State Workmanships

In the same way that all construction, habitacional or it does not need for release INHABITS it, of a simple BOX OF FAT, in order to hold back greasy dejections or for electric linking of a unit they are necessary, poles of entrance, box for measurement clock or cabin of force, one becomes indispensable that each habitacional, commercial or industrial unit, has a device in the subsoil, destined to temporarily hold back the water precipitated in the proper physical space of the precipitation, (roofs and cemented areas), or CONTAINER OF TEMPORARY PLUVIAL WATER CONTAINMENT, in the molds considered here. To allow that the pluviomtrica precipitation if directs, in the possible measure do, to the fretico sheet in the same physical space of the precipitation is ‘ ‘ rock angular’ ‘ that it will allow to decide the problem or at least minimizing it in its effect sobejamente already known of all we. They would still remain, COMPLEMENTALMENTE, other steps that would depend on the will and/or managements politics municipal theatres, state and until federal (Departments of municipal workmanships, Secretariats of State Workmanships and Ministry of the cities).

Without this, ‘ ‘ it is to rain in molhado’ ‘. In the So Paulo state scope, certain it is that the SABESP, while concessionaire, will be one of the greaters benefited in virtue of the resetting of the fretico sheet that congregates, in finishes analysis, its main ‘ ‘ well of venda’ ‘. Therefore ‘ could arcar; ‘ a priori ‘ ‘ , with the costs of installation and later, the medium or long stated period, to recoup said costs, in parcels, proper invoices emitted against its customer-consumers. He does not have that to say itself in reaproveitamento of pluvial waters, theoretically poludas, for human or same use for laudering of sidewalk and cars, for obvious reasons.