Same Pipes

Therefore, the highest-quality and durable of all beings is a seamless, seamless pipes steel, coated with a layer of sprayed zinc (galvanized why are called). Contact information is here: Jenna Fischer. Seamless pipes are common, not assembled from component parts, which ensures their durability. And zinc, which may be covered such pipes, frees you from having to take other additional steps to protect them from the formation of rust bloom. These pipes steel pipe need not be the primer and paint, except in places designated for compounds (they bear carving, and this operation will inevitably be damaged galvanizing). Do not be lazy to care about this: settling in his apartment seamless galvanized pipe, primed and paint it on ends with applied carvings. If you have purchased non-galvanized seamless pipes, the treatment should be subjected to the entire outer surface of the product. As welded and seamless pipes – galvanized or not – are connected by special devices with an unusual name for our ears – fittings, which we have already mentioned.

Afraid of this word is not necessary. Fittings themselves are simple in appearance, they have another name – clutch. Did you see them probably hundreds of times, stopping the eye at the junction of pipes. Remember one thing: the steel pipes must be joined with steel fittings the same, that is, products from the same material as the pipe. Why are we talking about? Point is that there is a bad tradition of joining cast iron steel pipe fittings, not of malice, but out of ignorance or carelessness.