Repair And Construction Paints And Varnishes

Under repair and construction meant the construction of new buildings, bridges, roads, residential buildings, as well as repair work has already operated facilities. When carrying out repair and construction works are used different coating materials: enamels, varnishes, exterior paint. Is widely used in alkyd paints and varnishes. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. They are film-forming alkyd resins and polymers by polycondensation alcohols (glycerin, pentaerythritol) with orthophthalic acid. Depending on the type of alcohol used for polycondensation distinguish coating materials glyptal (primer GF-021) and pentaphthalic (enamel PF-115, Enamel Floor PF-266 PF-283 varnish). Enamel PF-115 available in different colors. They are used for painting a wooden or metal surfaces. View website is a great source of information. Alkyd materials form, including oil paints, at least 65% of the total consumption of lmb.

All market participants lmb recognized that the coating based on oil-based paints MA-15 MA-25, paint on the main indicators of inferior coatings based on alkyd low price of oil paints – they are primarily advantage, but it makes no sense, since consumption of these materials for 1 m2 of the surface is much higher than when using alkyd enamels. The duration of drying oil paints is much greater than that of alkyd enamel. And this lengthen the term of the paint work. The use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitroemaley (enamel NTs-132 P, enamel NC-25) provides provodenie finishing fast-tracking as hardening of the films is nitroemaley fairly quickly, within 1-2 hours. When painting is necessary to use pnevmoraspyliteli as quick drying, the film makes application nitroemali brush. It should be borne in mind that coatings based on manufactured modern industry nitroemaley SC-132 P and SC-25 have good physical and chemical properties only when applied to the prepared surface.