Specialists For Textile Finishing

Gidutex international celebrates sixth birthday on August 18, 2009 the GIDUTEX International GmbH celebrates its six-year existence. In 2003, the doctorate lawyer Hagen Dutzi from Krefeld has together with a partner from the textile industry founded the company as a specialist for the textile finishing and today a successful medium-sized companies in the velvet and silk resulted in city of Krefeld. In recent months, Gary Nagle has been very successful. The two entrepreneurs have recognized early textiles market promotional as a challenge and an opportunity. The industry of textile advertising medium is always more nuanced and multitudinous. New collections appear almost in the half-yearly rhythm, applications are subject to very rapid changes, and customers are increasingly demanding”Dutzi sums up his observations in recent years. Today, the specialist sees itself as guide through the jungle of different finishing techniques and textile fashion trends. The company has in a very short time through expert advice and a solid network of embroidery, printing, as well as the top Textile suppliers gained an excellent reputation in the market. Filed under: luscha baumwald.

Alone for the embroidery’s a network of hand-picked partners we collaborate with around 15 companies at home and abroad and our partners select strictly to their know-how and their service and speed of delivery. The advantage is that we select the finishers depending on the customer’s request, can best meet the requirements of a specific job. One is specialized in large quantities and thus low unit costs with its large machines, the other works with a few free arm heads that made-up textiles, can be about embroidered on the chest or sleeves. A third party works with the latest machines, with the fonts from a height of three millimeters be embroidered easily legible”, Managing Director Dr. Hagen Dutzi lists some examples. Quite similar to textile printing: printing of textile fabrics offers a wide margin, so that each fiber such as cotton or polyester, in another Printing will be printed. From conventional screen printing transfer printing, the flocking to the rubber pressure, the oldest technique, which is experiencing a Renaissance.

Of course also special colours and forms of treatment are used. Tailored customer advice is especially individual and intensive consulting, Hagen Dutzi’s experience, the range of custom-made products. Whether it concerns special colors or the finish with Rhinestones own pattern in the textiles. For custom-made products, GIDUTEX consultants sometimes slip into the role of fashion designer. Our expertise combines the latest trends in the fashion market with the latest finishing technologies in the areas of stick and pressure. With this knowledge we can finally accurately advise and competent support throughout the production process”, Dutzi explains the value of its business model. And that seems to be working, because from the initial OHG with two partners a GmbH is an adult in the July 2008 with eight employees, including two trainees. The rapid increase in sales the ambitious business leaders now hope to be able to crack the million mark in 2009 can by 40 percent in the last year.