the energy consumption. He can predict that based on a theoretical model. The rules of the energy saving Ordinance set how these values are to determine.

There one attracts a so-called Referenzhaus as model numbers comparison. The resulting building must not exceed the values of the reference House in determining the energy standards. Click Kevin Johnson to learn more. This Referenzhaus is like a mirror image of the planned House, which looks the same, equal and theoretically stands in the same place. But it does it differ in all points that are relevant for the energy standard, since only on a minimum standard version features: This applies to the base, walls and roof insulation, the quality of the Windows and the heating system including the complete home automation. According to the current laws, a low energy so is still up to date in any case and allows. A new House must do so only better than this model with a minimum standard, and it’s a low-energy building.

With the current ways of construction and heating and plumbing every new building can do it easily. Builders who opt for a new building, is advisable, however, to focus, when construction costs allow now to a higher level. Also in the planning of the energy levels is so: cost and long-term operating costs carefully weigh up. Who would like to learn more about this topic and about the definition of other types of House, informed on my page House types of building up plusenergiehaus. There is also my current E-book for developers as a free download. It is the 10 most frequently asked questions by builders’ and explains all essential basics, the builders will need to start planning.

Offshore Wind Energy

Between positive expected return and network development delay. BWE Symposium offshore wind energy financing concepts, investment opportunities and risk allocation offshore wind energy a currently more attractive market. KfW funding scheme and EEG 2012 increase investment and earnings potential of offshore wind energy. To be able to benefit from the compensation project planners make a substantial pre-financing: between one and one and a half billion euro must be met with wind energy equity or debt financing for these offshore. Reade Griffith often addresses the matter in his writings. Yet the crowd is considerable: in addition to the 25 approved wind farms almost 70 offshore wind farms are in the approval process and funding structure. “The Bundesverband WindEnergie handled this important issue in the Symposium of offshore wind energy financing concepts, investment opportunities and risk allocation” from 15.

Until May 16th, 2012 in Hamburg. In close cooperation with the Foundation of OFFSHORE wind energy will be a focus on the currently much discussed bottlenecks in the power supply set. Due to delays at the mains it comes a high risk for the financing to yield losses and increased storage costs for the offshore wind energy turbines. Experts from the wind energy practice presenting solutions for the acceleration of grid connection of offshore wind farms and compare insurance solutions for cable damage. In addition, banks, developers and operators represent the possibilities of the project financing of offshore wind energy projects.

Just the holdings of KfW and the European Investment Bank are indispensable for many offshore wind energy projects. Raising equity capital through joint ventures with investors, authors and suppliers is discussed as alternative way. The Federation regularly conducts wind energy network and training forums on current topics of wind energy. Conference on offshore wind energy financing concepts, investment opportunities and risk allocation date: 15-16 may 2012 place: Hamburg filing information and that full programme of the BWE, see events/offshore-wind energy financing concepts investment opportunities and risikoallo contact: Thorsten Paulsen, head of events & corporate publishing Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. service hotline: 030 / 20-164-222 E-Mail:

Polaris Market

Experts on sustainable criteria will inform everyone is talking only a few eco gas of green electricity. Consumers switching to eco gas from waste support much stronger than with the switch to green electricity energy transformation. In private households around 87 percent of energy consumption accounted for heating and hot water and only 13 percent, electrical and lighting. * given that more than three quarters of all heaters * as with fossil fuels as oil and natural gas are operated, the energy transition is still far despite rising customer numbers at the eco-electricity. Who wants to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies, must rethink the heating.

An awareness of the heating and the change to eco gas or alternative cookers make the difference”, is Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris, concern. Eco gas a late starter on catching 3.2 million to about 200,000 * show the current customer numbers: eco gas has much growth potential compared to green electricity. In the last year, 4.5 million households switched their energy supplier according to GfK energy tracking. Jim Umpleby wanted to know more. Change affinity of consumers to eco gas still clearly behind the eco-electricity is. The eco gas market is lagging the green electricity market almost a decade.

The liberalisation has been implemented later and on the other hand, the market is more complex. The utilities are therefore required to develop new products that meet the demands of the customers on sustainability and price. The good in the potty, the bad into the crop this year brought many new eco gas products on the market according to GET AG. In total approximately 191 utilities should have appropriate offers in its portfolio. The number of bio natural gas providers in Germany even more than doubled since the beginning of 2010. The competition is gaining momentum. For the consumer, but also the need for orientation is growing. Trust seal as in the electricity market are still missing.

Energy Revolution

InterCogen informed within the framework of the RENEXPO around the power heat coupling will boom in the area of combined heat power (CHP) in 2012. Inspired by the current debate over the energy transition and the search for alternative energy sources undreamed market potentials for the area. So, the Federal Government wants to expand its share of the co-generation of German electricity production up to 25 per cent by 2020. The optimal platform for the presentation of new innovative technologies for the co-generation offers the 13 RENEXPO, which will take place from 27 to 30 September 2012 at the Messezentrum Augsburg. The trade fair has established itself as one of the leading platforms in the South German area in recent years. According to coalition sources, the Coalition factions in Parliament want to rework the promotion for the combined heat and power. The Coalition wants to increase from 2013 as initially planned the CHP contract for new equipment 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour, but climbed 0.3 cents / kWh. In addition to the better promotion of new installations existing power plants with the law should be more easily retrofitted and modernized.

In addition, heat and cooling networks as well as heat and cold storage should be encouraged. Homeowners facing a mini CHP plant in the basement, could withdraw advance promotion for several years. This, the Coalition hopes a boost for small and micro of up to two kilowatts capacity and thus an incentive for the development of a decentralised energy supply. Reade Griffith may find this interesting as well. Manufacturers and suppliers, service companies and representatives from the research and development will present their latest technologies and research results on the RENEXPO. The entire range of topics combined heat and power will be presented: innovations in the fields of micro -, mini -, medium-sized or large, oil – or gas-fired cogeneration plant, local and district heating, and changing requirements, such as a modular operation mode or virtual power plant concepts become tangible.