His Government

Power, axis of human actions, can be represented in its maximum expression in our country Mexico during the Government of Jose de Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori, best known as the Porfiriato. During his dictatorship the power that had at its disposal surpassed the mandates of the legislative and judicial branches. However it was thanks to that same arbitrariness that the President could coordinate Mexican efforts to first create a development at the national level, as well as the State became the main promoter of the social development of the country at that time. His Government was characterized by the strengthening of the national power through a transformation of this power in his person and submission by will or force, of all the elements with disagreements on this regime. The tactic that Porfirio Diaz mainly used was to manage the investment of foreign capital in the country to which answered many American and French businessmen. We still suffer the consequences of those agreements that Mexico still continues to be dependent on foreign investment.

While the Mexican economy was raised during his dictatorship, the benefits not were divided equally since there was a situation of extreme indigenous exploitation in the country. It was for this reason that in the year of 1910 the Mexican Revolution broke out, was the rebellion of the people in search of any reform of the private property since the distribution of land had the profile of despotism. It began as a popular movement that was transformed into a social movement. It was during the Government of Carranza who instituted a new Constitution which validated over the rights of indigenous minorities, which at that time were not so few, and also contained various reforms to facilitate the work of the representative power above the legislative and the judicial. Several of the reforms which included this Constitution were in relations between workers and the patterns, which were written in article 123 while educational and agrarian reforms that were published in articles 3 and 27.

Eduardo Galeano

Obama is the President, but does not govern, is just a piece of decoration and realistic in the White House. The U.S. State Department, supports unconditionally these sad characters Latin American right, as it is Mr Micheletti in Honduras, who is marked by his own army Honduran keep dealings with large Colombian traffickers. The document signed by the Colonel of infantry Rene Adalberto peace Alfaro and bearing the letterhead of the Ministry, noted in the SN-FF number. AA 060, ROBERTO MICHELLETI BAIN with the error of ortografo in Micheletti with connection to Cartel of Cali and under the place the Yoro Word mention. It becomes urgent, Eduardo Galeano, start again, interpret from his exegesis of writer and journalist, the world upside down, to start to analyze and discuss on the streets, with the people, the political facts that from the twisted vision of the logic of the U.S. out. Department of State, want us to see as the official history of the victors. The interpretation of Eduardo Galeano, is necessary so that we continue not recognizing how positive the terrorist acts and genocidal, that the United States and its allies, they have committed around the world against the peoples, historically cataloging them also by the strength of the major media, as necessary.

So from the popular groups of the liberation theology, in which we train in different churches, we learned to study the world from the other side of the story, echoing the expression of Galeano. Since the 1970s the popular base of the Protestant and Catholic churches groups, announced the need to see the world from another point of view different from that which had created us from the centers of power and capitalist view. All this psychotic dissociation, makes me remember those words of the psalmist in the Bible: their expressions of hatred around me; attack me without reason! In exchange for my love, attack me; but I make prayer.Paid me evil for good, and in return for my love, hate me. (Psalm 109: 3 to 6.) Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. September 17, 2009.

Energy Drinks

An energy drink is a drink without alcohol and with some supposed stimulating virtues offered by the consumer (regenerative fatigue and exhaustion, as well as enhance mental ability and detoxify the body.) They are mainly composed by caffeine, various vitamins, carbohydrates and other organic substances, which eliminate the feeling of exhaustion of the person who consumes them. They should not be confused with re-hidratantes drinks or with another type of beverages such as soft drinks, many times people confuse them and consume them as such, inadvertently account containing high doses of caffeine which can produce dependence. Part of the feeling of wellbeing produced by energy drinks is because of the action of psychoactive substances such as caffeine, an alkaloid that acts on the central nervous system and inhibits the neurotransmitters responsible for transmitting feelings of tiredness and sleep. Caffeine, increase the extracellular levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in front pre in the brain cortex, which It explains its favorable effects on concentration. These drinks do not really eliminate muscle fatigue or exhaustion in general, only make temporarily, therefore, once its effect, just it appears a feeling of decay. With continued use, people become accustomed to this kind of products, falling into the abuse of psychoactive substances that may bring negative consequences for health. Some of these drinks have more caffeine than a cup of 80 ml of espresso coffee.

The consumption of energizing drinks among young people has been increasing, they take them to stay awake, pay more, have greater resistance to a sport, lose weight, for fun, without knowing the enormous risks that these beverages have health. We have to warn of the dangers of excessive consumption, among them we can highlight: redness of the face. Vomiting tachycardias.

Frees Your Negative Energy And Connect With Your Potential Love Part 2

Summary: We had seen two important steps to release negative energy in part 1. The first step is: be in contact with nature every day, this exercise generates us peace and harmony. The second step is: exercising ourselves in the process of accepting people, situations and circumstances as they arise, this puts us under the liberating power to let go and let it work. In this article I present the last two steps of how mental and physical health, you can free yourself from that negative burden so heavy that affects you and as you do with your potential love connection: 3. discovering the principle of opportunity most humans spend huge amounts of energy looking to blame for our problems or situations of conflict, among them ourselves. Do we have consumers internal dialogues such as energy: why didn’t say this?, why not act in this way?.

