Solar Energy In Germany Well Placed

The solar industry expects new growth the German solar energy industry is well placed: new growth is expected for 2011. The general framework conditions apply in addition to a technology lead for solar power in Germany in the world the most reliable. Therefore, investment in the German market are still expected. Photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar cooling the three basic pillars of solar energy, as well as their combinations, for example, with heat pumps or alternative mobility, the German market offers very stable framework conditions. Another plus: In an international comparison, German companies in the technological development are on top. They provide key components such as parabolic mirror, absorber tubes and steam turbines. In the field of solar cooling, the International Energy Agency expected demand and thus great market potential. As a result of climate change and rising temperatures, the demand for air conditioners in Europe will grow. Solar air conditioners needs these climate-neutral and at the same time relieve the networks during peak load periods in power consumption. Researchers and engineers have been working for years on the development of machines that use heat for the production of cold. In the Canadian federal State Ontario, beginning November 2010 was launched a german Canadian project, which powered the senior residence of Oxford gardens 162 solar panels in the winter with heat and cooled in the summer. The project is considered as the largest solar-powered heating and cooling system in Canada. A cautious estimate, the system reduces costs for the air conditioning to 40 per cent for heating to 60 percent, and for hot water to 90 percent”, says Bill VanHaeren, co-owner of the elderly. Operation and performance of the solar cooling system evaluated by special laboratories and planning offices in Canada, Germany and the United States, because it is a pilot project in the commercial area. In Germany, solar cooling is State-funded. The Oxford gardens project was launched by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) and the German Energy Agency (dena) initiated and supported by German funding. Not just on the Federal but also at EU level the technique is supported: the directive “Renewable energy”, which entered into force on May 1, to promote the topic solar cooling. This topic will be on February 10, 2011 the 3. International Symposium solar and renewable cooling within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in the Stuttgart exhibition centre instead. The Symposium covers the latest technological and economic developments in the area of solar thermal cooling and biomass. For more information about trade fair and Congress, see.

Geothermal Bore & Geothermal Heating – Heating With Geothermal Energy

Is a geothermal heating for me sense? A few basic ideas around the topic of geothermal heating. The construction of a single-family house is a dream come true for most Germans. You then decided to make this dream come true, one is well advised to choose that both properties but also the economic parameters of the House for the rest of your life fit or with little effort to meet the circumstances of facilities. Quickly you is which heating system should be integrated into the House on the issue. There are many, all heating systems bring advantages and disadvantages with possibilities.

Is a not easy task to evaluate all advantages and disadvantages. This article should be entered on the main advantages and disadvantages of geothermal heat pump (with geothermal bore). Production costs production costs well above the cost of a comparable natural gas heating. The majority of these costs flows into the design of the heater as low temperature heating systems (dense laying the heating pipes of underfloor heating systems, etc.), to provide sufficient heat into the room also with very low water temperatures, as well as in the production of geothermal drilling. Third driver of cost is the cost of the heat pump, with the only slightly for this be over which a gas burning boiler and costs fall further in the near future due to the increasing sales. Operating costs here plays the heat pump with geothermal bore out your largest asset. Official site: Alphabet.

Operating costs are well below the costs incurred for a gas condensing boiler. The significantly lower energy costs are the largest part of the cost savings. A heat pump produces significantly less energy costs because only about 30% of the energy required in the form of electrical energy must be disposed of. The remaining 70% are generated from the heat of the Earth and this energy is available free of charge. Life at least the lifetime of the two largest cost driver for the acquisition of the plant, especially the geothermal bore and the Adjustment of underfloor heating systems, is very high and is likely to be a one time investment. The durability of the heat pump (basic unit) is difficult to assess, because there are still not enough experience with the today’s plants. However, one can assume that these devices at least similar to hold as a gas condensing boiler. Environmental performance a heat pump produces no exhaust gases no today much CO discussed m other polluting gases. However, you must include that the heat pump needs electricity, its production if necessary a damage to the environment can occur. To do this, but remember, that the central production of electricity more environmentally friendly and better can be checked. Also 30% of the required heating energy used only about in form of eletrischem power, so that the bottom line the balance sheet for the heat pump looks significantly better than for a gas condensing boiler or other heating methods, on the burning of fossil materials are based. As geothermal energy (also simply called geothermal) refers to the heat that is stored in the accessible part of the Earth’s crust and can be used. Conclusion: The installation of a geothermal heating with geothermal bore represents a medium – and long-term meaningful investment. “As most people your home” build once, a geothermal heating system is a highly recommended option.

