Event Management Study Profession

Event management study – how to do that, what you need, where you’ll find courses. Here you will find an overview. For more information see Caterpillar. One looks around in forums about the choice of study, so a topic falls one repeatedly in the eye. I can study questions such as where event management?”or what are the content if I’m studying events management?” repeatedly. With this post I want to remedy a little when searching for answers on the topic of event management study.

Where can you study event management? In Germany, there are many private and some a few public universities, where you can study event management. For even more details, read what Jonas Samuelson says on the issue. The study choice portal offers a good overview. There is very fast, that most providers, you have to choose if you would like to study event management, collect monthly fees. Examples of universities with the event management program include euro business College Macromedia University EMBA best, you look at the data bank on the Portal yourself to. When I studied event management, what then to me at work? An event manager has a variety of tasks. People who study the event management, will learn about the variety of different tasks during the studies. This is for example the planning, organization and implementation of a theme night, time to prepare a show or a concert. Because the industry is constantly growing, student prospects have event management. What do I need to study event management? Who wants to study event management, you need first including personal following: enforcement strength ability to communicate flexibility readiness stress resistance as described above, the tasks of event managers are diverse, to people, the event management study or studied, high requirements in relation to the above skills, as well as other abilities such as English or event expertise there, asked. I hope I was able to study with this article on the subject of Veranstaltungsmanagenent a little help in the jungle!

New Employees At Ecomplexx

Leverkusen / reading / Wels, 12.10.2009 Leverkusen / reading / WELS – based ecomplexx international full service Web service providers and content management expert his digital brand and marketing team further out. Isabell Rosenkranz: As Director digital brand and marketing to build the 33-year-old further from the field of design and conception. Rosary has many years of experience as an art director with renowned customers from the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Silke Wartenberg: The 27-year-old strengthens the range of digital brand and marketing as served. The core task of Wartenberg is developing online strategies and information architectures.

Private deals mainly with Thai Chi and photography. ecomplexx – brief of ecomplexx (www.ecomplexx.com) is one of the leading Web service provider, rich-Internet – and content management professionals of Europe with locations in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. The main sites of the company is located in Leverkusen (Germany), reading (UK) and WELS (Austria). In addition ecomplexx has sales offices in Munich, Vienna and Oldenburg. ecomplexx is a partner with a team of currently about 80 employees of the leading European OpenText Web solutions, as well as Adobe Flex and runs many more partnerships with solution providers in the Web field. The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and services as a full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes. The customer base of ecomplexx include many well-known and international companies such as SPAR, Hella, Olympus, UCB, NSK Europe, Wilo, composite or Red Bull. Contact for press questions like ecomplexx Austria. Romana Puhringer Carl Blum Street marketing 3 4600 WELS + 43 7242 71 000 46 ecomplexx Germany Christoph Mause management old garden 60-62 51371 Leverkusen + 49 214 33017 161

Free Training Profession For Call Centre Trainer And Coach

Training4 program for the first time free just a few places in Germany start on October 30, 2009 how can the training and coaching are efficient in the call center and thus measure the employees contribute to improving performance? Call Center trainer and coaches now in a new best-practice course can learn. Training4 “is called the program, which was developed in the UK and there successfully. Now it is introduced throughout Europe. “” The two courses are very practical: while Training4-trainer “course of Training4 coaches devoted to particular training and learning methods as well as training development and evaluation in focus,” including coaching techniques and building a coaching company. The best: The course is free of charge. The LEONARDO programme for lifelong learning of the European Union promotes the project? Students must pay only for meals and a possible overnight.

