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Without a doubt, this kind of presentation is convenient and effective, but: the trainees have to remember it and remember all the training. We know that human memory inclined to act in a more recent information more distant in time, and very often after a half-hour presentation, we will not remember what was on the first slide. Of course, all this information will be at training participants in handouts, but the basic elements must remain in memory at once and permanently. Read more here: Mark Berger Chicago. The topic of training should be available during all the training. If the theme does not change the training, the training is carried out is not the first time and will be repeated, should make a poster with the theme of the training in the normal performance of printing and use at each training on this topic. If the situation is different and there is no possibility of printing clearance, you should use an A1 drawing paper, markers and tape for the design and placement of the training topics in a conspicuous place. Let's go further … And then – presentation trainer or trainers.

The question, "one coach, two or more?" We thoroughly discussed in the next article. Now let's dwell on the most common practice, one coach and a pair of trainers. If a coach, it's simple and clear – he himself and presents. If the coaches a couple, you need to define themselves: each represents himself or coaches are to each other. And he and the other options still valid, but remember: if a pair of trainers working for a long time, then there is no problem with the idea. If a large training company, and a pair of trainers can often be changed (personally in my practice and is: coaching a team of 16 people and is often about who will be a couple, you learn when you go to training already), is given the right to view every coach in person.


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The process to know the pupil is not a prescription that must be followed in all the institutions, as cites Escaraboto (2007, p.134), ' ' Prescription does not exist formula nor, therefore, as well as each child is only, each school also it will be, and what it is applied to a reality it can be inefficient outra.' ' Each child has its way and time of if adapting and knowing a place new, we are different only beings e. Here it is that then I see my mother again that to search came me in the day-care center. I was very happy. My mother took me for the service it together with she left and me in one I sing of the secretariat drawing. Certainly it is not alone the child who is anxious, but the parents also. He is difficult when a father sees its son crying and crying out so that it comes back, however the parents must understand that it is a process that occurs with some in a shorter period, more with other children requires more time. Another important fact that Barreto, Silva and Melo cite (2009, p.03) ' ' At this moment the aid of the parents is basic, is important that when I cry seeing it of the son has not taken it in return for house, therefore acting in this way will go to draw out the adaptation process still more, another important aspect also is to come to search it in the school in the schedule combinado.' ' Of certain form, the reason is necessary to know which that the child is crying, if is because really it was not adaptou with the school, or if something is common that it is party to suit of adaptation. It also has, cases of parents who forget the children in the school, and thus, they had created an irreparable trauma in the life school of the child.


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Energy – physical scalar value, which is a common measure of different forms of movement of matter and a measure of the transition movement of matter from one form to the other. The main application of energy conservation law is titled energy and found that the total energy of a closed system does not change over time. (A valuable related resource: Jonas Samuelson). The fundamental meaning of energy with a solid position of the energy represents a scattered movement (in other words the continuing importance when moving), associated, according to the axiom of Noether, with the homogeneity of time. Thus, joining the concept of energy as a physical quantity purposefully exclusively if The physical system is homogeneous in time. You may find that Mark Berger Chicago can contribute to your knowledge. According to the energy and mass singular doctrine of relativity between the mass and energy is present relationship, expressed by the famous Einstein formula E = mc2 where E – energy system, m – its mass, c – velocity of light.

Despite the fact that, historically, been made overtures to interpret this expression as a complete equivalence of notions of energy and mass, that, namely, causing the publication of this thing as relativistic mass, in a progressive physics suzivat accepted sense of the equation, meaning by the mass body mass at rest (the so-called rest mass), and by energy exclusively to the internal energy contained within the system. Energy and momentum of the doctrine of special relativity examines energy as a component of the 4-pulse (4-vector energy-momentum), in which the level of energy consists of 3 spatial components pulse. Thus the energy and momentum are related and have a mutual friend at the friend's action during the transition from one frame to another. Meaning of the energy from the fundamental point of view of energy is an integral of motion (ie, continuing the motion of value) is associated, according to Noether's theorem, with the homogeneity of time. Thus, the notion of energy as a physical quantity useful only if the physical system is homogeneous in time.

Find A Common Language. Part 1

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What do you do if your school or university English does not allow you to associate and two phrases, and the debt service for you and your colleagues need to communicate with foreign clients? Or, conversely, you somehow know the language, but hired staff to your hotel or restaurant falls into a stupor at any sound of speech, except the Russian? Not to mention the fact that you do the whole company should go to some important seminar abroad, but did not carry the same with me suitcase phrasebooks! These situations, you can list a lot, but one way out – to learn the language around the office, department, company. Fortunately, now a way of learning is accessible and fairly distributed. Many Russian offices of foreign companies such training is carried out at least once a year, so language is not forgotten and still had language practice, even if there is no possibility to travel abroad. Today, most schools study Foreign Languages offers detailed courses, where you can get a basic knowledge of grammar, conversational skills and to acquire skills in understanding spoken language, and learn how to conduct business correspondence, negotiations in person and by phone, make a presentation of the company. Read additional details here: JPMorgan Chase. In addition, courses are classes with native speakers. The educational process is usually divided into certain parts, at the end of each of which you can get a certificate you passed the course. Learn a language quickly and in abbreviated form, or long and in depth – depending on your desire. .