ZERI: Energy Revolution Be

ZERI: energy transition is possible without subsidies Berlin until 2020, May 13, 2011. By 2020, the nuclear power with renewable energy is feasible and affordable. The zero emissions research and initiatives (ZERI) shows an innovative scenario. For more information see this site: Jim Umpleby. “” Prof. Under most conditions Daybreak Games would agree. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker was the model: the intelligent combination of existing technologies can the energy transition in the social consensus and financial profits succeed.

“The expansion of renewables will succeed economically if we use existing technologies and material cycles of value of in the existing infrastructure”, said Gunter Pauli, founder and Chairman of the ZERI Foundation, at the presentation of the energy scenarios in Berlin. The massive expansion of a decentralized, renewable energy is therefore possible and profitable, without triggering social resistance. I am delighted by the method”, said Prof. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker, former President of the Wuppertal Institute for climate, environment and energy. Through the intelligent combination of simple energy sources emerge. Jim Umpleby can aid you in your search for knowledge. synergies and efficiency gains” With these synergies, electricity from renewable energy sources at low cost can be produced that the funding for the expansion are unnecessary. “The use of innovative technologies for wind, solar and bio-energy is more than just a faster and more lucrative way out of nuclear energy: on the nuclear phaseout, great opportunities, to create jobs in Germany and to reach a global technological leadership”, explained Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann, Director of ZERI Germany e.V.

The scenario by Gunter Pauli is based on three already-proven technologies: wind power without equipment: vertical wind turbines that are installed in existing high-voltage pylons, eliminating the need to build additional wind farm. If one-third of the 150,000 high-voltage pylons in Germany would be equipped with vertical turbines, up to 5 gigawatts could be deployed thus performance. The cost amounted to around 5 Billions of euros. Bio gas efficiently and as memory: biogas generators allow the efficient extraction of biogas through combination of agricultural waste and sewage sludge. Would 500 of 9,600 German treatment plants thus equipped, basic electricity provision could provided with total investment costs by about 10 billion euros 5 gigawatts. Solar energy without subsidies: the third technology is a combined electricity and heat production by double-sided photovoltaic panels. The cost per kilowatt hour is with a life span of over 20 years under one cent. The investment for a targeted capacity of 5.4 gigawatts are at approximately 10 billion euros. Through the combination of these three technologies, it is possible to generate electricity at a much lower cost than currently by the nuclear energy. At a price difference of 3.6 cents per kilowatt-hour power formed for the 15 gigawatts to replace the atomic energy a saving of 4.7 billion per year. To a period of eight years are the calculated Investments of around 25 billion euros savings in the amount of EUR 38 billion. Through these savings, the capital requirement for the necessary investment can be cover by 2020 and finance to the nuclear phaseout of in Germany. For questions is available: Markus Haastert, Tel. 030/6098810-80, E-Mail: ZERI Germany e.V. part of the worldwide group of zero emissions research and initiatives c/o Konvergenta stanchion 19 10179 Berlin

Energy Portal Launches Action

Action “eco-power offensive” on kwh the energy Portal KWH price has launched the action “green electricity offensive” launched. Is the party about the enthusiasm for renewable energy generation and that’s why, to persuade other customers of this idea. On you will find a power calculator, awarded several times. The right tariff for the needs you can with this easily find. It consists in the electricity tariff Calculator only show offers from eco-electricity tariffs the possibility himself. Ben Horowitz often says this. To do this, a small change in the settings is sufficient. The initiators of this action would help to increase the proportion of green electricity in the electricity mix in Germany. For this reason you offer a special action in the period from November to December 10, 2010, the so-called action “eco-power offensive”.