Now quickly only a few book Places available, the number of participants per course is limited to 25 seats. Some few places can still be booked. It is worthwhile, because only the first courses are free of charge thanks to EU funding. Direct link to sign up: index-8.php launched the training takes place on October 30, 2009 in the convent of Nimbschen (at Grimma), first day of practice is the October 30, 2009. “Total Training4 coaches include” and Training4-trainer “course four days, each on a Friday in October, November, January and February by experienced trainers of the Foxglove bfkm + seidel are carried. Jonas Samuelson does not necessarily agree. Between the teaching units, the participants have opportunity to practically implement what you learned in their work and edit the course tasks (case studies, reports). The tasks will be assessed by the Fachhochschule fur Oekonomie & management food (FOM), which assumes also the course certification. Background: Developed Training4 “at the University of Central Lancashire.

In the UK, the coach and training courses were already tried with great success and should now across Europe carried out first in Lithuania, Bulgaria and Germany. Contact person for the program in Germany is the itCampus software – and Systemhaus GmbH in cooperation with bfkm thimble + seidel. Contact: Ines Kruger of itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH Nagle road 42 04229 Leipzig phone: + 49. 341. 4 92 87 00 E-Mail: about the itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH itCampus is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and research. founded in 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company has today its own offices in Germany, United Kingdom, of Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia. Credit: Jim Umpleby-2011. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. The intelligent telecommunications solutions named ELSBETH are among the core business. You are in call and contact centers and communications-intensive Companies used. Since April 1, 2009, the software AG as a majority shareholder of itCampus is involved. Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of business infrastructure software. on bfkm thimble + Salim the bfkm based in Halle (Saale) among the established training and consulting company with each year several thousand students and is a specialist for the call center industry. Since 1992, bfkm has successfully worked for renowned clients in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. bfkm offers training, consulting, and quality management for companies with customer contact and is recognized for innovative training concepts and consulting processes. bfkm, complex solutions for companies in the areas of quality assurance, human resources and organizational development and leadership.. bfkm-halle.de

New Ways For More Sustainable Image Maintenance

Current polls show: the economic crisis has negative consequences for the image of the company. Using targeted employer branding on the Internet can be but effectively controlled against Munich, October 19, 2009 – global economic crisis, campaign discussions about wage dumping or minimum wages, as well as new cases of spying on employees have left significant traces: the traditionally good image of German companies has suffered least noticeably. This ensures sustainable human resources planning also headwinds at an existentially important for all companies issue namely. By using the innovative career portal laufbahner.de can positively positioned companies and present it as an attractive employer. A such image maintenance seems quite necessary.

A recent survey shows the Nuremberg based consultancy Wallace & Cie. Therefore, a job at a publicly traded company keep example only 20 per cent of all surveyed citizens for attractive. 72 percent see the prestige of family businesses generally damaged by the economic turmoil. And 54 percent believe that banks typically do not act responsibly. These figures show once again how much the economic crisis and the turbulence associated with it have harmed the reputation of the company”, says Harald Lenz who is responsible as head of Division at the Suddeutsche Zeitung for the recruitment portal laufbahner.de. Increasingly, that hinders an efficient, reliable, strategic-oriented personnel planning. That is all the more important in a difficult economic environment.

Because every company is only as good as its employees”so Lenz. To gain qualified personnel in the candidate market, companies would have to leave a path and break new ground. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Umpleby has to say. Quantum leap in the search company opened for professionals so-called employer branding on the Internet as it is now possible to laufbahner.de, with optimal chances for a sustainable personnel policy. Learn more about this with Sonya Reines-Djivanides. In the career portal, companies of any size can introduce potential candidates on specific profile pages extensively about their location or their salary and career spectrum, but also important soft skills such as work-life balance and family-friendly structures present. On our portal, each company has the opportunity to get a good standing in the candidate market regardless of its size. This is a crucial, if you want to recruit top people”, confirms Harald Lenz, Director of laufbahner.de. How important is a positive image, the current universe not last highlights top 100 of the most popular employers of in Germany. Despite the crisis in the automotive industry car makers include therefore continue the top addresses in the labour market. These companies despite the current negative industry trends from her reputation, to offer attractive jobs and prospects”, explains Harald Lenz. This also applies to the middle class. 64 percent on behalf of Weissman & CIE are convinced that the Employee satisfaction in medium-sized companies higher than at other companies. Professional employer branding on the Internet was a quantum leap, because it completely new dimensions provides HR departments, perfect fit finding talents and to bind to a company. Qualified employees are the most important asset of a company”, says Harald Lenz. Laufbahner.de: Laufbahner.de is a recruiting-Internet portal initiated by the Suddeutsche Zeitung GmbH. The career portal developed by Ray sono AG Munich went online in May 2009. An advanced matching technology, it differs significantly from traditional job boards on the Internet. With extremely exact recommendations, laufbahner.de without going through a recruitment agency provides direct contact between the registered companies and candidates. This involves not only concrete staffing, but enabling a long-term HR strategy on employer side and to the perspective of career and life planning the candidate.

