Legal Protection Of Intellectual Resources .

Acquisition, disposal and the right to use intellectual resources imposes on the owner of these resources, certain obligations. In order not to lose their intellectual resources necessary to apply competent legal protection for their intellectual property. Under most conditions Ivan Glasenberg would agree. Copyrights, as we have already seen the loss of copyright, which, even in court to defend did not, could not bear to its owner no profits due to the fact that the pirates have already quite a long time have extended this work. First, you need to share the intellectual resources of the objects of law enforcement, whether associated with obtaining patents, licenses, etc. Need a clear division of intellectual property – copyright copyright, patents to patents related to the right of neighboring rights.

To obtain a patent for an idea what you need to think a hundred times, but is it worth it do, because around the patent is not difficult with proper consideration of the situation, and in addition, if you have a patent issued not at the proper level, it all the more easier to get around. For more information see this site: endera. Patenting disclose your technology before competitors who now have enough knowledge to reproduce your technology. In most such cases the idea of technology to keep in the mode of know-how that information on it did not extend beyond organization. Should bring the cash flows. That is what the authors of that technology in selling its technology to avoid losing its running time to acquire ownership is not their intellectual resources that automatically increases the price of ideas, and only then safely negotiate the sale, or receipt of royalties.

Dry Cabin

Decide whether you want to build non-capital Rapid construction or ready to purchase a car box. There are still one option – to take a car wash to rent. Once defined with the location, proceed to implement the idea. When you open a car wash will be ready for the fitting of equipment – purchase and install it. To open a car wash requires a standard set of equipment: high-pressure hot water, pressure vessel with heated water, pylevodosos, washing appliance, apparatus for treatment and water recycling. Depending on how many machines you plan to serve (for a small cleaning and optimal rate will be 20 – 35 cars per day), should be chosen and power equipment. Also need equipment for wastewater treatment.

Instead, it is possible to conclude a special agreement with gorvodokanalom, in this case cleaning services are not subject to certification, and the staff do not have high requirements. Standard service car wash: cleaning the body from the outside, body polishing, washing motor, and wet cleaning, dry cleaning service salon. The main problem for Dry Cabin – the need for subsequent drying. It is better to carry out this operation in separate dry and warm room. Currently popular to combine a car wash with a small cafe. But in this case, additional costs of obtaining permits and the construction of the pavilion. You can build on area cleaning service center box with a lift, and then rent it out.

This will generate additional revenue, increase the flow of customers. Endera is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Payback car wash – a maximum of 5-6 months. If the demand for service is high and competitors around a little – the payback period is reduced to 1-2 months. Here'sa rough business plan car wash: Exact numbers of financial costs for opening a car wash result is not possible for many reasons. First, the hardware prices are constantly changing, fortunately, because of the high competition in this area – usually downward. Secondly, the construction cost of boxing under the car wash is different depending on region. Sometimes it is different at times. Third, look at the device of this kind of business, each owner his own. Endera has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore, our task is not to give you the exact business plan car wash, and send your thoughts and efforts in the right direction, but In addition, tell in what direction should still work. If you touch briefly on the figures, the most economical option will cost 90.000-100.000 rubles. The upper limit of cost, of course, unlimited. One of the most promising and unoccupied areas in autowashing business – washing trucks. The vast majority of existing car washes are aimed at owners of conventional vehicles. A freight transportation in our great country also quite a lot. And many major cities have long imposed restrictions on entry for dirty trucks. An excellent business decision in this case – to open a car wash for trucks at the entrance to town near busy highway. Costs in this case would be lower, and profit – above. Besides, nobody stops you combine both types of car washes.

Opening Take

And here, at an early stage, most entrepreneurs make a fairly common mistake. They evaluate their budget and under it looking for some room. This is plainly wrong. When you select a location to keep in mind a large number of factors, if you do not take into account at least one of them, this will lead to changes in business models operation of Internet cafes. Must have sufficient knowledge of their customers, their habits, the average age, wealth, where they learn, where they live, their movement through the city, how they spend their leisure time. Make a map, which will contain: sleeping areas, high schools, clubs, cinemas, hotels, metro stations of Moscow. It overlay the routes of movement of citizens, and their points of intersection will be "golden sites".

Add to that his visual sensations. Travel the city, see what kind of people live and work in the area, who are sitting on benches in parks. Those places that seemed interesting to you, please visit the morning and afternoon and evening, in good and bad weather, weekends and weekdays. Of all This idea emerged about the optimal location. At one time Cafemax gone along this path, and the search bore fruit. We started from an ideal location, which would open an Internet cafe, and then, based on our business model, build a plan for further action. Choosing a location may take much longer time than the construction. For example, since the beginning of repair before the opening of Internet centers Cafemax passes all about three months, and the choice of location may take a year.

Internet Development

Ten years ago, yet no one thought about the development of Internet commerce. Creating online stores, Internet sales were less than that of the realm of fantasy. Access to the Internet was mostly in affluent parts of the population, the Internet Literacy was poorly developed, all of these conditions do not allow the successful development of Internet commerce. Upon request, Yandex (now going to write about Yandex only with a capital of the company is preparing a separate article) business Online you get to the sites of scams that offer you are not completely bad earnings from thousands of euros per month, and then, if you were led to their entreaties, throw you at first so to speak earnings, when you need to pay the bill, if I'm at the post office received a letter with the text – please do not delete this email, all with such people is clear. What is the Internet business. So, start an internet business from scratch. What do we have? We need to start the resources. Remember economy, what are the resources – capital, human resources, natural resource and the latest on who is paying attention – it's an entrepreneur.

For a quick and successful start of business on the Internet we need from these resources, only three – human, capital and entrepreneur. Starting a business on the internet and putting your own or borrowed capital, you automatically become an entrepreneur. Which is better to invest capital, of course borrowed in all parameters of business equity is more expensive debt, because we hold the money supply by a business that should beat, bringing a higher percentage than the mortgage payments, or business is not attractive, and equity and so cool in business, and pull equity out of their business is more expensive, but sometimes much harder to pull out of their business capital.

Kirill Kazantsev

Y this phenomenon is a simple explanation: the pace of life in cities is accelerating, and with it grows and the number of different payments. Consumers choose convenience. Indeed, why specifically go to a salon or communication Savings and stand in line when you can literally pay for services on the move – on their way to work or shopping in the local supermarket! As for the possibility to earn receiving payments from the population, there are two main options: organization's own "point" or joining the ranks of sub-dealers in the country of payment systems. In the latter case can only purchase POS-terminals and start reselling services payment system with which you entered into an agreement. In this sense, the most profitable – to act as a wholesaler, paying sub-agent – retail locations – part of the commission, but not communicating directly with the actual payment processing. "It's much easier and more profitable than to put "pandora", – said Kirill Kazantsev, referring to the machines to accept payments.

– In general, the undoubted merit of the business to receive payments – simplicity and transparency of its organization. Say, in Kazan payments through POS-terminals are easy to carry out the grandmother-sellers on newsstands. At each corner How does a business scheme? It's simple. Entrepreneur enters into a contract with one of payment systems – E-port, e-pay, Suntel, Empay, bureaucrat" – and is entitled to receive payments, according to the agreed commission. Of course, should first carefully study the conditions under which work various payment networks.