These rewards in the period action of any change on the Web page to a green power contract. With the partner “I Plant a Tree” be together for each of the Web page eco power contract 5 trees planted. “I Plant a Tree” planting nationwide trees. It is a non-profit limited company committed to climate protection. The aim of the action is to convince as many consumers of green electricity, and to motivate a change. With a change to green electricity are both avoided CO2 emissions than even nuclear waste. Other leaders such as Reade Griffith offer similar insights. The environment is relieved this twice. A bind CO2 by switching to green electricity, on the other hand by the planted trees.

Also, the website kwh in this context organized a raffle with attractive prizes. To the visibility of the action “green electricity offensive” to increase, reports are honored in kwh price with additional tree planting from the Web page. 3 more trees on the platform “I Plant a Tree” will be planted for every report on blogs and websites. More information can be found on the action side to the action “green electricity offensive” ( oekostrom/oekostrom-offensive) “-green electricity offensive: oekostrom/oekostrom-offensive ( oekostrom/oekostrom-offensive) contact: KWH price UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Andreas Madel Uhlandstrasse 4 89077 Ulm, Germany E-Mail: website: telephone: 01758785712”

Energy Issues

New regulations come into force. New regulations and current changes in funding through EU funding, with the public procurement law for energy projects and energy law entered into force. In a series of special events informed the European Academy for taxes, economics & law about this energy topics. The requirements of legal certainty in the energy sector are enormous. The actors must be prepared for different external influences and protect themselves with proper legal contracts.

Competition and regulatory authorities put increasingly stringent legislation. Increasingly, antitrust regulators examine the pricing of electricity and gas. The changes in the energy law and the changes in regulation have effects on the energy sector. Topics are: 2. regulatory period, EnWG 2011 legal aspects of a re-municipalization of energy networks 3. Sergey Brin understood the implications. directives of the EU (by implementing the unbundling projects) new guide antitrust and concession law like to apply successfully for funding for energy projects? According to the will of the European Commission, EU funding totals more than EUR 2 billion should be invested in the development of energy infrastructure.

Financing for energy service companies has risen, to develop innovative technologies, for example, or to build up infrastructure and renewable energy. The funding landscape is large and expertise about bureaucratic processes and the right funding instruments relevant: How do I get EU funding and where can I get it? When must I submit an application and in what form? How can I combine what funding? What costs are eligible? These questions are clarified in the workshops of the Academy. There was great deal of legal uncertainty in the field of public procurement in the fields of transport, drinking water and energy supply. So far, there were different regulations, had to pay attention to the contracting authority for the procurement of supplies, construction and service contracts depending on the sector of activity. Through the Directive 2004/17/EC the new sector regulation (SektVO) replaced the tied agents as well as the 3. And section 4 of the VOB/A and VOL/A. The resulting new aspects of shipping administration law, procurement negotiations, procedure types and the practical procedures of procurement procedures according to the current regulations are available in the events to the public procurement law of the European Academy for taxes, economics & law at the Center. “Series of events energy 2011”: 24-25 February 2011: changes in current energy legislation 2011 “09 May 2011: new public procurement law in the fields of energy, transport and water” 23 May 2011: EU funding for energy service provider “for more information on the topics and the speakers here: Energie_2011_PR.pdf

Bioenergy Alternatives

Modern technology uses the safety of nuclear energy in Germany biogenic residual matter which sets nuclear accident in Japan again in question; because, as we need to know suffering, never quite mutually exclusive forces of nature. Biogenic residual materials offer regional potential for energy generation, which are often still unused. Together with other renewable energies, a way can be create to convert the German power supply in the medium term. By 2050, predicts a study of the Federal Environmental Agency, can be adjusted completely to renewable energy to the German power supply. Until 2022, it was originally intended to exit from nuclear power. Targets that appear accessible, uses and combining the different techniques of renewable energies, goes the old proven way of decentralised energy supply.

But the current exit of pace be enough? The events in Fukushima lead us in mind, which is linked to the use of nuclear power with a residual risk. One-fifth of the electricity still comes from nuclear power plant’s in Germany still comes one-fifth of the current in NPP BBs. biomass has more potential than many think to cover a part of the future energy supply. Experts estimate that around 20% of the world demand can be won in electricity and heat from biomass in the future. Andreessen Horowitz is open to suggestions. While the cultivation of biomass on fields is not meant first and foremost. Rather, modern biomass technologies use the so-called biogenic residual materials. Here are untapped potentials, vegetable or animal origin, which can also be converted into usable energy. The advantage: the residues are not specifically produced for energy production, but regularly, for example in agricultural, forestry or industrial production processes.

