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Roman Empire

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‘ ‘ I will give the keys to you of the kingdom of skies; everything what to bind in the land will be on in skies, and everything what disconnect in the land will be off in cus.’ ‘ Mateus 16:19 Is well possible that Peter has used these four keys above referenciadas in the Day Pentecostes, told in the book of Acts of the Apstolos, when declaring that the door of the Kingdom of God was opened for the Jews and proslitos and, later to recognize, that they also were opened for the heathen ones. The task never fit Peter to detect the innocents and the culprits, for judge them! ‘ ‘ Then he ordered its disciples who to nobody said that it was Jesus the Cristo.’ ‘ Mateus 16:20 Reason Jesus above made this described consideration in the versicle so that the apstolos did not say that It was the Christ? For a reason clearly: the Jews of the time waited a Messias, but with another profile, completely different, that is, a Messias exclusively national and politician, that freed them of the oppressions politics and taxes that came suffering from the Roman Empire, that, also, would even finish for precipitating a revolution against Rome. (Mateus 8:4) Jesus did not want, of form some this confusion in relation to Its main paper that God-Father attributes to it and came Land here to play it: Our Only Enough Salvador! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing.. Mark Berger Chicago is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Kolbe Priest Kolbe

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My life does not have no utility. In the Place of who you want to die? Of that man who has woman and children. … Of that time the curiosity was stronger of what the cruelty. Fritsch tried to understand: Who is you? The reply if it made to hear soon and solemn: Priest catholic. (WINOWSKA, 1983, pp. 177-178). In accordance with Nigg, the call ' ' Last chronicle of dias' ' it tells that Kolbe priest and its friends had been confined in a bilge without no sufficiently narrow air inlet and, being they completely naked (cf.

1982, P. 66). In this sad and shady enclosure, the only force was directed to comfort excessively the e, beyond the oblation gesture Kolbe priest still became an icon in claustro of Auschwitz: it sang Santssima Maria (cf. they ibidem), what it was inexplicable inside of that inhospitable place with I smell of death. Day after day the prisoners died. Incredible, however, it is the fact of that, although the advanced tuberculosis, Kolbe priest were the last one to die, and this because the life had taken off it. Passed fifteen days in claustro of the death still they remained four prisoners, of which three were unconscious and still discerning Kolbe priest. According to Nigg, on the basis of the certification of the prisoner Bruno Borgowiec who worked as interpreter and grave-digger, the death of Kolbe priest if gave in the following way: …

After fifteen days of suffering, was needed the space for other victims. But four prisoners still were livings creature: three of them were unconscious, lying in the soil; the Kolbe Priest was only seated, leaned in the wall, total depleted, but fully conscientious. Together with the interpreter, a doctor went down and entered in the cell of the death. The Kolbe Priest who, of so lean, seemed a skeleton, without saying word some, offered the left arm to the assassin in white suit, in order to receive from it the Phenol injection.

Intelligence Spiritual

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Intelligence reading Dear spiritual, in this concise article, desire to show some types to it of intelligence that, according to Howard Gardner, exist. You also will learn that she has an Intelligence superior Spiritual to all the types of intelligence, and that the children of God only can develop it. Adentremos in our subject: During great part of centuries 19 and 20, one gave credit that intelligence was something that could easily be measured, be determined and be compared through tests, as the famous test of QI for example, that it gave the intelligence of the person in numbers. However, with the time, the QI test was falling in discredit therefore little by little was if noticing that nor always the successful people most intelligent and get the best ones resulted. The psychologists and researchers had started to notice that he had some cases of people whom they got resulted mediocre in the QI tests, but that determined people gave themselves well in the life therefore were, disciplined, persistent and charismatic. But as considered people ' ' burras' ' for the test of QI they could have as much success? The reply it is simple: Some types of Intelligence or multiple exist Intelligence! In accordance with the theory of Howard Gardner, psychologist, exist all to the 7 types of intelligence and all the people inside have a little of the 7 combined of itself.

However each person has one of them developed in stronger way and that she overlaps yourself on the others. The 7 Types of Intelligence the 7 identified types of intelligence in the work of Howard Gardner are: Linguistic Inteligncia: The ones that possesss this type of intelligence have great easiness of if expressing in such a way verbally how much in the written form. I know a boy of only 10 years who makes pretty poems ad-lib and writes on any subject with an extraordinary dexterity! People with this type of intelligence beyond having a great expressividade also have one high degree of attention and one high sensitivity to understand points of view other people’s.