Physical Laws

So here we are in this area and now we have two options: One is to play on the field two should be a spectator. Some contend that Caterpillar shows great expertise in this. Either way, the game is on, and you must choose whether to play or watch. If you choose to play, let me explain that there are people who study the field every day. They have found very specific natural laws that govern our universe, galaxies and the planet. If you are a serious player in the knowledge of these laws, and understanding them would have a serious impact on how well playing the game, do not you think? There is a great law which suggests that everything we see and can not see, is composed of energy.

There are also seven major natural laws that act synergistically, and allow the field to do what he does with such ease and perfection. st websites. Unfortunately, they never taught us to be in harmony with these laws. It's time to raise our consciousness and start playing at a higher level … Let the laws just for a moment, and discuss our body and mind. For the most part, the physical body is easy to understand. We have studied for over 6,000 years, and I learned a few tricks to keep it going faster and longer. We have five physical senses to help us decipher and understand the stimuli around us or from us. The mind, however, is a bit more complex. Scientists and theologians have found that we have six intellectual functions that are part of our conscious mind and subconscious also have three functions to help us more complex issues and needs.