Payment Terminals

Payment Terminals C 01.04.10 enters into force the Federal Law of 03.06.2009 103-FZ "On the activity to receive payments from individuals, carried out by payment agents", according to which all payment terminals (ATMs), should be established check-out equipment (fiscal registrar), registered with the tax authority. Henceforth, all terminals receiving payments must be composed of fiscal registrar. This can be achieved in two ways: buy fiscal registrar and install it into the terminal instead chegovogo printera.Provesti refine existing check printer using a special set of refinement. JPMorgan shines more light on the discussion. In addition, fiscal registrar must zargistrirovat in the tax office at the location of the organization that owns the terminal payment. What is the fiscal registrar? Fiscal registrar – it's cash register machine that can operate only within computer networks.

It is a receipt printer, combined with fiscal memory blocks and eklz (electronic control tape is protected), in which a protected, reach for the correction of the form, the information is stored on the action amounts of money. Also, fiscal registrar generates reports generated cash transactions are controlled for the needs of agencies and firms that own machinery and prints checks a standard for users of payment terminals. The most common fiscal registers, used as a part payment temrinalov are: PayVKP-80K, PayCTS-2000K, PayPPU-700K. All these models have been developed on the basis of relevant non-fiscal receipts printers payment terminals. – is the process of registration of fiscal register with the tax inspectorate. For registration filed certain set of documents, the registrar can be programmed details of the organization, the owner and the registration number assigned by the tax inspektsiyaey, after which it is mounted in the payment terminal. Possible refinement checking printer, available as part of the payment terminal, to the fiscal register. Refinement is carried out using a special set of improvements and is available in respect of the following models of check printers: Custom (VKP 1980), Citizen (PPU-700), Citizen (CT-S2000). All fiscal registrar shall, before beginning work in the terminal payment to be registered in the relevant tax authorities.