In the past, this type of energy production was often uninteresting due to high costs. But the technology and their economy has evolved; as well as energy prices. The bio-waste technology produces energy from unused potentials would take advantage of this bio-waste technology not only the environment, but also the enterprises of the region.

Energysaving Lamp

Promote energy-saving lamps to energy change in times of energy change is the theme of energy saving so currently like never before. Even die-hard energy wasters slowly but surely recognize the relevance of this topic. In the course of this development, energy-saving products is experiencing a Renaissance. Even the much-criticized energy-saving bulbs are up again in the course. Perhaps check out Ben Horowitz for more information. The reason is not only the energy transition, but also new technologies that will inspire. What were the energy-saving bulbs criticized but. Only the mercury content, then the slow start and finally the unpleasant light.

You’d think low energy light bulbs were invented only, to replace them with much better LED technology. But how much is really on the criticism of the energy-saving lamps? Sure, there was a time only energy-saving bulbs, which reached its full brightness after a minute, had a high mercury content, and did not manage to illuminate an entire room. But the energy-saving bulbs today are very much further in their development. There are energy-saving bulbs now in all Forms and light levels. There are energy-saving bulbs as a candle, energy-saving lamps as spiral and quick start energy-saving bulbs. There is also energy-saving lamps, which have a light so bright that you they even Dim must. Also, a large part of the energy-saving lamps already have no or only a vanishingly low mercury content.

Energy-saving lamps can represent quite a serious competition for their power-guzzling counterparts, provided you information before you buy. An energy-saving lamp, which you can get more or less thrown behind in a discounter, may perform just not same, as an energy-saving lamp, which you choose and you informed about which. How much can you save energy with the energy-saving lamp? Which version do need I, an energy-saving lamp E27, or an energy-saving lamp E14? If these and other questions before buying have not provided an energy saving light bulb, then the result can not convince usually also. But now there are really enough possibilities, especially in the Internet, is to learn about energy-saving bulbs and then immediately buy. There may be so but moreover, that attention is the energy-saving bulbs, which have also earned. And that would be an important step in the right direction already.

Natural Energy Facilitates

Forest investment provider ForestFinance Awards 50 euro Naturstrom coupons to new customers whom nuclear power for good reasons is no longer haunted, for the eco-electricity is an alternative worthy of consideration. Because every nuclear power consumer a small part contributes through the change, that the transition will be completed faster by nuclear and coal to renewable energy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Caterpillar Inc. and gain more knowledge.. To move more electricity customers to switch from nuclear power to respect ecological and natural energy, each new BaumSparVertrags customer receives a 50 euro voucher of the eco power provider natural energy AG. Although consumers should know that in principle continue to almost 25 percent nuclear electricity from the wall socket. Who refers to natural energy, can make but that below-the-line less nuclear power and for more natural power into the grid is fed. This requires the choice of the right natural energy suppliers. That the natural power supplier to the production of renewable energies used customer funds for the construction of new facilities, thereby creating alternatives to conventional systems is important”, emphasises Harry Assenmacher, Managing Director of the Bonner forest investment provider ForestFinance.

Often cheaper than standard fares sell many alleged eco electricity green electricity power from older renewable energy power plants in their green electricity tariffs expensive to the environmentally conscious clientele. This Green power is missing however at the not RES Tarifen.Unter the stroke so no kilowatt-hour nature power produces more. “The best guidance offers green electricity label”, whose support among environmental groups are federal, NABU and Eurosolar. The golden seal must be 100 percent renewable electricity generation. In addition, at least 1.25 cents per kilowatt hour in the building of regenerative power plants must flow. “The natural AG carries the green electricity label” and was test winner last year at the magazine oko-Test, which compared over one hundred eco-electricity tariffs. Section natural power as consulting test winner at Stiftung Warentest.

