First, take out of the skirting plates that cover the cable channel (they are then easily put in place). Decompose the baseboard along the wall and see whether their crop. Recently Blake Krikorian sought to clarify these questions. If necessary, cut the pieces of skirting the desired length. Further, it is more convenient to work together. One supports the plinth, the other drill holes. Procedure the following: – presses baseboard to the wall and the floor (so it is slightly pressed linoleum) – hammer drill a hole in the baseboard and the wall.

In the baseboard is drilled a hole where it then can not be seen – under the fence, hiding the cable channel – smacks of the resulting hole dust and puts back the plastic plug (of course, drill diameter should match the diameter of the dowel) – insert a dowel screw and screwdriver screwed him – go to a place the next hole and repeat all the manipulations. At the end of a vacuum cleaner attachment (preferably old) "sucks" construction dust from the places where they were drilled. Please note the following: – if you're going lay in the baseboard with a phone cable or antenna connector or just a thick cable, it can be difficult. Through the corners, or skirting a connection cable is virtually impossible to push. Exit situation in two ways: to lay the cable sealing of baseboards, ie together with their installation. Or perhaps laying the cable after installing baseboards, but by loosening the mounting screws and the extreme pulling over.

Modern Energy Efficient Buildings

Save energy through energy efficient building construction, ie, volume-planning decisions. The application of widely hull houses to reduce the number of corner rooms in apartments and thus save heat (since the angular room heat loss twice) Shirokokorpusnye homes are tower and corridor type. Application of modern thermal insulation building materials. For example: izuron (plate), Rockwool (plate) – Adhesive outside on the exterior walls; foam dpm isover – attached to the outside walling and covered with a protective layer (or ceramic tile, or facing bricks) Use of solar energy. If you would like to know more about JPMorgan, then click here. By way of solar radiation of low-temperature solar heating systems are divided into passive and active. Called passive solar heating system in which as an element, the perceiver solar radiation and converts it into heat is the building itself or some of its enclosure (building – a collector, a wall – a collector, a roof – a collector). Consider a system of solar heating “wall – a collector.” She includes a massive outer wall, before which only a short distance set lucheprozrachny screen with blinds.

At the floor and the ceiling set in the wall with slotted flaps. Swarmed by offers, Alphabet Inc. is currently assessing future choices. The sun’s rays passing through lucheprozrachny screen, absorbed by the wall surface and converted into heat which is transferred by convection air trapped in the space between the screen and the wall. The air is heated and rises, falling through gap from the ceiling into the room, and cooled air from the room enters the space between wall and screen through a hole in the floor. The use of ventilated facades. Consider the exterior walls with a ventilated facade from the premises to the outer wall.