Advantages Teams

Given the characteristics of the current scenarios constantly confronting great challenges, threats, but also opportunities, it is necessary that management, which shows a leadership proactive, visionary, able to face the challenges, no wasted human capital, which are consolidated, coherent, cohesive, committed work groups, where carry out their duties properly, with the support of a leadership that has been able to generate an organizational behavior which displays a suitable organizational climate that groups perform successfully. Manuel Vecino also adds an aspect that we share about its scope and what it represents in pro of the optimization of the work teams, as is, that is not neglecting the training of these, where human resources management, the same general manager must be careful, since the same selection process, for it is valid when he is signaled, it is important to define the powers of the Office and establish whether features which the candidate will perform require that teamwork is a core competency. Additional information at Douglas R. Oberhelman supports this article. This is important because many people are successful and highly productive without having to be running around a team, necessarily. Today, they exist in the market tools that allow us to measure this competition and again I stress, if it is an indispensable requirement of course that must be valued in the selection process.Recommended, that the process of selection of those who will integrate the different teams in the Organization, including experiences Outdoor type, simulations, role-playing, etc.., enabling to demonstrate this competence in situations that are approaching the reality that will have to live in the post when the management has structured cohesive, integrated, committed to his performance work teams and give results favorable according to plan, then notice the results, the advantages which this generates, so are cited: allows you to make easier the achievement of objectives contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the members adds value to each Member processes can be put at the service of the team competencies allows share the goals and objectives of the work Meanwhile Analy Meneses says the following: Advantages: When trying to be different people, each delivery a contribution in particular to the computer.

Invest Freedom

Many people wondered why I have to invest or they just don’t know the importance of the why invest or not know that investing I love this theme and for her I wish to refer to the book that I recommend much Robert Kiyosaki cashflow quadrant the in his book explains what is the cashflow quadrant the majority of people are on the side of employees and self employed in the race rat because it has never end never reach true financial freedom. They show us how out of this race and pass the quadrant of employees and self employed business owners and investors knew you that 80% of the population worldwide is on the side of employees and self employed? And that only 5% of the global economy is on that side of the quadrant? While only 20% of the world population is on the side of investors and business owners and that 95% of the world economy on that side not be what importance you give to this but for me if it is very important because it is that there are many people with little financial freedom and that there are few people with much financial freedom this short but direct article has a single purpose do you reflect on why there is that investing no matter whether much or little. But now you know why the importance if you want to know more you can read the book which I recommend separate if search options invest or do business without investing you can visit my blogger there is I have some business options for internet some with invest a little and others without investing anything I wish you much success and recalls jump out of the rat race ended citing a portion of the free. Man is born free; And wherever it is chained. One master of others, considers himself and is still more slave than them.

Autor Communication

The anxiety of the moment that may cause a culture other than their own is a barrier to effective communication because cause distortions with inability to understand, remember, or even to listen to. If the doctor or nurse want to make sure that the patient understands what is being said, there is a correct therapeutic adherence and ultimately a good communication, must first reduce the anxiety generated by a different to their own socio-cultural environment. This will be achieved with an anthropological assessment that will allow the healthcare professional create an atmosphere of confidence with his patient, from the moment in which it understands your entire environment. It is important to understand their emotional weakness of the patient and whether this is due to another culture. This will improve the relationship and will help us to be more sympathetic with their reactions, often ambivalent and changing. In general, patients rarely do questions that can not be answered. They are almost always limited to question you want to know.

Sometimes it is not easy to give answers, but facilitate the naked truth just once is so hard for own health personnel and the patient, by it is necessary to plan properly what you must say and as it must be said, particularly in certain patients, relatives or situations involved, as in the case of individuals who belong to other ethnic groups and cultures. The anthropological knowledge along with the communication will be crucial for the existence of a mutual, and therefore trust the security that the patient needs to be helped and help if same. Cannot offer a good quality of care if communication is poor, for which this is an aspect to insist. It is also significant that they are stimulated, seeking resolution to the real problems and they assimilate information aimed at promoting healthy skills within their own socio-cultural sphere. Many times is more important than knowing what to say them, as do and remember the influence of non-verbal communication and also at the empathic communication with patients. Yet when you don’t talk between nurse and patient, there are many messages exchanged among themselves. Manifest which feel by facial expressions, posture, physical appearance, movements, the emotional tone of the voice and its timbre. Patients are very receptive to the nonverbal behavior of health personnel, particularly if they don’t know evil suffer and try to guess data through them that clarify them their situation. Share this way rather than with words is intensely required for those who speak a different language by their culture. It is key to identify their fears and concerns to guide them to develop more appropriate expectations or goals more realistic than if they can improve the quality of life, not only by reducing discomfort resulting from breach of the utopian expectations often are made when there is no one-way communicative appropriated by shortcomings of anthropological knowledge.