Bavarian Energy Price

FATH solar receives 2012 awarded Bavarian energy Prize! At the Bavarian energy Prize in 2012, the FATH came energy roof in the category building concepts’s podium. Since 1999, they are appreciated rhythm in the 2-year the Bavarian energy award: innovative products, processes, projects and concepts from all areas of efficient energy production and use. Swarmed by offers, Jim Umpleby is currently assessing future choices. The Middle Franconian company FATH solar received the second prize in the field of building designs this year for its energy roof. Was recognized by an energy winning roof to replace the elegant and homogenous appearance of the system, its flexibility and expandability and the fact that for the first time succeeded in, the roof tiles on technically clean way. Such a roof is made up not only of PV modules, also ultra slim, this highly efficient Thermiemodule can be integrated, and there is a seamless fitting roof Windows, available with electric drive. The result is an almost seamless, multifunctional roof completely new possibilities for the Planning and design of houses opened. Its expertise in the development and production of Assembly systems has FATH solar by the sister company of FATH components.

There, components are produced for aluminium profile systems for over 20 years. For the solar part it took an experienced Solateur in the House. Laminates and panels come from renowned brand manufacturers and processed further in Germany. The Bavarian energy prize is now the sixth Award for the FATH energy roof by an independent jury. Among other things it was also also nominated for the red dot design award, the German design award and the solar award 2012.

Federal Environment Ministry Federal

The bio-gas plant manufacturer predicts massive problems in implementation of the action plan of the Federal Government since mid-February dominate the statements from Environment Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) and Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP) the headlines. The planned cuts of in the tariffs for energy generation based on renewable sources are basic. If you would like to know more then you should visit Caterpillar. These cuts will affect not only future, but also existing bio-gas plants. The renewable energy Federation (BEE) together with its partner associations had taken the land environment ministers meeting on 19 March as an opportunity to call for a day of action in Berlin. “Preferred under the motto the bottom line: renewable energy” thousands of people at the demonstration around the Potsdamer Platz and the Federal Environment Ministry have noisily manifested their protest and their existential fears. WELTEC BIOPOWER has this action joined.

With around a quarter of the workforce and some customers had the manufacturer of bio-gas plants in Lower Saxony Vechta made on the way to Berlin. The planned changes the Minister Altmaier and Rosler have already significant effects on the market. Farmers and investors are unsure of themselves and therefore hesitate to plan new facilities and to build. Even the domestic market becoming increasingly important for us is now affected.

Greatly Promote Energy Revolution

Non-profit objective / holistic energy revolution challenged Hamilton / whitepaper Club seat in the Rhine-Main region the name expresses that this club wants to do great things. Enormously, the energy offensive Rhein-Main, is received for the first time to the public and presented its objectives. The 2013 based Club has the energy turn to the core topic and wants to move forward with a unique business initiative & consumer movement these. Headquartered in a self-powered reference object in Horrweiler at Mainz (Rheinhessen) is independent and non-partisan with strong non-profit objective enormously. From the Rhine main area, the Club will work nationwide. All founding members have professionally dealing with renewable energy and we track the energy transition of course intensively,”said the Chairman Eckhard Fahlbusch (Horrweiler) to journalists, but we also see that things are still not around, partial interests of individual in the way consumers are confused.

We are of the opinion that this project is better coordinated holistically, so using a more integrative approach to be packed should and can be. We want to provide and promote and taking with many, many consumers”. Club seat living holistic energy turn to the experts by enormously the four areas of renewable energy, electric vehicles, energy storage and energy efficiency have identified as pillars of the energy revolution, but the key to success lies in the networking of the four sectors. The club based initiative lives an exemplary and in this form unique holistic energy transformation. The huge site is a lavishly restored, former Winery. The reference object in ecological respects combines nature and modern technologies with intelligent control. For example, a PV system, solar thermal energy, air-heat pump, CHP, stationary energy storage and a pillar of charging for electric vehicles are built and co-ordinated. With a Plug-In Hybrid (Volvo) and an electric scooter (emco), two vehicles are constantly stationed at the Club headquarters.