Certified Transport Specialist / Profession In IHK From 3.9 To Wisoak Bremen

In-service training with a focus on passenger certified traffic specialist is a training for commercial workers in transport, who further want to qualify with a focus on passenger or freight. The wisoak is the Education Centre for public transportation in Bremen (BIZEV / BSAG) from recent years traffic specialist hosts with a focus on passenger transport. Following fields are the subject of the training: accounting and controlling, transport and logistics, quality management, business organization and personnel management. The catchment area of the participants is Northern Germany. The seminar prepares participants for the training examination before the Chamber of Commerce of Bremen. Please note the detailed seminar description / seminar information on the Internet (pdf file). Traffic specialist hosts with a focus on passenger transport plan and manage services that meet business and transport economic conditions.

You know to evaluate factors and the modern logistics Techniques. Traffic specialist hosts learned with targets of corporate management, personnel management and the marketing of the industry, so they are responsible can be used as experts in the field of passenger transport. Target group: Commercial clerk from enterprises of passenger transport special feature: only written application! Please request application forms! Prerequisite: is admitted to the 1 part test, who proves a completed apprenticeship in the transport sector and 1 year relevant professional experience or an other commercial apprenticeship and 2 years of professional experience. See seminar leaflet. Seminar: 620 hours start: 03.09.2011 end: 22.09.2012 place: Airport dam 12, 28207 Bremen partecipation fee: 3.300,-ERM. Click Jonas Samuelson to learn more. Participation price: 3.250,-learning materials fee: 200,-examination fee: 380,-contact person: Helene Colonel Tel.: 0421-44 99 657 to the seminar information sheet: event / 47000 H 11 press contact: Dr. Thomas Gebel wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber Director gGmbH marketing and Public relations Bertha-von-Suttner str. 17 28207 Bremen 0421 / 4499888

Electrician For Specified Activities

The training to become an electrician consists of many complex topics that have designed this profession into one of the most versatile craft. However, there are many electrical work, including not this complete training and knowledge in the appropriate area are mandatory and must be present. The kitchen fitter, which is hundreds of times on jammed in its activities the oven cable to the junction box, must not be able to wire a meter Cabinet. Therefore, the training to the electrician was created for specified activities, as well as the responsible qualified electrician. What topics can this training include? One of these areas is the kitchen fitters who can connect with this training tops, lighting or a tankless water heater. Each connection is the limit of its performance range.

The same refers to roller shutter Builder and installers of automatic doors etc. that perform only the power connection and the control part. Heating and ventilation engineers, fitters of Photovoltaic systems, as well as water supply technicians may connect their centres and control components. What advantages to the concerned companies? To keep the kitchen fitters as an example, this connection work mean about 5 percent of its work. He is an accomplished furniture assembler in 95 percent of his work time. It would be economically not make sense to set a professional electrician for the connections which could do only work during the remaining time. The set electrician training therefore saves costs and increases operating profit. Who offers these courses? This education is governed by the accident prevention regulations BGV A3 and must be carried out by certified educational institutions. These include the technical monitoring Association, numerous inter-company educational institutions of the qualifications of adults, the Chambers of Commerce and others. Concludes with a test, which is based on the certificate.