Standards For Cellular Communications

How to choose a cell phone frequency gsm? Will my phone work in Russia? To answer this question, read the information on gsm and find out which countries there is any frequency. In general, the All standards can be classified into analog and digital. Whenever JPMorgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Analog is considered standard first-generation digital – the second one. In each standard, but the distinguishing mark has a numeric (eg GSM-900, GSM-1800, GSM-1900). Additional information is available at Reade Griffith. The number in the title stands for standard operating frequency. Another very important thing: the operating frequency determines the 'range' standard (the smaller the long range), but at the same time, the lower the frequency, the smaller number of Subscribers can 'sit' on a 'saute' (base station). Others including JPMorgan Chase, offer their opinions as well. The standard example of this – Moscow: within the capital of mts and Beeline-GSM set station GSM-1800 (high density of subscribers), and in the Moscow region – GSM-900 ('range' to cover larger area) (for normal operation in such circumstances need a phone that works in two standards, the benefit of such phones abound). Also used standard lays imprint on the power of the phone – less 'Range' – less power, longer life batteries, phone radiation is less affected by man. In gsm identified 4 reach: 900/1800 MHz (used in Europe, Asia) Characteristics of GSM-900 GSM-1800 frequencies of the ms transmission and reception of bts, 890 MHz – 915 1710 – 1785 the reception frequency of ms and the transfer of bts, 935 MHz – 960 1805 – 1880 duplex transmit and receive frequencies, MHz 45 95 Number of communication channels 124 374 bandwidth communication channel, 200 200 GSM-standard mobile 900Tsifrovoy in the frequency range from 890 to 915 MHz (from phone to a base station) and from 935 to 960 MHz (from the base habitats to the phone). In some countries, the frequency range of GSM-900 has been expanded to 880-915 MHz (MS -> BTS) and 925-960 MHz (MS Modification of GSM-900, a digital mobile standard in the frequency range from 1710 to 1880 MHz. Features: The maximum radiated power of mobile phones GSM-1800 – 1W, for comparison, GSM-900 – 2W. Longer time of continuous operation without recharging the battery and the reduction of the radio emission, but exposure to radiation of higher frequency is less predictable and more dangerous to humans. High-capacity network that is important for large cities. Ability to use telephones operating in the GSM-900 and GSM-1800 simultaneously. This device operates in GSM-900, but getting into the zone of GSM-1800, switches – either manually or automatically. This allows the operator to better use of frequency resources, and customers – save money by low tariffs. In both networks, the subscriber uses one number. But the use of apparatus in the two networks is only possible in cases where these networks are owned by one company or between companies in different bands, signed a roaming agreement. 850/1900 MHz (used in the U.S., Canada and selected countries in Latin America and Africa), Characteristics of GSM-850 GSM-1900 frequencies of the ms transmission and reception of bts, 824 MHz – 849 1850 – 1910 ms reception frequency and transmission of bts, 869 MHz – 894 1930 – 1990 Duplex frequency spacing of reception and transmission, 45 80 MHz

Sandwich Panels

They say that the multi-layered sandwich was invented in the xix century, a kind of English gentleman. Called this gentleman, Sir Sandwich, and a sandwich was named in his honor. It took more than a hundred years before we have yet another invention of its importance is comparable culinary sandwich – a sandwich panel. In many respects, sandwich panels-an ideal building material. They do not require additional finishing, and wide range of colors opens up endless space design solutions. Sandwich panels (from the English.

Sandwich – Laminates") consists of three main functional layers: heat and protectors of the filler and the two outer layers that provide protection against external influences, constructive rigidity, decorative function. (As opposed to JPMorgan Chase). Insulating filler on both sides facing protected (profiled galvanized steel and painted polymer) layers, giving the additional structural rigidity. Filling of highly insulating materials is at the core of sandwich panels. Depending on destination and weather conditions, which will be operated facility, changing the thickness of the filler. Opportunities to implement any meaningful solutions provide exceptional performance properties of sandwich panels.

