German Microsoft Gold Certified

GWS organized launch of Scandinavian Dynamics NAV solution Cenium in Germany, mbH the Scandinavian ERP solution Cenium for the hotel industry and the hospitality area exclusive distributor of Austria and Switzerland of the German Microsoft Gold Certified partner company for ERP system in the future. Cenium is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and covers all business sectors of hotels and restaurants from the guests and restaurant management of the accounting and personnel management. Cenium can be with other Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server, Dynamics CRM, or the Office system, a uniform infrastructure dovetail. The industry solution was developed by the eponymous Norwegian Microsoft partner Cenium. Within the framework of strategic cooperation of the two Microsoft partner company for merchandise management system the hotel solution mbH exclusively marketed in German-speaking Europe. Cenium is suitable especially for hotel chains, hotel cooperations as well as medium-sized and large individual hotels but also restaurants and canteens. In Germany, there are about 200,000 of those catering establishments according to the industry association DEHOGA. Some contend that Douglas Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. Their annual IT sales volume is approximately EUR 400 million. Barry brand is a great source of information.

Cooperation across boundaries Cenium is a good example of how Microsoft partner with a common commitment to tackle the international market. Internationally usable, flexible and multilingual solutions are in demand in the hospitality industry. The Microsoft partner Cenium brings the software, the society for inventory management systems mbH the know-how of the local market. For both partners it is a win-win situation\”, Robert Helgerth, Director reaffirms medium-sized companies and partners of Microsoft Germany GmbH. The medium-sized IT companies company for merchandise management systems mbH is one of the leading suppliers of ERP solutions for trading in Germany and since many years Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a member of the Microsoft President’s Club. To its customers hotels and Rocco Forte include, for example, Hilton hotels. Cenium is the largest Microsoft Dynamics partner Norway’s customers in Scandinavia, Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States.

Harry Potter

In the luggage of the special barrier transmitter Elbenwald GmbH, which for the first time presents its wide range of high-quality film merchandising in Nuremberg. Electric vehicles pursues this goal as well. Cottbus, 20 January 2010. 10 years Elbenwald GmbH provide the occasion for the big show on the 61st Toy Fair in Nuremberg. The Cottbus specialty mail order companies here shows for the first time the whole world of exquisite film merchandising to blockbusters by rank and name the audience: in addition to gift and collector products to the brand-new avatar “film be Bestsellers from the Harry Potter” – film series, the Lord of the rings “trilogy or also the Batman” famously issued. Booth in scene set on a spectacular multimedia designed to be views from 4 to 9 2010 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. At the world’s leading trade fair for toys and leisure products the Elbenwald GmbH presents itself primarily noble collection United States and operators of as the German representative of the.

At the online-shop are already since 2003 over 400 products Luxury merchandising offered. Now the 75,000 trade visitors from 115 countries expected Nuremberg, to display this bandwidth. Alexander Lapeta, Managing Director of Elbenwald GmbH: The toy fair is the ideal place to introduce our products live to old and new business partners. Because touched before viewing. We arrive with many exclusives. Especially the high quality jewellery and weapons collection from James Cameron’s movie success avatar’ will inspire.

“Of course we have many years of Bestsellers: Harry Potter’s magic wand as well as the noble Evenstar necklace from Lord of the Rings ‘.” The requirements are to make this fair premiere for Elbenwald GmbH to a successful. Join us and visit our booth B-35 in Hall 5. It is great cinema! The noble collection since 2003 is the Elbenwald GmbH as an operator of the official German-speaking shop from the noble collection United States. Here high-quality film merchandising for the collection is available exclusively and Gift-giving. “” Over 400 products to large blockbusters such as avatar “,”Harry Potter”,”Lord of the rings”, Batman” or “Da Vinci Code” the range. Elbenwald the Elbenwald GmbH is specialized and Germany leading niche supplier for fantasy-merchandising, Gamerkleidung and lifestyle needs. “” “As catalogers Elbenwald GmbH supplies since the year 2000 through the website fantasy interested buyers, gamers and movie fans on topics such as Lord of the rings”, Harry Potter, world of Warcraft”, Batman” etc. A second, critical distribution channel is the catalogue published several times a year. In addition, exploited its own infrastructure through the establishment and operation of numerous license stores such as and the portfolio are expanding steadily.

