The Quality

They can happen to us, even so, strange things, experiences that can satisfy our mind. They even can produce changes in the quality of our mind, but everything happens at mental level, the totality of the being does not grow for that reason. We are not deceived, we are in a hurry to change, but not to grow. The anxiety of the experiences does not imply growth, something that will happen in the totality of our being, not in a fragment of him. The ego cannot bring about a transformation, the mind cannot secure the liberation. But when egoica brings back to consciousness it relaxes in no action, appears silence and the incondicionada, universal energy, acts on our being it fills, it of a vigor and a totally new totality and works through him. If we want to learn to leave the expectations and desires, then we will have to spend a little time seated and in silence.

Seated with the column and the head in the vertical, breathing comfortably and amusingly, with depth, and the body in relation to the Earth. Some parts of our body will indicate with a certain hardness or rigidity to us. The loved life teaches with dulzura our limits to us and it communicates to us what zones are not in form. It puts to us in relation to our body and it recommends an appropriate diet to us without sugars, neither salts, nor spices, to have the less fermentations and the less toxins. Like right consequence the flow of blood, the respiratory movement and the psychological activity will calm more freely. We must educate the body to sit down correctly, to know the vertical and to walk correctly.

To undo the rigid and hard zones requires patient time and confidence. To remain in the dimension of silence, place, isolation, without interferences. To enter silence little by little, without doing nothing, is the dimension of not to do, not to react, not to know. We are with us, returning to house. To observe the movement of the breathing, where and you feel how it, without interpretations conditional, you do not make a problem don’t mention it. The conditional mind is very peculiar by knowing what happens in that place of the stranger. And the ego wants to return to the past and to feel gratificado, if, this is succeeding me. The mind always moves towards the interpretation, when it is already in suspension and nor the sounds, nor the lights worry to us, then we deepened at another level of our being In conclusion, we must enjoy silence, be identified and so the meditation in its profit can provide us. indicates to us that To meditate it is to find the eternity at the present moment. It implies to the totality of my being to any answer that needs my inner or outer life. To meditate is to learn to have an attitude abierta to any thing that arises in our mind, while we observed its movement. It is ligature to the time, neither to the space, nor limited by the mental constructions. It is the relation with the things as they are. It is an observation purity, without clinging and rejection. It takes us to the understanding and the understanding without needing analysis.

Vital Field

The perisprito possesss a region that if binds to the spirit, the call ' ' body mental' ' , and another region that if binds to the body, ' ' field vital' '. Carrying through a comparison the vital principle functions as a species of interruptor, which, when defendant, makes to circulate all the spread vital fluids in the Vital Field. This circulation is that it generates the fenmino of ' ' life orgnica' '. In contrast of the vital principle, the double etreo vibrating in low frequency and, therefore, is the layer densest of the perisprito. Densificada is an energy zone sufficiently, next to the physical body and assures the linking between this and the perisprito, of which, you unite, is part, as if it was a prolongation, functioning as filter of the physical emanations, not allowing bigger organic transferences for the subtility of the perisprito.

One notices that the double etreo desentegra after deixars a carne. It is in the vital field that we have the usinagem of the magnetic fluids that they are the primordial elements of the pass, in special the magnetic one. Being these sufficiently dense usinagens, them if they reflect in the double etreo, reing-echo in the aura directly. Had to these usinadas fludicas densities, and so that a good harmonization is gotten, are necessary that the vital fields are in harmony between itself. We know that the mental, psychic action and the will of the Spirit intervenes, in extreme and consistent way in the occurrences and the functioning of the Vital Field.

Centering our comment on the vital, easy field to conclude that for it they transit and until they park the energies that come from the Spirit, in direction to the body, as well as happen in relation to the deriving emanations of the actions physics-orgncias of the body to the Spirit. It is for the vital field that the fluids and the substances densest are worked. In it also the usinagem of the magnetic fluids, that are the essential elements of the pass, in special is made of the magnetism. In summary we have then: . Perisprito: Energy set that acts as intermediate between the spirit and the coarse and weighed substance (physical body). It is had, for its composition and functions, as one ' ' body espiritual' ' that is, a wrap half-material of the spirit (therefore the energies are subtler than the substance). Amongst its main functions it is distinguished linking with the physical body. Double Etrico: Called for some as vital body, or vital field, it is a set of materialized energies more, whose basic function is the linking of the perisprito to the physical body, providing vitality to this. Many times are confused with the vital fluid or vital principle, when in the reality the vital fluid is one of the components of the double etrico. Aura: It is a generic name for the energy irradiations that occur from the spirit. The irraida perisprito, the double etrico radiates and the physical body also radiates. This set of irradiations generally aura is called.

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