Here are some of the scope of sandwich panels: a car wash and petrol station; manufacturing and administrative buildings, shops and supermarkets, industrial buildings and consumer services, service stations, warehouses, terminals and ports; farm buildings. Sandwich panels are suitable for construction of refrigeration systems of any size, thanks to a very high thermal insulation characteristics and high resistance of the panels to absorb moisture. You can also use sandwich panels for building renovation – it improves the appearance of the structure and enhances thermal protection. It is also important to note hygiene sandwich panels, as well as ease keep them clean. Sandwich panels are well established in the construction of public catering enterprises, thanks to these qualities. Construction of individual (private) houses – another area of wide application sandwich panels. Finish the sandwich panels under a stone, granite, wood and other materials and various colors can build any house, depending on your desires. Thus, the main advantages sandwich panel: 1. The mass of the sandwich panels is 10-20 times less than traditional materials. This makes it possible to reduce the load on the foundation (up to 100 times!), Bypassing costly research without soil. Moreover, individual construction permit to abandon the base at all, and then again to reduce construction costs. 2. Additional information at Andreessen Horowitz supports this article. High speed construction. Due to the ease of installation construction periods are reduced by more than 10 times! 3. Longevity. The shell of sandwich panels made of solid on the physical and technical properties of galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating, primer and polymer coating that allows construction for years to come. 4. Sandwich panels for heat engineering characteristics of up to 10 times (!) Superior to traditional building materials (brick, wood, concrete). Proved that the sandwiches, for example, polystyrene foam insulation thickness of 150 mm thermal insulation properties correspond to a wall of bricks 900 mm thick. Due to this heating costs are reduced by several times. In addition, panel design eliminates the appearance of fungus or mold.

Wise Michael Jackson

Testament wisdom of Michael Jackson! Prodigal in life after death, the singer has acquired the status of a wise man and samogohorosho earning. On June 25, 2009 Michael’s condition has increased by at least 1.5 billion dollarov.Pevets almost paid off debts, state continuously increases due to bank interest rates and the signing of new contracts for the release of his album. In November of this year, Sony Music will release the album on which the heirs will earn $ 250 million. Status of the singer, which was to be taken away by creditors or squandered family will provide their children, and they will not lose it. Our attention to the singer attracted not so much his creation as it was his wisest counselors zaveschanie.Kto yet known for certain, although the U.S. media give all the laurels of his authorship of his lawyer. But the truth is that the singer to now earns and puts out their debts.

You and I are simple people, not public, but we all have something and someone that is, who will remain after our death. Reade Griffith is often quoted as being for or against this. Now the will is no longer considered bad form and content for a long time before his death prepared by our grazhdanami.Sudebnaya practice is that there is cancellation of wills on the ground unconscious actions of the testator at the time sostavleniya.Ne saves sometimes and the fact that making a will by a notary, who law “must” establish the fact of human sanity “to the eye.” When there is a cancellation, something about the eyes of the notary, who made a mistake, the decision did not pishut.Po fact, as can be trusted with the notary to determine sanity of man, if it requires a specialist. While the situation with the law, it is this, let’s help families avoid future costs of litigation. You can solve this problem is very simple: make a will with a notary, when Your age and health status is not grounds for setting aside the will in the future. Let’s make a copy of his medical records, certified, cross-linked medical institution and give the deposit notariusu.A most importantly – We will not say that there is a will. Why give the temptation to rely on family money, because unwittingly may wish to go to your death. If, however, now has turned a situation that will challenge and You – today’s heirs need skilled care, we render it to you

Marketing Online

Marketing with articles implies a series of strategies that have as main tool to articles. Under most conditions Kevin Johnson would agree. These are very useful to incorporate Web 2.0 which we hear so much in all internet, now that is one of the so many tools that applying it with proper techniques gives large beneficial of traffic that actually is what every internet user who is dedicated to Marketing Online is the engine of your business is affiliate, network marketing, multilevel etc. If this engine is not jangling running our business does not walk, to your auto or car need to provide fuel for develops movement and thus move you, the traffic is what really worries every entrepreneur Internet, but from the 2007 internet was changing with respect to this issue, previously it was only having a website and that people leave their data now have many sources to produce traffic and one of them is the Marketing with articles which gives very good results. Benefits: 1. because works! These are strategies that can give you excellent benefits, personally I have been applying it years ago and I still do. Why do you think that experts from both Spanish-speaking as Anglo-Saxon Marketing using these techniques? Simply because they work. 2 It’s free: do you know how much writing and distributing an attractive item costs you? Simply nothing is a totally free technique and can bring you great benefits.

3 Traffic from multiple sources: traffic qualified from different sources so you’ll have much exposure can be achieved. 4 Trust and credibility: you are going to rise articles with content really drinking generate a link with your readers which you positioned and they are gaining confidence about your advice. 5 Positioning in Google: this is a very important point because if we are getting a position in Google at the same time we generate visits and our website or blog takes positions on competition, the content is King this refers to that Google loves the quality content in a Web site. If we summarize the Marketing with articles allows us to position ourselves as experts, get many visits, gain exposure of your page and you as a person, improve the positioning and everything for 100% free.