If you’re going through a situation that you interpret as of conflict, Discover the principle of opportunity, this principle on the basis that any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need. This is so important that I have to repeat: any relationship I have at the moment with anyone is exactly that I need because that person brings with it a learning for me, even if that person does not know and each learning must be received as an opportunity in my evolution and development. Because those people who are willing to learn from their circumstances, those people who discover the opportunity behind the problems they can go from: miserable sinners to 4 teachers. Produces energy: Amate yourself! Human beings, especially women think we love more to others than yourself. Many people think that it is selfish to love herself, others think that while most love to others, they then love them as a result and others which are not few, criticizing those who love himself. But What happens if you do not love me to myself?, what if I love more than neighbor to me? When I love more to others than myself, what I’m really doing is retaining power and creating a time bomb, which will explode in my face at some point, because access to everything and everyone, I am denying me my right to be loved and respected as a person, with my tastes and the things that make me happy to my. If you love a person means sacrifice: time, money, values, interests, career and everything what my makes me happy. Lo_que I’m really doing two things: to) I’m consuming my energy for the benefit of another person, I’m not leaving the energy flow, because that is the intelligence of nature, I am part of it, and that eventually will make me feel a person frustrated, unsuccessful or bad temper. B) I am denying the opportunity to another person, that will generate and produce their own energy and let it shine as the human being is. Recalls that the next time you feel that you missing energy, you stop a moment and meditate situation or thought you are stagnating and consuming all your energy, because that depends on you physical and mental health. And remember that you can always return to recharge your energy and your strength under the promise of: quiet down and looks that I am thy God with love and blessings, Teresa Ruiz Pedersen

How Can I Save Energy?

How can I save energy? People who want to save energy costs can make simple changes in the House for that power not to waste energy. To begin you must clean or change the furnace filter at least once a month to save energy since the dust and dirt clog the filter, therefore, the furnace has to work more. If you have a heating system in the House, it should be inspected on a regular basis; annual maintenance can save energy up to five per cent. Furthermore, it is viable to get a programmable thermostat and install it in the House. The programmable thermostat automatically lower the temperature during eight hours per night, the heating Bill also will reduce by ten percent. The air vents in the home should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Do not allow the furniture and curtains to block the air flow. Use low-cost plastic deflectors to channel air under tables and chairs. Close curtains and blinds at night to protect themselves from the cold air. Open curtains and blinds during the day so that the Sun can heat the House. Forget about using space heaters, which are costly and dangerous. If a House has hardwood floors or tiles, mats must be purchased to keep the House warm. If you won’t be in the House, the thermostat must be lowered to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8 degrees Celsius). This saves energy and keeps your water pipes from freezing. Wood-burning fireplaces owners must clean them periodically, when the fireplace is not in use they must be sealed and glass doors should be kept closed. Other energy saving tips include lowering the thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.9 degrees Celsius) hot water heater. When wash dishes or clothes in the machine dishwasher or washing machine, must always be washed in cold water; the dishes are dried outdoors instead of using the dishwasher in hot dry function. Energy bands are ideal for all kinds of electronic devices in the home. Computers and monitors must be turn off when not in use. Ceiling fans should be used to help cool the House in summer. During the night and early in the evening, turn off unnecessary lights to maintain fresh rooms. A central air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. Set the fan air conditioners to on instead of auto. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to energy-saving. They use less energy and last longer than regular bulbs. Here are just some ways that consumers can save energy at home. Source: Press release sent by sucrepr.

Efficiency Energy

Energy efficiency can be carried out as easily as flipping move turning off lights when you leave a room or keep the thermostat at a suitable place to establish it cold on a hot day. A typical family spends around $2,000 a year on home utility bills. Heating and cooling are on energy bills that occupy half of the energy consumption of a House, followed by large appliances and electronic devices, equipment for water heating and lighting. Below, we’ve included a few very simple steps to save energy, although often overlooked, you can apply to take advantage of their energy consumption. If you are committed to saving energy and money, consider well observe these recommendations for each category to achieve greater efficiency:-put the thermostat between 78 and 80 degrees during the warmer months. During the colder months, an adjustment of the thermostat between 68 to 70 degrees is highly recommended. -Use a programmable thermostat to manage your heating system per day and cooling needs.

Try with a peak of savings without thermostat. -Try to circulate air with portable fans through the roof to make the room feel cooler. -Turn off the TV, fan and lights or lamps when you leave a room. -Buy compact fluorescent lamps to replace incandescent bulbs which are less efficient. -Buy appliances and low consumption products.

Check Energy Guide label and look for the ENERGY STAR logo on the purchase of these items that help prevent the dreaded global warming. -Turn off or unplug electronic devices such as computers, tools, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 Chargers, when they are not being used. -Reduce use of hot water take short showers, use cold water to wash clothes, etc – try to use natural gas instead of water heaters, dryers, stoves because they are energetically more efficient than their electrical counterparts. Consider the possibility of an economic reimbursement to use Natural Gas – perform an energy audit of origin to reduce common inefficiencies.

