Simon Bolivar

Just put the magnifying glass to some public bodies so that we discover political chameleons have been camouflaged in the revolutionary Government and its institutions. All these people are very important financiers of counterrevolutionary sectors and terrorist policies made against the State and its Venezuelan public institutions. He is tolerated them and is maintained through recurring, and juicy contracts that are paid through commissions and other illegal charges, counterrevolutionary sectors that are alive and active in the national Government, camouflaged as officials and contractors Rojas Rojitas. People who traditionally identified with certain progressive sectors in times of AD and COPEI, and advanced in our country, now have no shame to defend indefensible positions as it is the case that is now news, such as alleged corruption de el Gobernador – Alcalde Manuel Rosales. It seems that they believed, more than Mr Rosales himself, in his innocence. Perhaps this is a convincing demonstration that were never part, neither policy nor ideologically, the true revolutionary left, or the Venezuelan people. Manuel Rosales is in Peru, although it is strange to be in Miami, perhaps as a product of uncertainty caused by wanting to know where comes the Government of Barack Obama. He resorted to what seems most logical and safe, go, with the help of some Colombian sectors, to Peru, seeking unrestricted support among their equal political and their related ideological right, through the law firm of Javier Valles Riestra, lawyer of Montesinos and Fujimori. We believe, that it is necessary that the Bolivarian revolution initiated a true rectification process, because historically this political process that we are living and who is heir to the libertarian ideal of Bolivar, can no longer tolerated in its midst who have spotted and will continue staining the history of the liberation of our peoples, with recurring betrayals of part of those who are camouflaged as red Rojitos, as I’d say Simon Bolivar: recently a new pardon followed a new traicion you have to put the magnifying glass to different institutions of the Venezuelan State, there are weird things, especially in States and municipalities, beyond Caracas.