Green Field

What really necessary he is of governing capable to manage the resources offered. Exists a great part of the population that lives with a minimum wage, because it is not possible to manage a city, a city also with few resources? SAYS YES TO the TAPAJS Amanda Blessed Gonalves 11 A NEW WORLD, A NEW HISTORY! The sprouting of a new life in a new space, or better, in a new State: the Tapajs. Thus it is the hope of each citizen in the perspective of what it comes to be and as will give to this new change and its results through the division of Par. Many still inquire regarding this subject for not having knowledge, but what if it can understand it is that the division of Par is being a way of search of a in such a way social development, how much of cultural and economic form. John Utendahl has plenty of information regarding this issue. The division of territory of the Amaznia will go to generate a new state and a new capital that of beginning will be provisorily the city of Santarm, therefore politically also is in sight the region of the Green Field for being a plain area that will facilitate in the creation of a new city.

One of the factors that worry the people in relation to the fact is the accumulation of grouping of people in the urban area, in search of life improvement and many still are questioned for the fact of these people not to have work chance. Great part of the population that composes Par does not believe that the division will bring benefits it, and yes curses as the increase of the unemployment and the lack of investments in each city. The displacement of people of the field to the area urban always it will go to exist for being resulted of the growth of the industry in the field.