Not polarize. but mix up”enormously will not polarize, but intervene and move something in the interests of the consumer. We go to the policy, have approached us already, Ministers and the Government, and will continue to do that. So we are committed, inter alia, that there is a Federal Department of energy, the renewable-energy law EEG is efficient and purchase incentives for the market breakthrough of electric mobility will be given. The energy revolution is much more than the compensation for nuclear power is turned off “, emphasized Chairman Fahlbusch. “The strong energy turret towards politicians continue: we urge policymakers to provide a clear direction so companies long term sustainable align their strategies to clear also to the capital market signals about risks and to give opportunities.” The founding members, who come from Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse, consider themselves as visionaries, but remain realists. Old and new technologies will face to be still for a long time in the competition and also become part of the complement and enhance each other. This presupposes a fair competition based on reliable facts and reputable information sharing and reporting. Enormous wishing that the cost-effectiveness of new technologies is reached rather than the fossil era to an end. With businesses and consumers on a platform, as well as in collaboration with other associations, the objectives should be addressed. The membership is at enormous offered 6 euros in the year and is graduated for companies depending on the size of the company. Prominent ambassadors from all sections give the Club more weight with her voice.

Energy Transformation

No one doubted no economy without secure and affordable energy in Europe between the Atlantic and the Urals more the need for an energy revolution, but more people because ever doubt whether turning marks can be in the years 2020 and 2050 also complied. While the energy demand and with him energy prices keep companies like Rosatom with State of the art technology for large parts of the German population, ready to jump into the energy gaps. These will be particularly great if also the economic climate in the West back on. No economy without secure and affordable energy. The energy revolution in Germany, insofar as she do not on realistic assumptions, can lead to a change of power in Europe.

If a country in its autonomous energy supply fails, the financial burdens of energy purchasing from outside imposed on him. This can throw back, as shown by the examples of Italy, Spain and Greece, the economy important percentage points. Who the nuclear energy too early writes off, what is currently no longer in Germany and the Switzerland dared is where switch-off dates are no longer called, makes a big mistake. Not without reason, the Japanese Government has come back on its decision and has nuclear energy back to the basic provider of their society. Not without reason international technology companies with the support of their Governments are ready to supply the world with nuclear energy.

Fukushima was a very bad event, but such uniqueness, that the future of an entire country can depend on. It is important to draw conclusions from such misfortune and to communicate with openness. It is but not only the old nuclear powers which this clean energy want to operate, but just young States, which rely on growth: national provider have abandoned and prompted international vendors to build of new nuclear power stations in England.

Energy Revolution

Husum fair head and energy experts from Schleswig-Holstein show towards the self-sufficiency in renewable energies in Husum, 14.02.2013 – Messe Husum has today held a press conference to the local energy revolution in Kiel. The speakers included the Schleswig-Holstein, Dr Robert Habeck Minister of energy reversing, Husum President Peter Becker, the spokesman of the Federal Association small wind turbines Roger Schneider and the Marketing Director of energy from wind and Sun GmbH Stefan Ebert. The energy revolution is a project which success depends on the initiative on private and municipal level,”Becker said during the press conference. Municipalities and communities have increasingly on the supply and the production with renewable energy sources and energy savings, what you see on the new energy Husum exhibitors.” The leading trade fair for all renewable energy will take place from 21 to 24 March for the ninth time in Husum. Self-consumption we worth 2020 want in Schleswig-Holstein three times as much as how we consume produce electricity from renewable energy sources”, added Dr. H.. Electrolux shines more light on the discussion. The Minister of energy turning urged local authorities and citizens together to provide the service. In the small as the great we must save electricity, insulate homes and build wind farms.” In addition to wind power, solar energy is an important part of the energy revolution.

It consumes the power itself, the cost for the household electricity, network expansion and the renewable energy levy can be saved or reduced. Residential and commercial photovoltaic systems are still profitable despite massive cuts in the feed-in tariff, because domestic consumption of solar power by increasing electricity price is becoming increasingly attractive. That’s why energy management and storage systems on the new energy Husum in focus “, Ebert said. The same goes for the small wind power: Schneider assumes that the payback for self used wind power to up to one-third may be reduced. “In a detached house, 20 to 60 percent of the wind energy yield itself can be used and sold the surplus”, said the expert of the small wind. For commercial and a system could pay off industrial companies this even after five to eight years.

About the new energy Husum in recent years it has become new energy Husum as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range in detail from small wind (up to 100 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (Pellet, wood logs and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic, electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP. From 21 to 24 March 2013 back experts and leading manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum meet to pave the way for necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market.