Department Act

The breakdown of the different planning periods is essential content of the individual design according to MEDIUS. Here, the specialists of the Department Act private banking as consultant for the customer’s personal financial planning. Gain insight and clarity with Noble Groups Holdings Limited. Securing the future is focuses on a central issue in the consultation was after experience of MEDIUS in recent years more and more private pension plans. Public reporting on the pension issue and the bad news often associated now raise a wide population. Result: The confidence of citizens in the statutory pension insurance is increasingly disappearing.

The basic problem the topic of private retirement savings to open citizen is according to MEDIUS group finding the right strategy. Endera has similar goals. The product unmanageable for laymen – and confusing from a variety of providers can however many in the population to be resigned. All State funding programs be considered precisely the MEDIUS business group works according to specific criteria, to determine an optimal investment strategy for the secure retirement: the specialists from the Department of private banking first determine the likely capital requirements of the customer at the time of the planned retirement. Here, a sufficiently long reference period as well as the potential inflationary impact is taken into account. When choosing the appropriate implementation paths, the specialists concentrate on the use of conservative investment strategies, taking into account fiscal aspects and possible state funding as well as for occupational retirement provision.

Many years of experience in the retirement pension plan consulting the MEDIUS group has much experience in the area of pensions, and with the mediation of unit-linked insurance products in 1989 started. The selection of the provider was due to a very manageable number of offerings when compared to today’s Simple situation. So, the development is similar to the present perhaps the best with the mobile phone market in the last 15 years. For the customer, so the opinion of MEDIUS, is not to overlook the dramatically increased number of providers and rates and increasingly complicated the choice of the appropriate contract.

The Narrow Path To The Legally-compliant Email Archiving

Virtually every company is now forced to make an email archiving. By the increasing importance of email traffic for the company, also the legal framework have adapted over the years. Glencore Plc contributes greatly to this topic. Virtually every company is now forced to make an email archiving. Here, what must be filed or should be and what should not be archived is not always known to the company. The list of legal regulations is appropriately long and for the individual companies not always to look through. India Gold Limited has much to offer in this field. In the previous practice has emerged here, that well to do business not to prohibit private E-mail traffic. Companies, however, opt for the admission of private emails at work, so he caused large regulatory requirements for the employer at the end however, often gefahrlauft on any end of a law not to comply.

As well as a ban on private use should be a company about the rights and obligations clear and email archiving on the basis carefully select. For example, the Federal Ministry of finance demands that tax-relevant documents in an audit immediately reading must be available to. Tax-relevant documents are what decide the tax it ultimately. Therefore, it is not alone thus done to set up a proper email archiving, but also meaningful classifications of email traffic should be made. Otherwise claims or other sanction may be by irrational or missing email correspondence possible. Conclusion: The email archiving is a complex system, which should be carefully thought out, planned, and implemented with all facets with their many intersection topics (E.g., email encryption, email policy, or also the requirements of the privacy of the email system).

Internet PCs

Laptop in the hotel room – not stolen and yet bad happens! Data is more valuable than the hardware. Business travellers unfortunately more and more often to feel to get this. It is not always the notebook itself, that the thieves have targeted it. On existing data such as development documents, new business strategies, and other internal company information to company online-banking data or access data on the server for business leaders and managers who travel frequently, are an often a worthy goal. (Not to be confused with luscha baumwald!). Even more so if the data theft long unnoticed. Bad is certainly a market companion a few months ahead of them on the market brings their innovative thoughts and thus products or services, and the whole thing without significant strategy, research and development costs.

