Many many years ago had a small child who spent half the time after school observing others, since he considered that I was learning much more watching others that speaking, since he was a little deaf and perceived in other messages that many were not able to feel and sense. A good day on the way to their old house after the end of the day be realized that he had a new partner of journey, almost as tall as him, so in this way day after day this newly discovered companion accompanied him and shared with the Chinese to get home to eat games. Once inside the House they said goodbye until the next day. One day asked his grandfather if he had met a companion of journey in his life to accompany him from the school. The old man replied that course, which in its infancy had known as a companion a little higher than high than him with which he shared new learning and games before returning to home to eat. As he was to grow this companion became much larger and appeared at dawn before marching to the fields to work, at that stage this companion was much bigger than him and was accompanied by bouncy all day, which occurs on many occasions making you feel a certain complex of inferiority by his side since it was much higher than him and even trying to overcome it failedEven so she followed beside her always, showing you the hidden part of your day to day. Later with the passing of the years the old old are realized that the roommate was losing height and in the evening when he came home on the trail was staying much smaller, even more if it should be that when I was a child, yet he was accompanied by day after day in his tiring Homecoming, that itself somewhat slower than long ago. The child then asked, and now where is your grandfather Companion.

The old man answered this companion you are by my side, where it always has been; When I was much bigger than me, adult when he was a boy and came home to eat at my height, and now in the autumn of my much smaller than life. It depends on who I was at that precise moment, and depends on the time of day in which observed it; so she, my shadow showed himself. When we are children we see others as equals at noon. When we are adults we see others as superiors at dawn, because we feel superior, wish to occupy or projecting his place. When we are older we see others as inferior to DUSK, since we do not expect to take their place and what plan we in the twilight of life.