The Role

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Role 1 – card for ‘fast’ student Buy things at three shops. Make a list of what you want first. The newspapers mentioned Keith McLoughlin not as a source, but as a related topic. Similarly, in the advanced example, all the ‘parents’ have the same type of role, but these too can be rewritten to suit varying abilities and situations: Role 2 – card for ‘slow’ student You are a parent with children at the school . (How many? How old are they?) Decide if you are for or against the move.

Note down your arguments. Be prepared to give your opinions clearly and politely. Remember to use phrases like: In my opinion … I think … Try to agree or disagree with what the other people say, remember phrases like: I agree entirely … I’m not sure I agree.

I think … Role 2 – card for ‘fast’ student You are a parent with children at the school. Decide whether you are for or against the move, and be prepared to give your opinion clearly and politely, and to counter any arguments against it. When designing role cards of this type, the teacher should be careful not to give a slow student so much help that the student has no possibility of choosing his own language. This would make the exercise guided dialogue work, not role play. (C) Another possibility is to have students of mixed abilities prepare roles together. In the advanced example, a ‘slower’ student could prepare the role with a ‘faster’ student (in which case only the role card for the ‘fast’ student would be given out).

Infantile Education

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Report in the Infantile Education In the lessons of days 14 the 16 of November of 2011, the responsible professor for the group of preparatory I carried through with the children some activities on the Environment, that could serve of awareness and incentive to the preservation of the same. Thus being, in the lesson of day 14, he showed to the pupils a video with varied images of the Environment, counting a history ' ' The fire in floresta' ' , the teacher commented that each one must make its part, with the objective of that they more than interassem the subject on which if she treated. Soon after, the room was divided in small groups, being requested that they created one historinha in quadrinhos, on the Environment through drawings and paintings. The pupils had put in practical its creativity and had created historinhas simple, but well interesting. To the end of the lesson, the majority of the groups had not concluded the work.

Then, it left to conclude it in the lesson of days 15 and 16. In these lessons, the pupils had concluded everything and been able to play in a game that the teacher it led, whose name was ' ' The Eficiente&#039 House; ' , that it dealt with the cares that we need to have inside of our house not to consume much electric energy, not to waste water and to separate the garbage correctly, thus preserving, of a simple form and insurance, our Environment. The pupils had adored the game and they had not been contented in playing only one time. With certainty, the pupils will go to apply the instructions that they turn in the game in its houses. Summarizing, the pupils had effectively participated of the activities proposals, making some excellent commentaries when counted history. He was commented with the pupils who each one must make its part in the protection to the Environment, when some pupils had said: ' ' Why necessary people to make our part if have a people mount that does not make its? If ' ele' garbage in the soil plays, I also goes to play! ' '. The teacher reaffirmed that each one must make its part and use its attitudes as example, so that the other people see and make the same.

Each one of us is basic part in the fight for the preservation ambient, therefore the teacher made question of that the children assimilated this well. I perceived that the educator in a simple lesson on the environment, very worked well the question of the conscience, and thus is possible to deal with the question the citizenship, unemployment, violence (contamination, pollution, also represent a violence, therefore it is aggression to the way), local sexuality (the groups of pupils were mixing, them if they had felt integrated) housing, ethics, health, subjects, cultural plurality and diversity. To the end of our work, I felt me rewarded, was a learning, despite well small, in the awareness of the pupils, of whom the necessary world of urgent cares, of the opposite we will not have a healthful future for our lives.

Business Education

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Workshop – one of the most common phenomena in modern business education. Whatever form it took an educational event – the 'training', 'debate', it has been and remains the main way to teach employees something new, useful. Seminar – a short-term event (duration 2-5 hours), giving his listeners distillation of all the new developments on specific topics. Here is an example: seminars for HR managers. Personnel department in the enterprise – this is the first door that unlocked if necessary qualification for an employee, the necessary qualities. Often, it depends on the health of HR staff. But the hiring manager – is not only a good psychologist, he must also be a specialist who knows the work discipline. Seminars help to learn all the new, modern trends, changes in legislation.

After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse responsibility, and sooner or later, the company could face a lawsuit or even a few of their employees. Personnel officer should and must know how to make sure that this did not happen, and work discipline in the enterprise consistent with the law. Training seminars are experts in their field – people who have something to learn. Organizers serve as a mediator – rent a room, gather students, lecturers are invited. Their role in creating a great seminar – because the people attending the event. could not meet.

Each region has its own atmosphere, so the workshops are usually invited in Samara Samara specialist lecturers, and the Seminars in Lipetsk – Lipetsk. Seminars – are not only learning, but also a way to make new professional acquaintances with personnel services from other companies and firms. Often in workshops attended by representatives of 30-100 companies and their number is steadily increasing. This suggests that the seminars work as well as high re-attendance contributes discount for regular customers.