Prefabricated Houses

The biggest challenges of the builders are today to take advantage of a possible energy-saving construction and maximum environment to build the building. (tdx) Construction is an important step in and for the personal future. Anyone who is concerned with building a House, must deal therefore inevitably with the currently applicable legal regulations. Protection of the environment, CO2 neutrality and sustainability are tasks to meet. For this reason their offered prefabricated concepts, Haas-Fertigbau attaches great importance to high energy efficiency and a drastic reduction of energy consumption. Therefore, the same important role, as a conscious, architectural design and the individuality of each object plays Haas of the natural building material timber buildings. Haas cooperates with renowned experts and respected institutions to recognize and use all their prefabricated homes for savings. The Thermo-protect system was developed by means of the considerations of the individual components and developments.

At This building envelope co-ordinated components provide a favorable overall construct that saves energy: a wall version with a heat transfer coefficient (U value) of 0.14 W/(mK), triple-glazed solid wood window, built-in roller shutter systems and an ALU doorstep with complete circumferential seals. The concept is also rounded off through the use of the natural building material wood, which comes largely from domestic forests. Building with the natural product takes into account the demands of ecology in almost ideal way. The wood from the region claimed low energy consumption for production, transport and processing. Also, the material already made of very good thermal insulation properties. The system is the consistent implementation of innovative and sophisticated technologies that define a new standard at a high level for the outer shell of a House.

In addition to the Thermo-protect system Haas-Fertigbau offers a variety in relation to progressive Heating technologies. Because, only the combination of individual Energiesparbausteine, building envelope and heat generation with renewable energies such as biomass, solar power, solar and geothermal energy, provides for maximum success in CO2-free economies. In addition, the correct compilation of ecological building technology and a highly insulated house design by Haas-Fertigbau, the KfW funding standards reached KfW-55, KfW-70 and even KfW-85. The dream of the own prefabricated house on cheap loans from the KfW-bank can be optimally finance. For more information on the Internet at. Tanja EST