United States Investment

The term private equity (FOOT), also known as investment in ripened companies, can be understood as one arrives in port given the companies with high level of development. It FOOT arrives in port of the type comumente is granted in the following phases: advanced periods of training, arrive in port done when the company already is established in the market; financing of acquisitions, capital for acquisitions; taking of control, capital to finance the acquisition of control on the organization; period of training daily pay-emission, arrives in port for organizations that long for an introduction in the stock exchange; enterprise recovery, arrives in port done when the organization meets in difficulties; mezzanine, investment in advanced periods of training of the company; PIPE (private investment in public equity), acquisition of the capital of the company disponibilizado in the stock market. Titan Feul Tanks has plenty of information regarding this issue. The participation in this modality of investment if of the one through the investors, the managing organizations, the deep vehicles of investment or of VC/PE, and the companies onslaughts. The investors apply the capital in the investment vehicles, managed for organizations of VC/PE that arrive in port the capital in other selected companies, establishing with these a relation of stockhoding, as well as an important administrative support. Thus, the VC/PE managers establish a narrow relation with the company onslaught, diminishing the probabilities of failure of the investment, through a not only financial support, but also of organizacional management. The form of VC/PE investment has as cradle the United States. It migrou for other countries, as Brazil, and if adaptando the reality of each nation. In Brazil this activity started more in 1974 with the BNDES, associated with the creation of three subsidiary companies, joined 1982 with the BNDESPAR name. Brasilpar, established in 1976, was the first national private manager of VC/PE, however the apex, in the development of this type of deep occurred in 2004, when Brazil started to count on 65 managing companies of deep VC/PE.

Fiscal Elimination

Fiscal elimination and Fiscal Evasion Two forms exist to prevent payments of tributes. The elimination and the evasion. Being that the great difference between them is that, respectively, one is legal and another one is tax evasion. However, Fiscal Elimination, as the proper name already suggests is inside of the law, as way to reduce the tax burden. Two types of elimination exist.

The one that are decurrent of the proper law and the one that is related with the breaches and existing gaps in the proper law. Already the Fiscal Evasion is not a form to plan, and yes a tort to evade taxes and/or to counterfeit, as example, the purchase and the sales without forma bill of sale; note fake; distorted information; among others. But, the definitions of both nor always are only amongst the doctrinaires. Some authors describe of ambiguous form these expressions. AXE (2001) affirms that the term evasion would have to be used as allowed behavior of the contributor, as well as elimination would be related with illegitimate ways to steal itself to the payment of tributes.

In turn, TOWERS stand out the renomeio of the term elimination, considering new classificatria figure, called & ldquo; eluso& rdquo;: & ldquo; He is imperious to register, however, that the term & ldquo; eliso& rdquo; it could not be used to mean the allowed position of the contributor in the economy of tributes, having, for linguistic severity, to be abandoned. To prevent confusions in the use of the language and for better representing the focused behaviors, we prefer the term & ldquo; eluso& rdquo;. & ldquo; Eliso& rdquo; , of Latin elisione, it means act or effect to eliminate; elimination, suppression.

Shepherd Article

1 – In the case of not attendance the 3 (three) consecutive meetings, without valid justification, will be automatically suspended of its functions for 6 (six) months. 2 – the Shepherd has right to take leave, duly justified, for a not superior period to the half of its time of service in the year. Article 36. The administrative functions of the Shepherds cease for: I – exclusion; II – resignation; III? deposition; IV – abandonment; V – permanent incapacity; VII – change; VIII – death. CHAPTER VI OF DIACONATO and PRESBITRIO Article 37.

