Polaris Market

Experts on sustainable criteria will inform everyone is talking only a few eco gas of green electricity. Consumers switching to eco gas from waste support much stronger than with the switch to green electricity energy transformation. In private households around 87 percent of energy consumption accounted for heating and hot water and only 13 percent, electrical and lighting. * given that more than three quarters of all heaters * as with fossil fuels as oil and natural gas are operated, the energy transition is still far despite rising customer numbers at the eco-electricity. Who wants to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies, must rethink the heating.

An awareness of the heating and the change to eco gas or alternative cookers make the difference”, is Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris, concern. Eco gas a late starter on catching 3.2 million to about 200,000 * show the current customer numbers: eco gas has much growth potential compared to green electricity. In the last year, 4.5 million households switched their energy supplier according to GfK energy tracking. Jim Umpleby wanted to know more. Change affinity of consumers to eco gas still clearly behind the eco-electricity is. The eco gas market is lagging the green electricity market almost a decade.

The liberalisation has been implemented later and on the other hand, the market is more complex. The utilities are therefore required to develop new products that meet the demands of the customers on sustainability and price. The good in the potty, the bad into the crop this year brought many new eco gas products on the market according to GET AG. In total approximately 191 utilities should have appropriate offers in its portfolio. The number of bio natural gas providers in Germany even more than doubled since the beginning of 2010. The competition is gaining momentum. For the consumer, but also the need for orientation is growing. Trust seal as in the electricity market are still missing.