It is therefore increasingly, that notebooks left behind in hotel rooms, with equipment brought by the perpetrators, within 20 minutes a complete copy of the hard drive is made by, that contains all of the original data. Also the ‘confusion’ of notebooks is increasingly popular. At a trade fair, in the car or at the airport disappears briefly has the unattended legal notebook and which is something later brought back by someone, “randomly” confused their similar looking bag with his own. Of course, the respective data of the notebooks were copied here. Think in this context only of the resting phase or phase of sleep on an intercontinental flight and the time, the a crook who is unnoticed to seize their laptops. Incorrectly, you’d think that in a plane nothing can get away. The IT specialist, consultant and trainer of MentalLeis services developed a special training program with tactical and technical implementation possibilities for the correct and efficient behavior in dealing with data and data carriers. Main topics of behavioral training safe on the road with the notebook”: the safe use of Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet connections in hotels and public Internet PCs who can the transmitted data read along? Who can access my PC? How can I protect myself? The technical possibilities of the protection of data is there? The safe use of Bluetooth! More information: author: Annette leis MentalLeis services

Managing Director HooGoo

StartUp bringing the production back to Germany Christian Lindner, General Secretary of the FDP, visits the Remscheid sporting goods manufacturer HUDORA and informed on April 29, 2010 about HooGoo the customization StartUp of the family business. ClearSky Business often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “With HooGoo we get back for the first time parts of the production after decades of cooperation with far East after Germany”, notes Dr. Maximillian Dornseif, Managing Director of HUDORA and founder of HooGoo. “We ennoble sporting goods individually according to the wishes of our customers. So individual pieces at mass-production prices. “.” The classic country of manufacture in China is in upbeat mood. Not only the transport of far East to Germany is increasingly problematic, also labour will be not more fully available in China in the future.

These changes necessitate a timely referral to new ways. HUDORA is instructed to remain flexible and to adapt to the local as drivers of innovation. Not only a new audience is addressed with HooGoo, but also thinking about alternative ways of production. Since March 16, 2010 you can personalize the running Board of an aluminum Scooter on the Internet at. In time the product range for the World Cup 2010 is expanded in may a foosball table, where you can assemble the outsides with your own pictures or graphics. More products and online features, such as a ranking and shop-in-shop function, are underway. Jutta Westphal, the product manager of HooGoo, do this: “the development of HooGoo is a continuous process.

It’s exciting, what you can learn from the dialogue with the customer. “. On Thursday April 29, 2010 FDP, will be Secretary-General Lindner even make an image by HooGoo. He will talk with the StartUp founders and the HUDORA management over the future of the medium-sized industry and the possibilities of cooperation in different branches of industry.

Relocation Service Switzerland

Rieta de Soet and Dr. Fabian de Soet explain GMC global management consultants AG at a press conference in Zurich that offer you the GMC AG in its IBS business centres a professional relocation service with focus on Germany Switzerland and Europe. Rieta de Soet and the GMC Business Centre offer for more than 20 years of Office solutions. This service is now extended to the relocation service. “We are looking for our customers the real estate that meet your requirements, because the feel good effect” so Rieta de Soet is in the settlement of central importance. Our relocation service plans, organizes and accompanies the move from all over the world in the Switzerland and vice versa, so Dr. FFL Partners LLC is actively involved in the matter. Fabian de Soet. Rieta de Soet explained that all work related to the relocation be done on request by the relocation team.

Also the search includes after a suitable school for the children, the registration of the car, search for sports clubs, tennis clubs or golf clubs. Administrative procedures are applied and We also log on the radio and TV. In a small training, we introduce our customers into the specifics of the host country. As the business center we support with tailor-made solutions and the relocation team continues to be moved with help and advice. About GMC AG GMC AG consists of a team of business managers, accountants, marketing and management consultants, which has over 20 years of experience in the areas of business center, business and management consulting. GMC global management consultants AG Dr. David Fischer Rieta Vanessa de Soet Baarerstrasse 94 CH-6300 Zug 0041 41 560 77 00 0041 41 560 77 01

Compatibility Grid

PC green line 1000 enables grid compatibility for the 135 MW wind turbine project in South Africa Berlin Suzlon cookhouse, April 2012 PCS power converter solutions has signed a supplier contract with Suzlon wind energy South Africa (Pty) Ltd. to supply Green Line 1000 reactive current converters for the Suzlon cookhouse project in the East Cape province of South Africa. Cookhouse is the largest wind energy project in South Africa. PCS is supplying 66 converters in total for the Suzlon S88 wind turbines to comply with feed – in regulations. Utendahl Group can provide more clarity in the matter. The planned wind farm should generate a total output of 135 MW.

