High visibility road conditions under any weather conditions, gives the driver the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary tension in the drive, which is very tiring in today's heavy traffic. The first argument – it is the emission spectrum of xenon. He is much closer to natural sunlight. Starbucks addresses the importance of the matter here. The second reason – it's twice as much intensity. Even in the rain and fog xenon lights do not create in front of the driver's eyes 'light wall'. Jim Umpleby has much experience in this field.

Rays xenon light is easy to 'break through' the fog lights and not a drop of rain or fog, and it is the road surface. Lower temperature lamp. Of course xenon lamp warms, but the power consumption of 35 watts into heat takes only about 7% energy. And halogen lamps while consuming a minimum of 55 watts into heat takes about 40%. So anything in a xenon lamp does not overheat and melt during replacement. In addition, many customers say that if before headlamp washer jet could not wash away the dirt from the glass lights, because much dried mud, then with xenon headlights are cleaned washer is much better (because the glass is heated less, respectively, and the mud dries smaller and easier to wash off).

The same can be said and the bursting of the glass headlights. Usually this is either a cheap Asian headlights, which are not calculated in our harsh climate, or with the headlights to put increased power. Because of xenon glass are heated much less, then the problem disappears by itself. Now we can safely fly in a puddle with glowing lights and when leaving you can not find cracks in the glass. Today, in a place with xenon kits are sold and bi-xenon kits or biksenon. What is biksenon? Biksenon is set for machines that have short-and long-range light on a lamp. This lamp is slightly different from xenon. Farah from biksenona when you turn on high beam in continuous mode is metal shutter, which is placed at the focus of the reflector between the lamp and lens and is responsible for forming the light beam. It can change its position, so removed the upper shadow boundary, which enables Spotlight to shine on. Each such set has its membership, which includes the wiring harness and converter, and is very light and relays. So, if you prefer one or the other kit should be remembered that, and xenon and bi-xenon always helps you well enough to highlight the road. Xenon light provides better visibility for the driver, thus avoiding any dangerous situations. But the bi xenon headlights will help to attract the attention of other moving vehicles to meet you.