Roman Empire

That’s on stage Ukrainian politics appears Tomiris queen, which thanks to its subservient to the people living in the heart of Ukraine, first appears in the Ukraine under the name of her father – Grigyan, and only then under the name of her husband – a man whose soul also refers to the energy structure Tomiris – . In contrast to Nimrod, and Satan Tomiris learns more and that the winner must be a woman, and the title of “Winner” people Kira help her catch a new special meaning. Tomiris familiar with the information about the revival in the territory of Kievan Rus, which is under the protectorate of Satan, “Third Rome” – the era of government of the Virgin, through which the world would be a kind of “White Lady”. A letter from Nostradamus supposedly addressed in the future to his son, Caesar, it is clear that the name of the person to whom this letter is addressed, will have something to do with the name of Caesar. Tomiris understands that Nostradamus could know the person’s name and so vividly outlined his Caesar. She also understands what is likely connected with the name of Caesar by Julius Caesar – the once powerful head of the Roman Empire. Based on this information, Tomiris and takes the name of Julia – on the name of the famous Roman kind Julio. Tomiris, familiar with the ancient annals, came to the conclusion that it was Julia must manage the future empire of the Third Rome, “in which she sees providence destined her fate.

Realizing all of this becomes clear, and why are so desperately fighting for power in Ukraine and the Yulia still, the mistress whose soul – Tomiris – wants not only to become immortal in the guise of man, but hoped that after gaining immortality can control the whole world. This perspective is also appropriate to note why the souls of men and angels are so eager to live it on earth, in a material world, not in heaven. The fact that only conditions of the material world can give human consciousness a number of fun and enjoyment that is not available in the Energy world’s consciousness of the universe. In addition to the material world, people are much more able to exercise autonomy and independence, without thinking about its consequences and about who is its real owner. No wonder they say that people such as children, they do not know about what they are doing. Therefore, to live on Earth among humans in once enjoyed, even the angels, many of whom began to live an ordinary life people often lose because of it his own immortality. In their veins instead of Ichor (blue blood) – the liquid of immortality – began leaking red blood, inherent in the ordinary people who became victim of the virus of Darkness. ” Blood has a red color is not accidental, since the red color – this is the color of the victim, it’s pretty easy to understand, remembering the altar – the place where from time immemorial sacrifices.