Wendland 2013

After the Super food cruise in the Himalayas as food manufacturers offering with focus on sauces the Wendland spice & food concept convenience GmbH for the year 2014 a wide range on action weeks for community restaurateurs on again. Get started at the beginning of the year the actions of beach body Superfood with cross and across the Mediterranean. Caterpillar can aid you in your search for knowledge. Based on our experience from last year we will offer parallel in 2014 in principle several very different actions”, explains managing director Monty Ortmuhl. Therefore, we take into account the extremely diverse in the community dining audience profiles. “For body – and nutrition-conscious will of action Beach body with Superfood” Californian inspired fusion cuisine in the first quarter delivered. Basic idea is that certain foods provide more than saturation and taste.

A high and balanced content of minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants is about. The courts are colorful and exciting: oven cooked salmon with Salsagemuse, are ricotta spinach gnocchi with spelt pasta or Turkey strips in Teriyakimarinade on lenses vegetables this week on the menu. The supplied colorful decoration ranging from a deck chair to the umbrella and remains with the customer so that he can use the article again and new combine. “At the same time has the cross action in the first quarter and across the Mediterranean” season. It is a culinary cruise to five selected islands of the Mediterranean. Sunny maritime influences bring light and endorphins in the dark season and on the dining plan.

A roast suckling pig with ricotta-turmeric sauce from Sardinia, a chicken breast under the Falafelhaube of Djerba or Mediterranean beef meatballs from Malta are actors in this week. There is a balanced Dekomischung and others with flags of the countries visited, Captain’s hat and maritime-inspired tables. Also an Asian promotion will be available the first half of the year over. Dishes from the roof are so close with the sky” presented to the world, the Himalayas. A creamy chicken Kashmiri, a Himalayan fish curry or a Tibetan soy pan with spicy yogurt reveal the gustatory horizons of this unique region. Serenity set the tone in this exotic week. And because you eat here particularly sharply, the Dekopaket is accompanied by Wendland fierce articles, the Togarashi spice, to the own readjustment for the guests. For more information about the new actions are there from the effect on companies: Wendland is manufacturer and developer of products and concepts of the food industry. Company focuses on the range of sauces, where in addition to the basic products, an important role especially challenging and exotic compositions. As a factory with about 70 employees Wendland is acts but also as Director of individual products according to the specific requirements of the customer partner for all facets of public catering establishments on the one hand. This concerns also the conscientious accompanied by the first formulation up to the finished product of the customer such as the fulfilment and compliance with defined certification and environmental criteria.