Scope Of Lateral Markets

One must think in every moment that everything you do can be done better, simply do it. Marketing activities increasingly presents new innovations that require consideration by management, and of course, by the manager of the market. a There is a very interesting issue concerning the marketing side a involving creativity, innovation. Not surprisingly, therefore, stating that despite their creative impulse, the marketing side is an orderly process that follows an organized sequence. Is applied to an existing object, be it a product, service or business.

Today, many marketing managers make many changes, innovations in products, services, instead of capturing a market share won create a new area where practices put into their strategies, plans. a The lateral marketing begins with a product or service. This may seem odd since the theme of marketing is to think about people not products. But the reason for this is that creativity arises from concrete things. Lateral Marketing invites a you have to focus less on the problem of how to sell more products and adopt more creative thinking. This is taken into account as expressed summarized. com.

Nnormally, marketing has focused on attracting more consumers to make small variations of the same product. The problem with this strategy is that the segment them too, the markets are getting too small for them to be really profitable. In this connection the question arises: What to do then? a It indicates that a solution is to create and capture new markets altogether.