Rio Branco

More two I contend the new edition of the L’ Book; Oyapoc et L’ Amazone, of Joaquin Caetano Da Silva, and two Atlases, the 5 of April of 1899. Having rejoinder, in eight months, it more prepared the second memory, folloied of two volumes of documents, one of original texts, an album of facsimiles and another Atlases, delivering it 6 of December of the same year. Already it is of certain form consensus, that all text, that intends a study and a short analysis regarding a subject; that in long itself becoming very, he is one in such a way how much tiring and diffuse one. William Dawes is open to suggestions. Then, I describe here the final outcome of the question of limits in the territory of the Amap. says Thin Carlos of Oak the presented solutions had been both moved away and the arbitrator imposed, as intermediate solution, the line of the watershed of the Mountain range of Tumucumaque. E, conclua it question of limits thus involving the Territory of the Amap, won in the way most complete the Brazilian thesis and the Baron of the Rio Branco, for its skillful diplomacy it endowed in them with a guianense border that, going up the River Oiapoque of its estuary its headboards followed for west for the watershed of the Tumucumaque until headboards of the Rivers Coul-Coul and Mapaoni, first, the affluent one> theories and agendas..