PICS Energy

The focus of our project, using solar energy is radiating in Bogota, in order to focus this into electrical energy at the rate of finding new energy sources to feed our city. Swarmed by offers, Ben Horowitz is currently assessing future choices. The project is approached from the attachment of PV, which may give a more viable option to all problems experienced today about global warming and this workshop was directed toward that possibility. This raises the foxes, as channels of energy accumulators, which allow you to store and exchange this for different types of functions that contribute to the energy cycle of the city. Basically, the project involved the adaptation of solar panels to one of the iconic objects of Bogot “The Zorrero.Thus, the use of folding solar panels enable the Zorrero store the captured energy in batteries and power to speak in their homes and their workplaces. In conclusion, it generates a dynamic energy system. This consists in developing 3 elements: First a mapping that results from the superposition of two others which are, analysis of areas with greater sun exposure in the city (asoleaci n) and the tensions generated by the predominant routes of the foxes. Asoleaci n mapping is based on lighting plots and sunshine given by IDEAM, this shows the points with higher solar influence on the capital.It is analyzed that the increased retention of the captured sun, the flat areas on the outskirts of the city and as the sun makes the journey and constant brightness is completely perpendicular to the surface, but varies in intensity to areas center looking for the different divisions that the city planning and arborization types. There is sunshine in the major routes, all for the paramentaci n and its magnitude, however the heights of the different sectors graduate light. The mapping of stress shown by different colors sites or points of departure for Zorrero in the city. The color varies depending on the voltage level and number of these individuals in their initial area of their daily travels.In turn, we see that each of these performs a route which is structured by some arterial roads in the city, in some cases the fragment the tour depending on the type of material they want to acquire creating crossings or collisions in cartography. The resulting overlap of the previous maps, showing the routes by which Zorrero must pass in order to have better use of time and improved solar energy collection and recyclable materials. This mapping is important to design the routes because all converge at one point seek high solar gain, raised as a building that lets you locate the foxes. Secondly, our proposal regarding the fox, is implementing a structured timber deck on which shall be arranged so modular 4 foldable solar panels.