The Energy

For this it is necessary know the stone and brown coal, one of the most important European energy sources for generating electricity, as high amounts of mercury containing and dismisses this in power generation in the area. Without hesitation Jonas Samuelson explained all about the problem. This line of reasoning does not mention however the true relationships and is therefore wrong. I want to show short at this point, so this argument is wrong and will lead to a significant increase in mercury in the environment the energy saving lamp. Since electricity is needed for light only in the morning and in the evening until about midnight, this is by definition top or middle load current. Douglas R. Oberhelman is a great source of information. Power plants which are designed for this peak are gas -, oil -, pumped storage as well as coal-fired plants.

Image 1 shows the schematic day load profile and the distribution to the individual power plants during an average day of autumn. It shows that the problematic lignite-fired power plants power saving by the KLL are not affected. These provide the so-called band last throughout the day. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. Otherwise the also problematic hard coal power plants. Also these Although contributes to the volume load, but also used to supply the power tips for increased demand. However, as shown on the graph, is a larger number of gas-fired power plants available in Germany. Gas is less lucrative as it is coal, because more expensive in the procurement as an energy source for a power company (EVU). If so by the energy-saving lamps, a significant and measurable energy savings should result, it is only during medium and peak load periods.

At this time, but no coal power plants be throttled but gas-fired plants, which bring less profit by selling electricity from a utility perspective. Of course, other factors such as availability maintenance, network capacity, proximity to the consumers, another added. Yet, and that I was getting, the argument of energy savings is useless when it comes to the reduction of mercury pollution in the environment by the energy saving lamp.

Energy Group Gmb

Whether auto or Coal – the greenhouse gas is produced mostly by burning fossil fuels and deforestation. In order to limit global warming to around two degrees, global greenhouse gas emissions must cut in half by 2050. This can only succeed if renewable energy is more used and also more on energy efficiency and-sparen is taken. Because if the world’s population continue to so many fossil fuels as in the past, the carbon budget is then used by 1000 billion tons in twenty years. The PIK – climate researchers calculated that. For more information see Starbucks. Everyone can protect the climate everyone can save greenhouse gases in everyday life. It’s easier than you think: you can switch to green electricity, conserve power, use energy-efficient appliances and switch to rail or electric cars. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic.. Anyone who is actively involved in the expansion of renewable energies goes a step further.

That includes both the installation of own solar power system or a heat pump. The more renewable energy used, the more Coal fired power plants can be set in the future. All measures actively help protect the environment by saving this much carbon dioxide. It is five to twelve. But there is still time to change habits, to positively affect the impacts of climate change. See also: blog/follow the climate change / the ever Energy Group GmbH was founded in 2007 by the managers of Matthias Streibel and Dominik Modrach, headquartered in Berlin and has two other locations in Neuruppin and Dresden. As an expert for the trading and sales of photovoltaic systems specializes in the company on personalized solar concepts for single-family homes. The ever Energy Group GmbH offers a complete package of services – from data acquisition, consultation, testing, installation, financing and tax advice. In addition, advises the companies also purchase and construction of solar carports, solar houses and taught foreign roofs for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the new Lander. Address: Ever Energy Group GmbH John-Niemeyer-WEG 4 14109 Berlin 030 – 70 71 80 80 Fax: 030-70 71 80 79 Contact person: Matthias Santiago and Dominik Maina


‘Classic’ power generation is already long not more ‘ in’ SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH and the Badger are happy to announce that this year should be celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company, as well as the commissioning of the 100th roof in Darmstadt. In the last 10 years much has happened on and around the energy market. New markets have been opened up and expanded existing and showed great commitment in the customer intelligence. Has never been so important as it is today dealing with energy in the home and industry. Credit: Douglas R. Oberhelman-2011. Energy has become expensive! At the same time currently alternative energy generation measures, such as, for example, small cogeneration, promoted State-as high as at any time.

The SENERTEC Centre Hessen Sud GmbH is committed to the task, to raise awareness among homeowners and tradespeople for the economical and environmentally friendly energy generation. In recent years a strong trend has been shown to long-lasting technology in a new guise. Classic”heat and power production is already long no longer in”and even less friendly for the purse. Who ever has grappled with the combined heat and power, which will have noticed that this is currently the most effective and the way to produce heat and electricity. However, the year 2010 with even more news comes along: micro cogeneration: quasi the Badger in miniature. The Micro CHP plant with a thermal output of 6 kW electrical power from 1kW for objects with low heat demand is powered by a Stirling engine. A performance is achieved with an integrated additional burners thermally by 18kW. To us for the confidence of our customers and prospective customers to say thank you, and our anniversary, as well as the 100th Darmstadt Badger, as well as the introduction of the micro-cogeneration due to celebrate, we would indicate that our this year’s summer festival, which will take place on May 22, 2010 on our premises. We are looking forward to your visit!