The diaconato and the Presbitrio, are exerted by members of the Church, greaters of 21 (twenty and one) years, in joy of its civil laws, Indicated for the Assembly of the Local Churches to play positions in the Church. Article 38. They are requisite spirituals demanded for the diaconato, especially the following ones: I – to be full of the Espirito Santo; II – to have the characteristic described spirituals in I Timteo 3:8 – 13; III – To accept and to fulfill the Norms fully of the IPRB; IV? to be member of the IPRB has at least 2 (two) years uninterrupted; V – to be dizimista; VI – To be pupil assduo of the Sunday Biblical School, except reason just. Article 39. They are attributions of the deacons and Ministers: I – to take care of of the beneficence; II – to watch over for the order during the cult and religious acts in the temple and it are of it; III – to raise the offers and to direct it the treasure-house of the Church; IV – To play the administrative functions assigned by the Advice. Article 40. The deacons constitute, for the exercise of its functions, a Diaconal Meeting, that will have the supervision of a Shepherd Assigned for the Advice to make it. Some contend that Andreessen Horowitz shows great expertise in this.


We need to execute ways where the adaptation is executed with its totality, we must think for all the sides, all the ways so that it does not have errors or great future problems. With some challenges that permeiam century XXI many they speak on the organizacional development which already we mention above that it aims at changes. Then from this new form of vision it helps to focar in the improvements of the organization in question, mainly in the differentiation of attitudes and competition forms, which is important and essential for the organization it knows to visualize and to solve the problems, or to adapt them as it will have the changes that it comes appearing day the day. But before verifying which the changes that we must have to carry through the changes, thus so that let us can defy the proper challenges, and to face them without fear in such a way we will only have conditions to face the great challenges that permeiam our life, we must have in mind that the base of everything and to know to interact with the challenges, to learn with them in search of the holistic growth, and that we will be able to carry through the changes of new ways stops to tread with efficiency and effectiveness the organizacional development. The education today is to the base of everything, if the future children have the base made solid with the maximum certainty will be adult curious, challenging, uneasy and transforming, of wanting to learn to think and not to repeat the knowledge that already exists. To instigate and to live deeply the knowledge not only bring chances as new knowledge to the world of the organizations, but as still more knowledge in its proper life. To improve the education is optimum form of if to live, without them we will not be able to go in search of the new, of the impossible one, we can becoming in them only, different, capable to reach the unattachable one, the education never will be able to leave the mind of the people, and the main tool in our life is our masters, our professors. When carrying through this article, was the form most pragmatic to place my vises on the organizacional World, its difficulties, the idea of through the organizations terms one better.

Reaching the objective considered with the article. REFERENCE CHIAVENATO, Idalberto.

Tools Act

The wait of an ideal scene all demonstrates lack of vision of and an immense wastefulness of time. She is necessary to act always, to use the available tools the time all, so that our necessities and problems are not accumulated and with this the more distant solutions are each time, while the excessively competitor ones follow in front, although the difficulties. They with certainty will not be waiting the perfect conditions to act. It is always time and moment to act. To delay decisions waiting that tomorrow they can be more easy of being taken or that they will occasion better effect is a serious error, that only makes to accumulate wallet of & ldquo; action to implantar& rdquo;. Amongst the tools of a manager who commands its sail-boat-company, if those cannot leave of side that are basic for the moments of little wind: It reviews the strategies looking at for the scene, competitors and its positionings. This can be the alias process to re-position its mark and its products, to fidelizar old customers or to gain new adepts for its mark.

A plan business-oriented can be important, as well as a new planning of marketing. With the alteration of the strategies, if they must modify the corresponding processes, so that the theoretical definitions arrive at practical, the always intent ones for the possibilities to reduce activities, its costs and expenditures. If it gains in resources and results. Oxigene company, through a new culture of comprometimento and participation, with people whom they know to interact and to consider innovative solutions that take the new products and differentiated services. It repairs as the mesmice took account of many segments of the retail, surmountings and in the sales points.What such to think about a organizacional reorganization? Strategies, processes and people form a so important tripod for its company, how much helm, candles and bilge keels for its boat. and it does not advance to imagine that they can be manejados not to be of form absolutely integrated. Both the sets always must be monitored and be adjusted to each moment. If we will be to wait the perfect conditions of wind to botar the foot in the water, is better nor to take off the boat of the hangar. There we go to be in the edge admiring those that had fulfilled the regatta and in lamenting of our results.

