Inspiration And Motivation

How do you motivate staff – is a frequently asked question? What can I do to ensure that employees take responsibility? How to make them to be masters in their field? Why do I feel that I need to be over them, so they produce? Business owners often ask such questions and you can feel how it upsets them. They hope that staff will also take the initiative and concern, as the owner enters into for business. People such as view website would likely agree. Some employees are doing, but most – no! Why? Because they do not own the business. They are not at stake as long as the owner puts into the business in terms of how the inner side and external. The owner is a source of business, the creator of business. The man who created the idea in the form of a product or service that people will buy.

They created the game and then invite others to play it. (Source: array). The owner – he, like a parent who truly cares about their children (businesses). Be the 'source' of something – a unique experience that essentially requires inspiration, whereas in order to be an employee – it simply takes motivation. What the difference between motivation and inspiration? The definition of 'inspiration': A. divine influence or action of a man who is making his or her ability to retrieve and transfer (convey) the sacred revelation.

B) action or force that moves the intellect or emotion. From the Latin – to breathe. The definition of 'motivation': the act or process of motivation.

System Statistics

becomes a sufficient number of potential clients in my company? 2. Do I have problems with sales or marketing? 3. End if at least 65 percent of the meetings held by my sales managers, transaction? 4. Go to Jon Venverloh for more information. Tell whether our ongoing customers are new names of potential customers? 5. Is the size of our advertising and advertising sent to a desired type of audience? 6. I encourage those staff who achieve excellent results (as seen in their stats)? 7. Do I really have my staff have the incentive to do their job? 8.

Whether the expected response to my ads? 9. Are the Price? Statistics are thus a factor that determines whether you need something change in their activities or not. For example, you see: as the quantity and quality of your advertising activities is reflected in the number of people interested in the products or services of your organization, then how is affect the number of meetings held by sales managers and, consequently, on how many meetings end conclusion of transactions, which subsequently provides an influx of new customers or clients. introduction System Statistics 1. Determine what you produce. What is nbi (a valuable end product) from your company as a whole, the divisions have separate divisions of your company and each staff member? You need a good work out language, because if you make them not quite correct, then the application of this management system based on the statistics do not lead to the expected result. 2. Determine the statistics, which will be the right way reflect your nbi.

Pay special attention to this, because here you can also make a lot of errors. 3. Develop a system by which you keep track of their statistics. Keep statistics of gross income, profits, sales volume, number of visits to your site, the volume of services provided, the cost of the product, the response to advertising, repeat sales and any others. 4. Start the statistics for each of several graphs, you will mark on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. 5. On an ongoing basis and analyze statistics using graphs of statistics. What the graph shows? 6. Develop a written strategy aimed at improving statistics. What should be the correct strategy in a downturn? Do I need to advertise more, less, or use another way to advertise? Your case will go so well, how well is worked out your strategy. 7. To ensure that your employees are working in accordance with our strategy. 8. Evaluate how effective your strategy, analyzing the graph statistics for the time during which you have this strategy use. If the graph represents an increase of production or sales, then repeat the steps of your strategy. 9. Inciting your staff for their achievements. 10. Each week, staff members put the task of achieving certain volume of production or sales. conclusion Good management starts with caring about how things are going to monitor the situation, with a good knowledge of the situation, with the correct assessment of the state, with action to ensure continuous improvement. To succeed, you must act on the basis of the facts, and for this you need to have figures on production performance of your organization. Remember: only what you can measure and reward will be satisfied.