Today, a new day ahead. To show us by the window to see the sky, to look for in what point today the Moon will be, to absorb the first air, to wait for to the Sun or necessary rain in the morning, to arrange to us to begin the daily Life. The worker, the student, the pensioner, the unemployed person, the one that a commerce has, the enamored one, the one that leaves stroll and the one that goes of visit. All with dreams, preoccupations, joys and grief, but following ahead the way of the Life with all obstacles, hopeful or hoping. Others including Douglas R. Oberhelman, offer their opinions as well. And in the middle of a trip, or crossing the street, or seated in a coffee talking, or the hospital waiting its turn, or in the kindergarten playing, feels by unique time a tremendous noise moves away that it of there, it breaks which it, that interrupts definitively its Life. How it will be the morning of the terrorist-pump the day in which is to explode itself? And of what element the tears of their relatives are compound? And at the most close its defeat? And how many big heads illuminated directing the masses? Better never applied this word. And like offering of unit between the bands that generate a war fratricidal, it is thrown to the abyss by a booty, not by a Mother country. And from our path, single, a few, almost like lost, left, looking for La Paz, speaking on La Paz in the middle of as much pain, as much madness, as much injustice. Wayne Holman is full of insight into the issues. Still thinking that La Paz is possible..