Charles Handy Culture

The culture is difficult to move, mainly in a deeper level, as the values and basic presuppositions. However, the nature of the work force comes changing in great ratios, bringing a new phenomenon, that is the multiculturalismo: a compound of people proceeding from different cultures, some etnias and different styles of life. So that the organization obtains to adapt it this multivaried reality, it needs to understand the multiculturalismo and its impact (CHIAVENATO: 2005). Caterpillar spoke with conviction. 5.TIPOS OF CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL In its Understanding workmanship Organization (To understand the Organization), Charles Handy (1976), tipificou four types of culture, that are associates to the leadership forms that comumente they meet in the organizations: Culture of the Power, Culture of the Paper, Culture of the Task and Culture of the Person. These types are only some models that characterize the organizations normally, not meaning that the same ones if accurately fit in the forms to follow described, since each organization it has its proper and singular characteristics and, therefore, its proper culture. However, this description is useful in the measure where we will be able to try to identify to which the type of culture that if resembles more to the organization where let us look for to analyze. Howard Schultz will not settle for partial explanations. 5.1.Cultura of the Power This type of culture normally is found in small companies and depends on a central source of being able.

It has few rules and procedures, little bureaucracy. The control is exerted by the center, through the individual-key election. The decisions are taken, to a large extent, on the basis of the result of an influence balance, and not on the basis of procedural or purely logical reasons. The organizations based on this culture are proud and strong, with capacity to dislocate itself quickly and they react well the threats or perigos, however to be dislocated in the certain direction depend on the person or people who are the center, visa that in the quality of these individuals it is the success of the organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

Licitation is the administrative procedure destined to the person choice to be contracted by the Administration or to be benefited by singular administrative act, in which they are assured in such a way the right of the interested parties to the dispute as the election of the adjusted beneficiary more to the public interest (SUNDFELD, 1994, p.15). Law n 8,666 was sancionada in 21 of June of 1993 for the President of the Republic in exercise, Frank Itamar. However, ' ' after its sanction the law was amended and modified by successive Provisional remedy, having suffered still to the impact from the plan of economic stabilization and some laws and decrees posteriores' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). According to Motta (2005) the conversion of the MPs in law? Law 8,883, of 8/6/94, it reintroduced in the rule of law, getting rid themselves of incorrees, some vetoed stretches, modifying still more of three sets of ten of devices. ' ' Law 8,987, of 7/7/95, that it makes use on the regimen of concession and utility permission, regulated Art. 175 of the Federal Constitution, and Law 9,854/95, established norms for grant and extension of the concessions and permisses' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). For Motta (2005) another significant modification in Law 8,666/93 was the addition of plus a licitation modality? the proclamation, for MP 2,026, edited in 25/05/00, in the same day that Federal official gazette published the Law of Fiscal Responsibility? Complementary law 101, of 4/5/00. They had continued then successive MPs referring to the proclamation until its consolidation as definitive licitatria modality through the sanction of Law 10,520, 17 of July of 2002. ' ' The Law of Fiscal Responsibility became the taking of decisions in the public acts of contract more structuralized, incorporating new prerequisite 0 variable and especficos' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6). to finish this brief historical vision, ' ' in the 2004 end occurred the sanction of the law of Public-Private Partnerships? PPP? Law 11,079, of 30/12/04, that it represented plus an alteration in the area of the act of contract pblica' ' (MOTTA, 2005, p.6).