Energy Electric

The history of electricity refers to the study and use of electricity, the discovery of their own laws as a physical phenomenon and the invention of devices for their use. The phenomenon, outside of his relationship with the human observer, has no history; and if it is considered as part of the natural history, it would be the same as time, space, matter and energy. As it is also called electricity to the scientific branch that studies the phenomenon and the branch of technology that is responsible for implementing it, the history of electricity is the branch of the history of science and of the history of technology which deals with its emergence, development and evolution. One of its initial milestones may be around 600 BC, when Thales noted that rubbing a rod of amber with a skin or wool, obtained small loads (triboelectric effect) which attracted to small objects, and that long time rubbing could cause the appearance of a small spark. Near the Greek city of Magnesia is they were called stones from Magnesia, which possessed magnetite. The ancient Greeks noted that the pieces of this material attracted between them, and also to small iron objects. Electricity has evolved since the perception of the phenomenon to its scientific treatment, which would not be systematic but until the 18th century. Were recorded along the ancient age and average other (rather isolated) observations as well as medical intuition (use of electric fish in diseases such as gout and headaches) referred to by authors like Plinio the elder and Scribonius long, or archaeological objects as diverse as questionable interpretation, at this point refer to the Baghdad batteryan object found in Iraq in 1938, dated in 250 BC, which resembles an electrochemical cell.

Solar Energy Advantages

Always developed countries have used large amounts of energy to feed its technological and industrial growth, but in recent years in developing countries have become major consumers of energy for its development. Electrical power is usually generated at a power plant that converts other kinds of energy into electricity. Each system has advantages and disadvantages, but many of them are worrying environmental problems. The main feature of nuclear energy is the high quality of energy that can be produced per unit mass of material used in comparison with any other type of energy known by human beings, but surprised the poor efficiency of the process, since it wastes from an 86 to 92% of the energy that is released. Under normal operation, a nuclear power plant releases very little pollution of any kind on the environment. But it produces several types of nuclear waste. It produces a few volumes moderate low level waste; which can be removed by placing them simply somewhere that is not accessible for a few years. However, a relatively small amount, perhaps a ton is generated per year in the case of a great nuclear power, high-level waste, which poses a problem to get rid of it.

You can be expected to be dangerous for decades, centuries, even millennia, so it must be methods of disposing of it which are extremely safe. Typically, the majority of these residues are stored in media storms that require a constant and careful attention. Accidents at nuclear power plants pose a serious risk of environmental contamination. Such as the Chernobyl accident, and lately in Japanese nuclear power plants due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami it released large amounts of radioactive contamination. Advantages nuclear energy, for example in the European union generates a third of the electrical energy that is produced in this area, thus avoiding the issuance of 700 million tons of carbon dioxide per year into the atmosphere.

Energy Thermal

Thermal energy is generated and is measured from the heat of any kind. It is caused by the increased activity or the speed of the molecules in substances, which in turn and as a result makes the temperature rise. There are many natural sources of thermal energy from the Earth, so it is an important component of the alternative energy. The laws of thermodynamics explains that energy in the form of heat can change from a physical object to another. For example, put fire in a pot of water will make hot water and as a result there will be greater molecular motion.

In this way, the heat, or thermal energy, fire, it is partially transmitted to the water. Understand the principles of thermodynamics has enabled human beings the possibility to exploit natural sources of heat to create thermal energy and energy alternatives from a variety of sources. The Sun, the ocean and geothermal sources, as geysers and volcanoes, can be sources of thermal energy. As human beings we try to convert sustainable forms of energy alternative, since the resources of fossil fuels from petroleum derivatives are being depleted, we must focus our attention on improving the methods of the thermal energy in the activity of human food. Solar thermal energy is one of the most commonly used thermal energy forms. Although solar energy collection is available only when the Sun is visible in the sky, scientists have developed many ways to store and use the power absorbed by the solar devices.

At a small level, a person can heat your pool by placing low temperature inside or around the water collecting systems. To absorb sunlight and its distribution in the water, the temperature rises during the day and even after the sunset. Solar panels, evaporation pools, and other advanced systems can perform this function in a much more extended, creating enough level stored energy to run a factory or sufficient solar thermal energy for a city. The Earth is built around a molten core of incredible heat that diminishes considerably as it reaches the surface or the level of the cortex. However, through the use of heat generated beneath the surface of the planet, humans can extract enormous amounts of energy. The easiest way to do so is through sources of geothermal energy, as geysers, or at the boundaries of tectonic plates. Geothermal wells pumping energy in the form of hot water or steam that can be converted into usable energy, or simply it can be used directly. The thermal energy is an impressive force that is beginning to be fully understood. Through the creation of new devices and methods for concentrating, storing and transporting natural thermal energy, humans can reduce dependence on non-sustainable forms of energy. Thanks to the power, heat, thermal baths, boiled water, and cities thermally power are possible.

Networking Sites

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