Social Fragility

The social fragility is present in the decomposition that us flock the clearness between what he is reasonable and what is not it. The second aspect that draws the profile of the local crisis is institutional parallelism, luck of Secondly Yo" institutional used to approach the solution of the social problems, but that causes a distorted vision of the reality. When an authoritarian and personalista Government does not find the formulas to reach the objectives drawn up nor obtain in moderately acceptable measures the goals of the great plans, resort to the parallel State, to the equivalent management, to unballast itself of the institutionality forces that it to respect certain rules and procedures. When a regime cannot control by electoral route a circumscription of citizens, it faces CONATO of social crisis, to the entropy that it precedes to the chaos and then a parallel authority sets, although in this way it is debilitated institutionally as much to the same State as to the adversary. Then parallel the institutionality finishes, it settling like culture, blurring and imposing a project from current country to con of the generalized will, criminalizing the dissidence of those who they do not agree Secondly with Yo" institutional that imposes pseudo culture parallel it.

Instability and social parallelism become, so to speak, in both main dissipators of the social chaos in Venezuela, although paradoxicalally both come from an entropy comanaged between Government and governing Party. The result waited for with both dissipators is same. The Fear. The paralyzing social fear that is the answer of the individuals when they are placed in the threshold of a social vortex of unpredictable consequences. A fear that generates chaos controlentrpico" , whose damage collateral has been quantified and is So far under control. 1. – THEORY OF the FEAR AS SOCIAL CONTROL Almost all the investigators agree in affirming that, of a way or another one, the fear moves history.