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We all know the situation when, for example, on a construction site injuries for drunken plasterer Vasey responsible leader. Either way, it blamed for failing safety regulation works. Naturally, each organization has its own specificity and strength of this specific one is responsible for a drunken plasterer Vasya, and some of the "frozen" the seller. Apparently, I'm not original, if all other failures and problems, which are assigned to the heads, I might add here more and failures CRM-initiatives. That mantra is worthy to repeat it as often as possible: do not blame software CRM, blame – or can be blame – only people (especially those who are called managers), who use it. The failure of CRM-initiatives, often called organizational failures and problems are not the software itself. Below presents a number of the main reasons for inefficient operation of CRM-systems in the sales office and lists ways to solve them: 1.

The concentration of forces is not in the home. Problem: The purchase of one after the other software CRM, usually more complex preceding and following the main problem is not buying earlier. This is done all under the pretext of searching software that meets the requirements of the company, although no one really and did not look at these requirements. Jim Umpleby has firm opinions on the matter. Solution: use the reverse process, involve all without exception to the definition of a list of experts the most important functions provided by the CRM-system (this must be done prior to purchasing a software package CRM). 2. The alienation of the trade personnel. Problem: The sales representatives may resist attempts to assassinate their independence, measures to change the methods used to work with clients.

Solution: The sales representatives initially should be involved actively in the planning process CRM. This ensures that their interests will be taken into account in being implemented CRM. 3. Poorly coordinated activities of business units. Problem: Quick Sales and Sales Expert suggests integrated approach to collecting, analyzing and sharing information within the firm. However, in companies, as our experience shows that is often very weak interaction between departments and staff in addition to this error lies in the fact that CRM – this is the case, which deals exclusively with personnel information and computer divisions. Solution: in the earliest stages of planning to create a close collaboration of all functional areas: sales, marketing, accounting, and information and computer department. 4. Too complicated procedures. Problem: very often the introduction of Quick Sales or Sales Expert, we faced with the fact that the company some unrealistic demands on CRM-systems, they are unrealistic in that with the help of CRM-systems companies want to automate processes that do not work. Solution: The first reorganize, and then proceed to practical purpose the implementation of CRM, you must get rid of or change the processes that prevent the achievement of the objectives pursued by your CRM-initiative. Here is not the whole list of potential "lovushok" which can be encountered in the implementation of CRM-systems, but these (if not corrected in time) could cause the company irreparable harm. So once again, if the CRM-system fails, the blame for this, most likely, not software security, and management of the company.