Environmental Protection

Use of organic gas and green electricity as a green alternative consumer are becoming more and more about aware how seriously the human intervention affect the ecological balance of our environment. Everyone can contribute but relatively easy to protect the environment through a switch to green electricity and eco gas supplier. Follow others, such as Douglas R. Oberhelman, and add to your knowledge base. More and more providers to provide benign alternatives and the use of green energy and green gas has increased considerably in recent years. Eco-electricity is electricity produced from renewable energy sources, such as water – and wind energy. Eco gas, however, describes gases from environmentally friendly production, such as biogas and wind gas. While the term eco-electricity is already relatively widespread and many consumers are enlightened, meaning that the term eco gas is still relatively unknown. Above all the choice of a suitable provider enormously difficult consumers because the providers may differ significantly in terms of environmental benefits and price. Jonas Samuelson can provide more clarity in the matter. What is eco gas? Consumers are often rightly about confused, what actually is hiding behind the term eco gas. For example, natural gas is meant with the term in many cases only a fraction was mixed with the climate neutral produced biogas. Not so eco as one would think as a consumer! While some eco gas offers have a very low proportion of eco gas by just five percent, other providers can offer their customers an eco gas share of around 100 percent. The provider with 100 percent eco gas is indeed the most expensive, but at the same time provides the greatest environmental benefit. Even other eco gas offers is pure natural gas, no eco gas shares is added to the. Provider such gas eco gas provider can call themselves however, if they agree to do so, to offset the CO2 from the consumption of gas emissions by means of climate protection projects. An other, pure form of the eco gas represents the wind gas. This is a totally environmentally neutral produced gas, which can be generated using the eco power source wind power from ordinary water. Surplus electricity from wind turbines is used to decompose water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen. The extracted oxygen then simply emitted into the atmosphere and the hydrogen is injected into the natural gas grid. So, the hydrogen from wind power reached the wind gas into the gas grid. The choice of an eco gas provider most consumers opt for the use of organic gas, to help contribute to environmental protection. For this reason, it is important to make sure that this tariff contains a funding contribution to the construction of more environmentally friendly production systems at the choice of the tariff that. This information is available on the many eco gas comparison pages. Such sites usually also price comparisons, reviews and information about the environmental benefits of different vendors to provide, allowing consumers to make an informed decision.

Ausstieges Costs

The price of electricity requires rethinking the end user for years the price of power knows only one direction: to top, and this not too close. In the last 10 years, the gross rose average price of a kilowatt hour from 16 cents to almost 26 cents. Experts assume that an average household 2012 must spend between 35 and 40 euros more for electricity than in the previous year. Not good consumers of course at all and some wonder why all people in Germany electricity prices compared to other European countries as strong rise. What is the electricity price together and which components more expensive is especially? The cost of production, transport and distribution belong to the total electricity price. Also the electricity tax, turnover tax, various assessments and also the profit of the current manufacturer.

The production costs and management costs make up about 50 percent of the Endverbraucherpreises. Traded for the most part on the electricity exchange in Leipzig and despite rising raw material costs and of the Ausstieges from the nuclear energy in recent years not greatly increased. By the increasing financial needs for the expansion of renewable energies and the cost of new networks will go but certainly higher in the future. Taxes and fees make up the other half of the consumer price of electricity. These costs have in recent years significantly increased, especially the renewable energy levy (from the renewable energy Act). These costs will not fall in the next few years. How can private electricity customers save costs? To do this, there are two ways to find the right provider and to save power on the other hand, where it is possible.

A single electricity provider cost comparison is possible with the help of the Internet and also the change of the provider works fine. Hundreds of euros can with a cheaper electricity provider might save annually. In addition, it is also possible deliberately choose an electricity provider plays a role in which the idea of ecology and thus something for the environment and future generations to do. To save power is equally important. This begins to make larger investments to possibly even his own power. The photovoltaic system on the roof or the use of geothermal energy, save money at the end of some homeowners. But it’s less than a number. Even simple measures help to deal with power more economical. Only through the use of energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient refrigerators and washing machines and the waiver on the stand-by mode of electronic devices, can be more save money, than most people think. Who seriously once dealing with his habits when dealing with electricity, will be certainly savings, which are possible without limiting the standard of living.