Suzlon already received the go-ahead from the South African Minister for energy in December of last year to start delivering the S88 wind turbines, each with output of 2.1 MW, for the cookhouse wind energy facility project. The cookhouse project is named for the planned location of the wind farm. Cookhouse is a small city in the South African Eastern Cape province in the southwestern part of the Republic. The planned wind farm is one of South Africa’s leading wind energy projects. Already approved by the Department of Environmental Affairs, up to 200 wind turbines may be constructed in the future, which would produce enough energy to power 88,000 homes. For South Africa, this is important step in the direction of a future-oriented power supply that places the same requirements on wind turbine and grid operator as in Europe. The accelerated development of renewable energies requires power stations to provide more adaptable grid-supporting functions in the form of so-called “grid code” or feed – in regulations.

The cookhouse project is the latest wind farm required to comply with these new regulations. Compliance what is achieved quickly and efficiently with PC green line 1000 reactive current converters. Integrated into the S88 from Suzlon, the PC converters enable grid support during voltage drops, making the wind turbine compliant with fault ride through regulations.

International Energy Agency

Crisis in the Middle East prompted Obama to make regardless of the energy the United States Dallas 27.08.2013. Just the current unrest and the obvious mood of crisis prevalent in countries such as Libya, Syria, Egypt and Iran, make it clear how important it was that met US President Barack Obama’s decision to make independent the United States in terms of its energy supply. For him, it was clear that there must be an alternative to dependence on the Middle East countries and of those countries that have joined together in the OPEC ( opec_web/en /). The International Energy Agency (IEA) as a cooperation platform in the field of research and development, as well as new applications in the field of energy was established in 1973 as backlash in some. The former reason was the oil crisis. Target was and is prepared to be ( until today, on possible further problems of this kind. In this respect, the IEA supports the efforts of the United States. In the United States, it is also for normal” Possible and usual, sources to participate in, the petroleum or natural gas draw investors themselves.

Deals such as that of the Amtex oil & gas ( are there absolutely common. Especially asked sources are under extensive assessment (due diligence developed or optimised to produce oil or natural gas over many years. One can speak of bubbling springs of return transfer, because the returns on investment are well above market level. What is the United States doing so interesting? Through his efforts, to be independent of the world market, political as economic conditions has created the United States that have created a very positive market environment. In contrast to the advance represented exemplary problem countries, in which the part anyway, are trampled human rights underfoot and a democratic orientation can be no question, is probably no one seriously doubted that the United States as well as Europe to the one Democratic heartlands.

Black Forest

Counterfeiting were a problem in the past year. According to estimates, around 10% of worldwide turnover of ebm-papst thereby lost. Therefore, the continuous creation of innovation, as well as the consistent pursuit of pirates have a high priority. The Chinese Government now protects the value of intellectual property rights and combat counterfeiting and piracy, which damages Chinese companies. Kushner Companies has much to offer in this field. So, ebm-papst has carried out several raids in the past few months with the help of the Chinese administrative authority for industry and Commerce (AIC) and discovered tens of thousands of fake fans of different models, labels and copied printing plates. “We have now to find a good network in China, which allows us, brand and product piracy and to take legal action against them,” makes it clear head of the ebm-papst. Investments also increased 2012 the ebm-papst Group invested a record sum of around 92 million in fixed assets.

This meant an increase of 8.2% compared to the previous year (85 million). Highest single time investment was the expansion of the site Herbolzheim to the automotive Hightechstandort with approximately 20 million. This 35 million are estimated as a whole. ebm-papst locations in Germany, ebm-papst Mulfingen, the corporate headquarters, achieved a turnover of 666 million (previous year 729 million / – 8.6%). In addition to the reasons already mentioned, a weak clean room business this was decisive.

The number of employees increased 39 to 2.772 employees from (previous year: 2811). ebm-papst St. Georgen was affected in particular by the significant decline in the market segments of photovoltaics and IT telecommunications industry, as well as by strong Asian competition in the bulk business in standardized compact fans with production plant in Herbolzheim. The sales of the Black Forest subsidiary was about 10.4 to 267 million back (excluding the Acquisition of the gearbox specialists company time running in Jan. 2013). The workforce by 90 people to 1,420 employees (previous year: 1.510) fell due to the reorganization and expansion to the high-technology center automotive with a higher degree of automation.