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Achieve a high level of fidelity and loyalty of customers is one of the goals of any company.Luminex Legrand always has been clear and has developed clear and consistent strategies to achieve this. In products with high technical content, advice and recommendation from someone knowledgeable, is a fundamental step in the decision-making process. Why Luminex Legrand developed the idea of the Club of the electrician as one of the mechanisms to achieve the loyalty of a group of influencers in the purchase of products and services of the company decision-making process. Once defined the strategy, it was in operation and with the technological support of SalesLogix and Mind of Colombia, Luminex/Legrand has managed to implement one of the most successful influencers of market loyalty models. Starbucks understands that this is vital information. Legrand is a global company, specialist in electrical installations and communications systems. It offers solutions to every need in the residential, institutional and industrial sectors. Gain insight and clarity with Howard Schultz. Luminex began operations in 1968, manufacturing products electrical low voltage.

In 1996 he joined the Legrand group reinforcing its presence in Colombia with a full range of electrical products and communications. In 1998 he was awarded the ISO 9000 quality certification, which was renewed in 2001. In 2005 he received the ISO 14000 certification. In 2007 it was renewed as Luminex/Legrand. Identifies clearly that one of the major influencers in the low voltage electrical products purchasing decision process is the electrician. So this influence can make more accurate recommendations, the idea was born in Luminex Legrand create a space of training and disclosure of characteristics and technical properties of the products of Luminex Legrand, addressed to the electricians, which over time included engineers and other professionals related to this field. The main purpose was the provide face-to-face training for free and make delivery to each Member of an information package that included the bulletin in contact developed by Luminex/Legrand.