System Management

Managing a business well is manage your future; and manage the future is to manage information Marion Harper Jr Introduccion why is a SIM justified? what is its raison d ‘ etre? How it favors to the company? What is its importance? Where lie their difficulties? These are some questions that are derived from the analysis, scope and relevance of the SIM is a true fact, that successful companies that have conquered their markets, remain in them, that within its management of markets have taken into account what represents the marketing information system and how to apply it. Specifically, they have well-defined functions according to the new market management topics that have emerged, as well as tools, proper marketing plans that involve the actions, strategies that guarantees them a good participation, achievements, supported necessary data that help make assertive decisions. Basic considerations, Venezuelan companies General information our interest for analysis, should be evaluated in the present, the way in as market management is operating, especially given the reality of a highly competitive commercial scenarios, where we cannot ignore the new paradigms that have emerged of the role of markets, and where the information, Internet technology for example, has helped significantly in data collection; the fact, that all this has had an impact on the need to restructure the data marketing unit in order to ensure that its functions involve the company to ensure participation in markets that have been proposed to achieve, backed up with correct decisions in the actions, strategies to be followed. Ben Horowitz recognizes the significance of this. Specifically, must be attentive, which represents the scope and impact of the marketing information system (SIM) its scope, in addition to considering its importance, advantages, implications. It is known, that a marketing information system, is an organized set of procedures and methods that continuously collects, classifies, analyzes, evaluates, stores and distributes convenient, timely and accurate information, for use by decision-makers. .