I should keep working at the request of the insolvency administrator. My accounts were however locked. I got no money. I could not afford a lawyer. I also felt that no Office for me felt responsible at this time”, according to one who of insolvency stakeholders, the not menTIONed want to be.

“Another: funny, over 3 MillioNEN households in Germany, which are officially insolvent and the very many families who are waiting in the wings to the registration of insolvency, I felt however suddenly all alone”. For everything there is lectures, colorful brochures and seminars, but not on the subject of fear of losing”. Anonymous Insolvenzler Germany-far right there is the discussion group anonymous Insolvenzler; leaves room for questions, personal concerns and sharing among affected as also like-minded people. “In conversation with other questions, like: what has helped you, how do you cope?” How do you feel about the topic (for example in relation to partnership, self-esteem)?” Participants will it clear: they are not alone, and with their situation! Therefore Insolvenzler was founded in many cities of Germany – under the umbrella of the Federal verbandes the discussion group anonymous people in bankruptcy and opportunities e.V. -, aimed at people who are affected by the issue of insolvency. Initiator is Attila von Unruh, whose initiative now nationwide finds great resonance. The round table Anoyme Insolvenzler is also in Hanover successfully launched anonymous Insolvenzler in Hanover since May 2010.

We all know: friendly exchange and common experience creates a connection between people: endLich a space where I can talk about my situation and will understand. The crisis will be named, but not rated”Svenja, explained… by dubious Finanzoptimierern in the financial ruin torn. The open dealing with problems brings clarity and opened new His. This will assist in a successful personal and beruflichen restart”participants, Henry white ScheuerLein, head of the discussion group at Hannover. “Our understanding of the self: we are neither politically, economically nor religiously bound.” We each person concerned is welcome, whether private or business insolvency threatens or already exists”. Anonymous Insolvenzler discussion group Hannover Heinrich Scheuerlein of the interview circuit hannover.html T r f n of every 1st Wednesday in the month. Just go to our homepage: E-mail: next meeting: Wed, 06.10.2010, 18:00 20:00 in the Club future plus e.V., long Arbour 29, 30159 Hannover (please ring the Bell). Located only 10 minutes from central station! Registration by email is helpful!