Meat Industry

4) Which the relationship that the company has with its customers? For interviewed the relationship it is of allegiance, therefore the company this always ready to take care of its customers well. 5) The company uses as tool the service of attendance to the customer? SAC? which the result of this service? Yes, satisfactory, therefore we are always in contact with the customer, when it possibility of a external visit telemarketing is not used to be in contact with customer. 6) The professional who plays the attendance service the customer, receives some training to execute this function? Yes, we are trained to have one better performance in the attendance, being had as objective to catch the necessity of the customer. 7) How the company searchs the full satisfaction of its customers? as to keep this full satisfaction? Being always in contact. Fulfilling with the schedules, working with quality products, hearing suggestions and claims to improve its services and products. 6 ANALYSIS OF the DATA the interview was carried through with a collaborator of the company Carne and Cia? Meat Industry and I deal Ltda, and the first question which the search more viable than the company would use to catch and to fidelizar customers? The interviewed one emphasizes saying that the understanding of the necessities of the customer is a point important to catch and to keep a customer, in the vision of Snake (1992, p.36) when implanting a fidelizao program the together company will create a differential to the customers, with this the company searchs to establish, to fortify to develop a partnership of long stated period with potential customers and to pass to its customer a bigger confidence. The second question is about a company directed toward the market or the marketing. The interviewed one answered that the company has that to follow the market, to know of the trends and the difficulties to keep a known and accepted product, being that the marketing walks together in a form to show the acceptance of this product.

The Family

Therefore the sensitization how much to the vulnerabilities of these organizations, whose purpose is of assisting the survival and intensification of the same ones, one becomes necessary with bigger possible brevity, having in sight that today one of the biggest concerns of the managers of these companies, who suffer in the confrontation of operational or strategical problems, result of the difficulties related to the inadequao, as much in the use, how much in the choice of the tools and the available resources to reach the differentials longed for the administrators of the type of company in question, in the search of the objectives and established goals. 3.0 AS ENXERGAR THE FAMILIAR COMPANY CONCEPTUAL THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS. The familiar companies are a predominant reality not only in Brazil, but in everybody. These enterprise structures very exert a significant relevance in our economy, as much in what it refers to the financial aspects as social. The familiar companies are the bases of sustentation of the economy, therefore all are born, grow and the ones that get success, if perpetuate from the applicability of an idea of some member of a family who, glimpsing a chance, initiated its proper enterprise. Familiar company is all that one that is on to a family during at least two generations. This, if this linking results in a reciprocal influence, as much in the general politics of the enterprise, as in the interests and objectives of the family, even so are two distinct institutions (company and family), must search to balance its goals and objectives.

We can appraise family as: A structuralized partner-affective system, that is, is a set of people structuralized in differentiated papers, linked for affective bows. It is consequencia cause and of love, affection, the desire of living together, sharing the life, to procreate and to project themselves in the world.

Google Adsense

The only disadvantage is that bnus almost is limited. It is possible to earn about 3.000& euro; with this method and the time to go earning more, when to appear new bnus. Here she is necessary to be very rigorous and not leaving to entusiasmar in them. We must read the rules of the houses of appositive well and as to gain bnus. The precipitation can make to lose the invested money. Later we more have delayed methods, but that in they go to give money for a long time.

They are what I call passive income. These methods imply to mount a site on a subject that we dominate and after terms sufficient I pass through and visits, to start to place advertising. This advertising can be through the affiliated Google Adsense or programs of. The Adsense goes to place announcements in our site and goes to gain money with each click that the visitors to make in our site (she is not allowed to icentivar the click or to cliquar in the proper announcements). The affiliated programs of only in pay if the visitor to them to buy or if to inscribe in the site of the advertiser. In the Adsense the value that we earn for click can go of the 0.01 to 2& euro; , even so the normal one is between the 0,10 and 0,5& euro;. The affiliated programs of are more generous and for registration they pay between 1 5& euro; or a percentage of the purchase. These two last methods are good because when producing the sites and contents, them are to receive pass through of the Google without terms to work therefore. It is almost to be to the wait for the incomes.