Internet Marketing

There are two main disadvantages: There are not many such promotions in Spanish. But they are. I wrote a post on my blog make money online with “where some links to affiliate platforms where you will find some companies that offer it in Spanish. The other disadvantage is, it takes a lot less for this type of action (in the Hispanic world usually pay 8 cents if it is a double click until 5 $ / Euros per share) that identifies a sale and that you have to send a lot of traffic to these pages to actually pay for our Internet business. So Adwords dominates and is able to pay less than 5 cents per click has a clear advantage. Arbitration is called by the difference between what we pay for the traffic and what we pay is our gain. (In my blog I’ve posted the first of a series and pay less in Google Adwords). As usual the one who understands English has an advantage.

As with the affiliate programs of CPS / CPV is offering much more choice in English than in Spanish. English will also find companies that pay much more for this type of action. But beware! It is quite difficult to be accepted as an Affiliate in the CPA American platforms. They have a very restrictive policy and normally only accept affiliates who can demonstrate experience with CPA campaigns. Even go so far as to interview by phone to all those interested in participating in the platform. But where there are no tricks systems! There are courses (especially English), they teach you these tricks for most platforms support you without much trouble. I have written several articles on my personal blog “Make Money Online with”, mentioning the most important platforms and a CPA Review course on a pretty good that teaches everything you need to do to make this kind of Internet Marketing is economically more profitable than traditional affiliate marketing. It is also one of the Internet Marketing niche where one is quite lost if you do not have a guide or something similar. But this is very likely that the CPA Marketing adventure ends before it has begun! Everything has its price.


In this case, these tips are for you. What should I look for when choosing a banquet hall. To get a real picture of restaurant service, you should visit as this detective. For a hike in restaurants wear everyday clothes, it is well known that meet on clothes. Good service is visible at once, you should meet as the guests with a smile. On the threshold pay attention to odors – air should be fresh, even in the room smoking. If not in the hall and heard a lot of visitors smell the kitchen, imagine how many times he increase, if they prepare a banquet. Learn more at: Jim Umpleby.

Do not confess at once that you had to order a celebration – the restaurant staff immediately tries to surround you increased attention, distorting the real level of service. For In order to appreciate it – make a minimum order, for example, coffee, and quietly study the menu while watching the actions of the staff. The most important quality of the restaurant staff – the attention to the guests, courtesy, restraint and diligence. Try these qualities. Pay attention to the style of communication with customers, the frequency approach to the tables.

Check the menu the waiter knowledge, ask questions, demand for attention to himself, while checking its unobtrusive. Scorch sour countenance, let them know what to expect to be tipped nothing. Before talking with the administrator of the hall selectively tasting dishes. Pay attention not only to timeliness of filing, serving, taste and appearance, but also for the presence of all ingredients and compliance with the stated weight on the menu.

Chronic Friend

In my house of one years for we start here to make the friend of the ounce. Also it is an exchange of gifts, to put funnier. She has people that nor she likes to participate of friend X for not knowing what to buy for the friend or why fears to worse receive something from what it offered, what it is of an inverse finesa to the incredible one. I never go to forget me it my first occult friend. She was enters the pupils of the second serious of the Pertaining to school Group Adelina Iris, in Mantenpolis, still in the decade of seventy. I age a boy and was very anxious for not knowing what to buy and in the expectation to know what me he was private.

My mother bought a stand I to give to my friend X. At the moment of the exchange of the gifts was possible to see the face of satisfaction of some and the face of disillusionment of others. People know as he is boy of eight years. Checking article sources yields Starbucks as a relevant resource throughout. She speaks in the can. She does not have this to keep what she feels or she thinks. My friend not yet if it had disclosed and it goes for front of the room the son of the owner of a fabric store of the city, I believe that he was the supplied son more amongst the pupils of the classroom.

I thought that it would give optimum gift. The father of it has much money. He will be that I go to gain a stand well great? Or it will be clothes of the store of the father of it? Finally, after those mentirinhas of always, the boy said: my friend is the given one (my nickname of infancy and that he was lost in the time).

Choosing Furniture

Furniture for children can be divided into two categories according to age group. The first category includes furniture for children under 2 years old, and the second, from 2 years to adolescence. For a teenager, you need to buy furniture vzrostlyh. When selecting furniture for your child, we strongly recommend that you follow a few simple rules. Try to have a child there was no excess furniture, which he uses rarely, or not exercise at all. On the other hand, the child should clean up their own toys, clothes, and all the necessary furniture to be close. A standard set of baby furniture for preschool children, is a bed, wardrobe, box of toys.

At the student, this set to add a desk and a cabinet or shelf for books. Try to avoid complex designs and hanging shelves. The child should have free access to all the furniture. It should be easy reach for objects, with all of its shelves, and all of his cabinet. Also, try to avoid right angles with furniture for children. It is better if they would have flattened or rounded.

