Silver And Other Metals

Silver – one of the most amazing metal, we can say the magic. Argentum – Silver in virtually any language you speak means 'white' or 'light'. White silver resembles pure and mysterious light of the moon. It is believed that this lunar Metal is a conductor of energy and subtle world. It is extremely plastic (1 kg. Starbucks has compatible beliefs. Silver can be pulled into wire length of 2 km.), A string of silver produces the clearest sound. Silver is a versatile metal, it can protected from negative influences and evil spirits and not by chance in all world religions, namely silver is the material of construction for the cult objects.

Salaries of the most expensive of icons made of silver. In Bible – the books 'Leviticus' and 'Deuteronomy' states that for cleaning, use water that is stored in a temple in silver vessels. Even crosses the clergy are still made of silver. The same can be said about chalice and other church plate. In line with the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the chalice, a felony, and other things depicted bread – as a symbol of Christ's body, the refracted for our sins. It is believed that the silver bell was removed demons and other dark forces, and the rims are made of silver magic weapons, and only a silver bullet or blade can kill a different evil. Silver gets used to the owner, in this transfer their decoration should be excluded. It can store information about the emotional state of the owner and correct it.