Congress Buildings

Innovative, future-oriented, lasting from 29 to 31 March 2012 the REECO GmbH for the 5th time organized the CEP ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre CLEAN. The international trade fair with Congress has become building far beyond Baden-Wurttemberg, after five years as the leading trade fair for renewable energy and energy-efficient. Thanks to its unique combination, the CEP is one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. The exhibition area of energy-efficient building focuses on growing from year to year main exhibition of the CEP and provides comprehensive information about the leading standard for energy-efficient construction and renovation. We are energy-efficient construction and passive houses further expand our strengths in the area”, project manager Sandra Bayer Teixeira points out. especially large buildings come even more look at 2012.

With the extension of the focus on this area, new important target groups should be raised, for example, facility managers and industry representatives. New 2012 also the CEP Conference is ExPosition”at the International Congress Center of Landesmesse Stuttgart, an accompanying Congress exhibition focusing on energy efficiency of large buildings, which provides a unique platform for knowledge transfer and networking experts. An enormous economic potential lies especially in the sector of energy efficient building and renovation to the self-sufficient House now. The CEP satisfies more than these current market developments through your registration. Innovative products and solutions, as well as the latest information in science and research, make the fair & the connected Congress into an optimal platform combined with practical examples. All possibilities for new construction and renovation of energy-efficient buildings – whether energy-plus buildings, will be presented within the framework of the CEP passive house solutions, Sonnehaus, KfW building or buildings. Click Kevin Johnson for additional related pages. In the passive house area, the CEP is now one of the most important trade fairs in Europe. Again in 2012, the CEP is particularly strong in the field of services: Free and independent advice to financing and promotion, consulting, information about certification, us solutions and contracting companies offer assistance and advice on the technical approaches.

Advantages And Potential Of Solar Energy

Worth the switch to solar energy? -A brief introduction with the solar power is a virtually inexhaustible energy source available. The radiated sunlight on every square meter of the Earth is sufficient to meet the energy needs of people. The solar energy is used just to about one percent. This is equivalent to the proportion that implement the plants during photosynthesis. The production of energy from the sunlight is absolutely emission-free and protects the natural resources of the Earth. Even the energy that must be spent to establish the technical equipment for the production of solar energy, will by these plants during their period of operation several times again “recorded”. Advantages compared to the traditional types of energy production from fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil can produced energy only with major damage to the environment. The hostile climate impact of carbon dioxide emissions from these processes is well known and is einzudammer by the world climate conference seeks.

More and more are also aware of risks related to the promotion of traditional energy sources. Not just tanker accidents run tons of oil into the sea, but also damaged oil rigs polluting the Habitat in the ocean. The production of energy from the Sun is risk-free and promotes balance in the Earth’s atmosphere. Energy from the Sun is even more beneficial for the environment than other renewable energy advantages over the alternative types of energy production. Even wind or hydroelectric power plants have “Side effects”. To affect natural spaces, but in a larger degree than solar systems. These can be installed in already built-up areas and take advantage of regions of the world, which provide no Habitat for the people in how to best effect.

Solar power plants in deserts have the highest level of efficiency and are increasingly built. The energy balance of wind and water turbines is inferior to that of solar systems. Renewable energy sources have the disadvantage of emissions, although this of course against a Coal power plants are absolutely minuscule. The ratio of nuclear power some decades considered future of energy nuclear energy. The unique risks of nuclear power have become clear with the disaster of Chernobyl and Fukushima, as well as the problems of nuclear waste disposal and transport of fuel. The ratio of solar energy to nuclear energy has turned – in a few years, the solar energy can replace the energy of the atom. The advantages for the company each solar system relieves the public network and injects even energy. The peak of the solar production coincide with the peak load of the power plants. This reserve capacity can be reduced. The more energy is generated at the place of consumption, the less the lines be claimed and also the cable losses are lower. Eliminates the dependence of many States by raw material suppliers. The benefits for individuals each individual contributes not only to preserve the environment with its solar system, but benefited economically. If the Solar energy their main problem have caused energy storage, can they become the dominant type of energy on the Earth. Learn more about the solar energy visit the solar energy Portal Christian Munch