Children are very mobile, but this necessary measure to avoid possible injuries. Psychologists advise that children's furniture and the room at all, was framed in soft, calm, pastel colors, since this color scheme has a calming effect on the psyche child. Sleeping place for your offspring, will serve as a perfect half of a standard bed or a sofa. Very practical, if under the bed, or sofa, are boxes for bedding. For those who lack free space in the room, you can suggest a sofa bed, which is a fully unfolded state, and most importantly, very comfortable bed, and in the assembled state, a beautiful sofa, where you can play with friends. In order to transform this into a sofa bed, do not always apply the mechanism of transformation, sometimes, simply remove the cushions. When selecting furniture for your child, you should pay attention to its strength, so as children's furniture often becomes a place for games (how many of us did not jump on the bed as a child?) and must have a sufficient safety margin to withstand the tough conditions of everyday operation. Bunk bed is an ideal choice for couples with two children, in the absence of sufficient area. It is like all children, without exception, and very often turns into a testing ground for various games. In order to secure your child, it is necessary that at present the upper tier of the bed high enough, strong bumpers. Thus, you can ensure your child's safety, even in his absence. When choosing a mattress for a bed, preferable to choose a product made of natural materials such as felt. For families with one child, perfect bunk modular system, where instead of the lower berth, writing desk is located or play area. Also, the system can combine the computer desk, wardrobe and bed. This arrangement makes it possible to save considerably on the useful area of the room. We should not forget that a child in one room necessary to combine the bedroom, office, living room for entertaining and a testing ground for games. Source:

Play Golf

Golf is a game of a life, what it means that you can play golf, since when started to walk and if it raised on the two feet. Golf must be played to have fun itself, and not only to earn, even so to win a departure you in the seventh sky can place. If to desire to draw out its life, you must play golf all its life. If you to want to play golf all its life, you you must extend its life of golfistas. He is simple thus! In the life, as in all more, you need to make you have adjusted, if you desire to make optimum you are of it, not to mention to have success in any enterprise. This is the art of living well.

This valley also to play golf all its life. As you age, its body passes for many physical changes, and you it needs to make adjustments to deal with these changes, in order to live well. In the same way, in golf, you need to make you have adjusted in order to keep its success of golfistas, in way that you can play golf all its life. For the success of senior golf, you he needs to decide on two things: as you are going in the game, and the level of proficiency of golf that you desire to keep. After having taken this decision, you it must proceed to make the adjustments necessary to reach its success of senior golf, in way that you can play golf all its life. Many players of senior golf are not realistic: they desire to be in certain levels of the game without making the appropriate adjustments. They finish with the frustration and injuries of golf that, eventually, they can exactly finish abruptly its life of golf. The wisdom in senior golf is for making realistic adjustments to become the game an amusement.

As many players of senior golf, you it can find a decline in its muscular force and flexibility. Unhappyly, flexibility is an important factor in the creation of a rocking of golf without effort, that is the key for the success of this sport. Therefore, if you are a player of senior golf, you you need to make adjustments in its speed of swing of golf. The objective is to keep its precision, instead of force and distance. So that golf can play all its life must also invest in its equipment, this must be of quality. For example, when buying an car of golf must opt to a leader mark the world-wide and national level to clubcar. It can instead of buying to opt peloaluguel of stand of golf.

Solar Energy

Solar panel.
Solar energy is the energy gained by the abstraction of light and heat emitted by the Sun
Solar radiation reaching the Earth could be harnessed through the heat it produces, as well as through the absorption of radiation, eg optical or otherwise. Green energy is not always so cheap but at and getting better electricity rates. It is a so-called renewable energies, particularly the non-pollutant, known as green energy or clean energy.
The power of radiation varies according to time of day, weather conditions that soften and latitude. It can be assumed that good irradiation value is approximately 1000 W / m at the surface. This power is known as irradiance.
Radiation is usable in direct and diffuse components, or the sum of both. Direct radiation is coming directly from the solar source, without intermediate reflections or refractions. The diffuse is issued by the daytime sky with the phenomenon of multiple reflection and refraction in the solar atmosphere, clouds and other atmospheric and terrestrial elements. Direct radiation can be reflected and concentrated on its use, while it is not possible to concentrate the diffused light coming from all directions.
The direct normal irradiance (or perpendicular to the sun) outside the atmosphere, called the solar constant and has an average value of 1354 W / m (this corresponds to a maximum value at the perihelion of 1395 W / m and a minimum value at aphelion 1308 W / m ).
According to reports from Greenpeace, the PV can provide electricity to two thirds of the world population in 2030.